Don’t Go Traditional! Accessorize Your Attire To Shine Out On Your Wedding Day

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Don’t want to get boxed into choosing what to wear on your wedding day? Then why not revamp your look the way you both want! There is no hard and fast rule of how the couple should get dressed at their wedding. When we picture a traditional bride we, see a lady walking down the aisle wearing a white gown with full-length gloves holding a red rose bouquet and her face covered with a long veil. In the same way, typical grooms stand there waiting for their partner to arrive whilst wearing a pitch black suit with a white shirt. Isn’t this image too overwhelming for modern wedding ceremonies?

Nowadays even the wedding officiant in Oklahoma City doesn’t go so traditional. You wouldn’t want your wedding officiant to be the star of the show, this means you should level up! Even if you both are deciding to wear the traditional black and color you can always add the charm of your personality into it. Remember that you don’t have to outshine your spouse so creating a balance in how both looks are important, you need to shine together as a couple.

Here are a few ways how you both can accessorize your attire to slay on your wedding day!

For Those Who Prefer A More ‘Feminine’ Outfit

You will have a lot of options when it comes to hair accessories. If your dress is a bit decent you can add the needed blink by wearing a hair comb, clips, tiara, barrettes or a halo full of studs. Pick the right sized accessory for your head, don’t go for a too big or a too small one.

If you are planning to opt for a veil then you can have plenty of options, such as short birdcage veil, cathedral-length veil, bluster veil or a mid-length fingertip veil. While you are choosing the right veil for your big day, you need to consider how you want your hair to be because each one will give a different look and goes with a different hairstyle.

If you have a boho-chic themed wedding then flowered tiara is the key to making the day. You could wear a woven hallo full of colored flowers or a shingle color according to the theme. You can even get a simple halo made for your guests and the wedding officiant in OKC to bring the theme to life.

For Those Who Prefer A More ‘Masculine’ Outfit

You can fire up the outfit by wearing a beautiful lapel pin that goes with the wedding theme or his own personality. The pocket square is a must, forget about those white days, and get a classic colored one. You wouldn’t want your attire to look distorted, you need to pay attention to every accessory and consider it as a building block of the final look. You both can even wear a similar bracelet to show the connection between.

Try experimenting with different accessories before you finalize the perfect attire for your big day. At the end of the day, the important thing is to wear what you feel most comfortable and confident in. While preparing your outfit you do not forget to hire a wedding officiant from Oklahoma!

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