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“We don’t just plan your wedding – we make the process an unforgettable experience”

If you came here, it is probably because surely you just got engaged – well, congratulations!!! You already got the ring, now what’s next?

You already know that there is a world of ideas, blogs, magazines, images and others that talk about weddings. They’re a whole another world of suppliers offering you infinite services. Probably that instead of helping you, is confusing you more – isn’t it?

Well if you’re wondering where to start, worry no more – we’ve got you fully covered!

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Searching for all the suppliers and items that will make your wedding day happen takes many hours of searching on the internet and directories, going to the locations to see which one you like best, thousands of appointments with suppliers and analyzing everything all on your own.

Have you seen thousands of wedding planners and wedding officiants and don’t know which one is right for you? Do you have thousands of ideas but don’t know how to materialize them? Do you want a truly unique wedding that’s completely personalized to your taste?

We have the solution for you! We can help you with planning and designing your wedding, and everything in between! We cater everything while making the process fun, and at the same time saving you time, stress, costly mistakes and frustrations! Our team of wedding planners will be your perfect allies to make your dreams a reality – and it’s not a cliché!

We have years of experience in organizing and coordinating events worldwide and in Oklahoma. We bring all our experience from around the world and we want to offer you our services and professionalism for the organization of your great events. However, what makes us different is not our experience, but the passion with which we carry out each of the projects we create!

We like to go beyond the common standards. We pay attention to the details, creativity and personal style and needs of each of our clients. For us, each event is unique and personalized. We offer a comprehensive service to the needs of each of our clients through a quality service, professionalism – to top it off we put a great commitment and efficiency in all our tasks. We have everything you need for the perfect arrangement of your special event.

We would love to hear about your dreams – let us make them all come true!

Because, well, not everyone can organize and plan an event! Bringing dreams to life and creating unforgettable emotions is the art that a few professionals genuinely know – and we, at Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, are dedicated to creating moments for a long time!

Because you are UNIQUE – we have everything to suit you!

Experienced Service

Are you looking for a wedding planner to plan, design and coordinate your wedding from the beginning to the end?

Are you a busy girlfriend who is looking for a reliable and experienced coordinator to take your ideas, your dreams, visions and inspirations to turn them into amazing realities?

Do you want to relax and enjoy the entire planning process knowing that someone is taking care of everything for you and your family?

What you need is our experienced and all-inclusive service!

Our team will help you plan, coordinate and manage each and every one of your wedding details! This service includes everything you need to be stress free and just live in the moment full of enthusiasm!

Consultation And Coordination

Do you like the idea of ​​planning your wedding, but need only a little direction?

Do you want to be sure that you thought of everything and that you are not missing anything?

Do you need someone to coordinate and manage all the providers and services on your wedding day, so that you and your family can enjoy every moment and be free from stress, while someone makes sure to deal with suppliers and eventual setbacks on the big day?

If yes, this is for you!

Our team will be in charge of helping you with consultations and advice during the planning process, so that no detail is missing, in addition to having coordination services on the wedding day.

Wedding Day Coordination

Do you want to plan everything yourself, but you only need help in coordinating and managing providers and services on the wedding day?

Do you need someone trustworthy and experienced to be on your wedding day to solve any problems and make sure that every detail is in place and that everything flows as scheduled?

Then this format is for someone like you!

This format was created so that on your wedding day, you, your partner and your family just dedicate yourselves to relax, enjoy and have fun! Our team will be behind the scenes taking care of every detail, coordinating times and suppliers and making sure everything flows and resolving any setbacks.

If you have decided to get married, but do not know where to start planning your wedding, or simply need help with some aspects of your event, we will be a great ally on your way to the altar. We have a long and successful history of offering services of planning and integral organization of social events with the greatest professionalism and at the best price.

Services Offered

At Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, we offer a wide variety of services to choose from to have your perfect wedding, including the following:

  • Ceremony
  • Location
  • Banquet
  • Decor
  • Setting
  • Marriage Reminders
  • Wedding list
  • Marriage photography and video
  • Music and animation
  • Technical material
  • Marriage coordinator

Our stories begin in an extraordinary way, and we would love to share those moments with you.

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