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Marriage is a sacred union between two individuals. In a heteronormative society, it is expected for man to tie the knot with a woman. Other societal restraints included marrying someone from the same religious and cultural background. However, these norms and notions of what a married couple should be have changed immensely. Homosexual and transgender…

The trend of destination weddings is at an all-time high. Destination weddings are being considered and executed by many couples all over the world! Destination weddings can be quite cost-effective, and who would not want to be wedded at an unforgettable and exotic location? Wedding ceremonies are a beautiful affair in themselves, but being in…

There is no such thing as perfect. So, while couples should strive for the best, they should not stress themselves over the fact that everything has to meet the expectations that society has set on us. Kate Watson said it best when she said, “Weddings are meant to be a celebration of love, but all…

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