Traditions’ That Modern Weddings Don’t Need

Planning wedding isn’t an easy task; deciding the date, venue, decor, menu, invites, guests, dresses, speech, and wedding officiant, these are just a few of the things that need to be taken care of. Apart from these tasks, considering the wedding day tradition is also essential.

You must have witnessed that wedding ceremonies hold a certain set of traditions that have been followed by their family from generations. With a change in time and modernization, couples no more wish to be bound by old traditions. The modern wedding is no more about wearing a white dress and covering the bride’s face with a full veil. Couples nowadays are revamping every old tradition to reflect their ideas about embracing a new journey of life and are opting for contemporary wedding officiant OKC.

The bouquet toss

The idea behind the tradition of bouquet toss was that anyone who catches the bridal bouquet will be next one to get married and it brings good luck. Contemporary couples do not feel that only one person should be feeling blessed, so the tradition is losing its essence because of the new psychology.  Rather than blessing one person, the couple would likely dance around with everyone making the most out of their day!

Sending invitation cards

Spending hundreds of dollars on printing proper fancy invitation cards and dropping them off to everyone on the guest list can be a serious task. Modern couples would rather use a much time-efficient and cost-effective method to invite guests, they want a small wedding with friends and just the wedding officiant from Oklahoma. Using social media to invite guest have become a new tradition, a single post of the invitation is sent to everyone who is invited to the wedding. This saves time as well as money of the couple. Most importantly it is one of the eco-friendly method, where no paper is used and no wastage is produced.


Seeing the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony

Groom cannot see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony if he does it will bring bad luck. Modern couples do not believe in such superstitious concerns this is why many couples don’t value this tradition. They believe that if they get a chance to see each other before walking down the aisle, the tension would decrease. Moreover, the new trend of having a small photo shoot before exchanging vows has left no room for this old tradition.

The wedding day should be only about the couple. Make the most out of this day by removing unnecessary traditions that do not go with the couple’s personalities. Decide a date, venue, menu and wedding officiant from Oklahoma City; and just dance along with your friends and family on a beautiful day!

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