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Why Choose Us?

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced wedding ceremony officiants in Oklahoma City OKC
who are inclusive, engaging and respect all faiths, orientations and individual choices

We believe in equal rights for mankind and support every soul’s quest to freedom of life

With gratitude and respect for the individuality of each person we serve

We endeavor to craft custom unions and other ceremonies
with YOU and your priorities at the core.

Diverse Experience

Our Wedding Officiants and Team are remarkably gifted and experienced in catering to personal and individual choices in multitude of faith, cultural, secular and spiritual traditions.

LGBTQ+ staff adds a silver lining to our endeavors in becoming inclusive, respectful and supportive to wide variety of unique personalities and journeys

Our services are not only limited to help you to get engaged, tie the knot or rejoice anniversaries,

But services like Baby showers and christenings and Memorials helps us to become a part of your family!

We delight in building partnerships for life, for not just the couple’s union

But also, for all the happiness that is to come after!

Professional Team

10 years of successful work and a huge portfolio of ceremonies

Our Officiants and Team are warm, welcoming and engage wholeheartedly

Who put in all the effort to help you not just express your love for the ONE but provide couples with services like ceremony ideas to consider for a more ‘YOU’ in your ceremonies?

Our experts in Pre-marital counselling not only help you get a clear understanding of your partner’s marital expectations but prepare you for your journey ahead.

Our diverse experience and professional team delights in creating ceremonies that truly reflect your own distinctive personality, customs and style.

Last Minute Glitches And Troubleshooting

‘There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion’, but hey! ‘All is well that ends well’ right 😉

Little glitches and imperfections are always party to all the ceremonies

No sweats! when you have a dedicated and experience officiant at you side

Who not only makes sure that your choices for your special day are fail-proof?

But instantly takes action in your best interests to solve any issues that may arise.

Positive Reviews

Integral Organization, Transparency and our Dedication has not only earned us business but clients who are now family!

Limitlessly, we put all our experience and expertise at your disposal to make your big day memorable.

We take pride in the recommendations and written thank notes our clients have provided us in appreciation. This is what keeps us going, flourishing and evolving, each step at a time.

Don’t Know The City

Are you new in the city or you don’t know anyone who can help you with planning your big day, Well you don’t  have to worry about anything because we are here to help you with everything we can help you from selecting the premium venue of your wedding with in Oklahoma City, OKC, to decorating your wedding to guest list to makeup artist to arranging the Pre-Wedding Party along with that you get a wedding photographer with the wedding officiant not only.

In Simple Words We are One-Stop-Shop for You to Make Your Big Day Special and Never Forgetting!

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