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Love does not come easy but one can surely make the best of what they have!

Born, raised, and settled in Oklahoma for more than 30 years, Dr. Tinsley Keefe is a certified wedding officiant and a licensed minister in the state of Oklahoma. She has been helping couples lead prosperous relationships since 2006. Her 14+ years of experience and wisdom not only allow her to officiates weddings but help the couple build life-long unions filled with understanding, warmth, security, passion, and love.

What started out as small venture in helping people attain their wedding licenses hassle-free, has now created a successful business with over 10,000 satisfied couples who boomed the business since 2006!!

The fact that she is open-minded and enjoys meeting new people and unfolding unique love stories, the beauty and holiness of it, makes her want to lessen the struggles, hardships and increase the ease. Having travelled and lived in several different countries and cities like India, China, Europe, Mexico, Alaska and Texas before finally settling in Oklahoma (where her home and heart is!), Dr. Keefe not only gained a perspective to dealing with different people, cultures, religions and mindsets but collected the insight on “do’s and don’ts” across diverse cultures and religions, especially when it comes to tying the knot.

Dr. Tinsely believes that love is beyond boundaries and barriers, it is a mind-and-soul connection that needs to be celebrated. Believer of equality and right to freedom, peace and tranquility for all- Dr. Tinsley, is passionate and a strong supporter of following one’s heart! and an advocate for marriage equality.

“It is better to be blind and see with your heart, than have two good eyes and see nothing”

As an officiant and wedding counselor, she has had the opportunity to guide many inter-faith and inter-cultural couples to see beyond the differences and societal pressures to be able to rise against all odds as a united couple. For all the right reasons, in Oklahoma, she is one of the acclaimed wedding officiants who is ever-ready, when it comes to uniting a LGBTQ+, Atheists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews or people marrying cross-faith and cross-culture. It is an emblem that Lifelong ceremonies proudly wear!

Plus who can complaint? The wide variety of food for your palate, is simply irresistible!!!

Dr. Keefe also respects the right to privacy and secrecy and therefore, many times have officiated same-day elopements and court-house weddings at locations and venues pre-selected the bride and groom. Her wide array of portfolio and experience has skilled her at crafting intricately unique ceremonies, even in the shortest of times, budget and people.

“There are no words to express the gratitude and loved you feel, when someone invites you for their christening or just to be part of their children’s graduation ceremony. This builds a lifelong relationship of trust and honor- one that we are determined to keep forever”- Dr. Keefe

Excited and keen on making the couple a happily ever after, Dr. Keefe impersonates a friend- lending a listening shoulder and this is one of the reasons why people trust Lifelong wedding ceremonies in doing justice to their Big Day! Not only is this, the trust and acknowledgment of professional services she provides is the reason people entrust Dr. Keefe with other wide array of services. Lifelong wedding ceremonies, now offers Christenings and Baby Showers as well and because of culturally and racially diverse portfolio enables us to understand the roots and priorities, Lifelong wedding ceremonies now also host anniversaries, engagements and memorials.

Knowing Oklahoma inside out, couples often trust Dr. Keefe with planning their weddings such as finding the vendors, caterers, photographers etc. sometimes tasting too! This adds a silver lining to the wedding planning experience at Lifelong wedding ceremonies. More than hundreds of visits, advices, planning and meeting different kinds of vendors allows Dr. Keefe to not only experience the wedding from the shoes of a wedding planner but helps her integrate the couple’s choices with great care and detail, bringing out the intricate and unique customized style, each time. She also help the couples during rehearsals and in crafting their readings, vows and eternal promises.

“It is not wise to rush into love, remember that even in fairy-tales happy endings take place on the last page”

Dr. Keefe’s passion for celebrating love has not only evolved over the years but has guided her to provide pre-marital counselling as well. She believes that though love comes without knocking on the door, the modalities of a ‘lifetime together’ needs cynical evaluation. When one intends to spend a lifetime together they often don’t plan it realistically and are too happy to discuss anything that may lead to any argument or disagreement. In Dr. Keefe’s experience, this is a ‘cardinal mistake’ couples make. They tend to not discuss the issues in the short-term because they are afraid of any resentments and tend to discover late that their partner’s view on one of the basic things or approach to life drastically varies from them and their goals. Subjects like finances, children, parenting, roles etc. are often thought of as unimportant. However, seeing what this practice entails in the long run, Dr. Keefe took an initiative and started providing pre-marital counselling services, for the betterment of the couples she serves. Realizing the importance of such counselling and to ensure that couples benefit from this, Dr. Keefe provides huge discounts to couples on entire wedding packages if they choose pre-marital counselling as the first step.

Surprisingly, this journey has given Dr. Keefe a world tour right at Oklahoma, where she has had the chance to experience cultural diversity and the uniqueness they carry in the weddings she has officiated. Trust, Positive feedback and acknowledgement and the life-long relationships she has earned, enables her to carry out her duty as an officiant more dedicatedly and to serve more and more people.

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