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I Believe In Giving You Are By Storytelling Your Wedding Day In A Journalistic Style.

Are you looking for a special minister with a personal, gentle touch to officiate your wedding ceremony?
This is your special day! Let me help you make this wonderful memory last forever!

Getting To Know

As soon as you book ‘want to get to know you two a bit more! I send out a little ‘Get to know you’ questionnaire to give me an idea of everything you dreaming up for your day, and a bit more about you two and everything you love doing together!


Helpful Planning Guide

As soon as you book ‘want to get to know you two a bit more! I send out a little ‘Get to know you’ questionnaire to give me an idea of everything you dreaming up for your day, and a bit more about you two and everything you love doing together!


Timeline For Your Day

Before your wedding day, I’ll provide another question to gather all the details so that, I can create a customized photo timeline for you. Further, there’s plenty of time for you to relax and enjoy your day together as it unfolds, knowing that everything will be taken care of and photographed with lots of time to spare.

I believe a wedding should be about capturing the moments that are happening at that time and I strive to give you emotional, compelling images, with minimal guiding or posing, of the relationships you have with your partner, family and friends. As professional photographers, we specialize to deliver picture-perfect images.

You need someone who is experienced in capturing the day as it’s happening in the background without interrupting you to pose or smile. You need a photographer you can trust to be somewhere in the room photographing it all as a day unfold in an unobtrusive style.

All professional photographers will capture the “SHOT LIST” of required photos, but the photographer who can capture the In between moments and knows when to expect an anticipate them is the pro you want. Photographers are more than just pictures taken they are documented memories of tears, love and unscripted joy. To us, the wedding day isn’t just the bride or groom perfectly posed… it’s about the moments you are having with all the people around you that you love.

It’s the look on your father’s face when he sees you for the first time as a bride or groom. It’s about the tears when the maid of honour says her speech and every time you see the image you will remember the kind words. It’s about your mom helping you into your gown or the crazy time your friends are having at your reception.

To the clients that hire us, we believe it’s much more than pinterest boards, but we still believe in family formals, portraits and bridle party photos (If desired), but for most of the day we want you to forget we are there and have fun with your family and friends. We want you looking at the groom while you’re walking down the aisle instead of us, and just having fun cutting that cake without feeling like you need to pose and smile for the camera. Our goal is to help you remember your wedding for the rest of your life like no one else can. We believe you should remember more… the moments, the emotions and the relationships.

We would like to meet with you to discuss how we can help you. We understand that you may have specific photography requirements, and we are interested in working with you to ensure that you get excellent and memorable time period. Please feel free to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience to set up a time to meet.

Photography Includes

  • Includes Pics before, during, and after the wedding ceremony itself
  • wedding Unlimited poses
  • Unlimited Edited/Retouched Photos 
  • USB with the photos

I believe in giving you art by storytelling your wedding day in a journalistic style

Price for Smaller Weddings Photography $398

Price for Large Weddings Photography $960


My main focus during sessions. the wedding day. even communication, is that my couples are happy and having a good time. This is why connection is important to me: when you’re comfortable around someone. you let your guard down a little. And when that happens. you become more natural and more relaxed –even around a camera. Having photos taken can be a really good time. And I’ll bet by the end of your session or your wedding day you’ll be pretty amazed at how easy and fun it was.

Help At Every Step

As some who has danced at hundreds of weddings. I know quite a bit about them. How to save in certain areas, where to get permits, who makes wheel of cheese towers instead of cakes (yes that is a thing), how to figure out a timeline to make the most of your time with your friends and family, and general tips on planning and preparing. My couples receive my guidebook with tons of helpful information when it comes to planning, and I’m always a call or email away to help with anything else to make your wedding day kick ass.

Tangible Legacy And Value

I might be biased, but I believe your wedding photography should be more important to you than something, need to check off your to-do list. Plain and simple, photography is the only thing that lasts beyond your wedding day. I’m sad when I hear couples who bargain hunted for this service tell me they regret it.  I tend to be frugal myself, so love a good deal, but this is different: this is about understanding the value of photographs before your wedding day. These are something that will only increase in value over time as they’re passed down. Don’t skimp on that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our site specialty is providing intimate and attractive outdoor photography shoots. We offer all photography services for eloping weddings as well. Suppose you are dreaming of getting the perfect wedding photography session with something different and appealing. In that case, we offer great ideas for your perfect wedding shoot in every style and size according to your wedding.

Our home base is located in Oklahoma City, and our expert wedding photographers can travel. We work widely in the Oklahoma region, and we can only travel to the USA.

You can contact us on our direct contact page to talk with us about your wedding shot. Our team will hit you up to set up a free telephone counsel quicker, or you can also contact us by email at

Yes, we will help you because we understand it is a gigantic part of your big day, and you all want it to be perfect. We’ll talk concerning what sort of area you’re searching for sure scenes you’re attracted to, and we make a custom area guide brimming with thoughts and choices for you to browse. Our expert photographers have invested a ton of energy in traveling or area exploring basically to give you the best wedding pics outlets. We provide you a list of the most stunning spots to explore the world to bring to the table in a specific city.

We prefer to first talk with us through the chat option, and then if you are able to meet with us, then we would love to have a cup of coffee with you and discuss your inquiries as well. Most of our clients lived in Oklahoma, but some of them are located out of the city, and thus they wanted to have a full face time with us.

Our team will share your photographs directly to your email inbox in a lovely online display. You can impart the connection to loved ones or more with unlimited pictures downloads. You can save unlimited photographs directly to your PC.


Indeed! At the point when you finalize your wedding photography display, there is, in a real sense, a shop fabricated right in, so, you can simply arrange printing and collections. We have picked excellent print labs that will do your photographs’ justice. You can plan a collection yourself, or have me plan it for you.

A timetable is fundamentally presenting a multitude of occasions and photos that will occur during your big day. It’s not settled forever, simply an essential blueprint to keep us on target. Regarding the wedding month, we will send you a little survey to get every one of the last subtleties and type up a custom timetable for you. Our experts will also work with a wedding organizer and make a great wedding day timeline for you in customized form.

We have different packages based on the type and amount of images you will have of your wedding. Generally, we offer unlimited edited images of your wedding. It is a per-hour shoot, and there are no limited photos that all deserve for having all the beautiful moments in your day. Our Photography includes pics before, during, and after the wedding ceremony itself with unlimited poses.

We understand that nobody normally feels good before a camera. But do not overthink because our friendly team of photographers is there for you who will make you comfortable and bring a compromising environment. The last thing is that your photograph insight feels off-kilter or constrained. We all center around becoming acquainted with my customers and knowing their characters.

Yes, we will definitely give you raw images. The reason is that the altering style is an immense piece of our business and brand. We work insanely hard on each picture you get to ensure it looks great and living. So if you’re searching for unedited wedding raw images, then we are the ideal photographic artist for you. We will give you a USB with a bunch of unedited photos on them.

The turnaround time is the most important thing to notice before booking any photography services. The time range deals with the couple’s meetings and the pre-defined time of delivery of your wedding photographs. We will have to stand by your side until we get a confirmation call about your wedding photos.


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