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Let Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies Wedding Officiant help you make this wonderful memory last forever! I can dress however you prefer, from traditional religious attire to a suit and tie or even very casual street clothes. If you prefer to have a Jedi or an Elvis wedding, I can often accommodate those, too, for a small extra fee.

Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies Wedding Officiant in OKC offers the following services:

  • Traditional Christian Wedding Ceremonies – All Denominations
  • Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies
  • Secular/Non-Religious Wedding Ceremonies
  • All LGBT Weddings, Too! I Do NOT Discriminate! J
  • Jedi Wedding Ceremonies
  • Elvis Wedding Ceremonies
  • Customized Wedding Ceremonies – Just Tell Me What You Want! J
  • Mornings, Afternoons, Nights, Weekends & Holidays – 24/7/365
  • Agnostic
  • Anglican
  • Baha’i
  • Faith Baptist
  • Buddhist
  • Catholic
  • Earth-Based
  • Episcopalian
  • Evangelical
  • Hindu
  • Islam
  • Jainism
  • Jewish
  • Lutheran
  • Methodist
  • Mormon
  • No Denomination
  • Orthodox
  • Christian
  • Pagan
  • Presbyterian
  • Quaker
  • Shinto
  • Sikhism
  • Taoist
  • Unitarian

As you get ready to embark upon your special day, allow Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies to help you make your dreams come true. We are a non-denominational group who never passes judgement on those whom we unite in marriage. Wedding officiants in OKC that are part of the Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies team include ministers and members of the justice of the peace who have the knowledge, training, and compassion to perform any ceremony regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or heritage. Marriage officiants in Oklahoma have the desire to make your day extra special by incorporating meaningful music, poetry, and songs during the ceremony in order to inspire a unique atmosphere that is personalized according to your desires.

We Help You Express Your Love for One Another:

Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies provides impressive wedding services in Oklahoma City that are geared towards the happiness of the couple. Regardless of the type of union, our wedding officiants in Oklahoma City are committed to making your day a memorable event. We have performed every type of wedding ceremony imaginable, including courthouse, elopement, and traditional services. Whether you choose a church or a vineyard, our wedding ministers in OKC have conducted marriages in a variety of venues. In fact, we are willing to officiate your wedding at any location you choose, and we look forward to the opportunity. The sky is truly the limit.

Wedding officiants in Oklahoma City are quite capable of giving you the dream wedding you have always fantasized about. Our team of officiants are confident in their capabilities and want you to feel the same way. Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies is deeply committed to doing whatever is necessary to give you a wedding that creates memories for years to come.

We understand that no two couples are the same, which is why we work extra hard to personalize your wedding day. Have peace of mind knowing that your marriage service in OKC will be tailored according to your unique personality and will reflect the phenomena of two becoming one while you and your beloved stand together in unity in front of friends and family. Marriage is so much more than cake, flowers, and decorations, it’s about two hearts beating together in harmony and our marriage officiants in OKC possess a deep understanding of this very special season in your lives.

Know that your ceremony can have as many or as little guests as you desire. Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies has conducted intimate unions that have only consisted of the bride and groom to large-scale services consisting of a few hundred guests. This is your wedding and you are in charge of the fine details, our job is to help you execute them.

Ceremony Ideas to Consider:

Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies is here to help you decide which wedding service in OKC is best for you. Our company offers a variety of options such as Oklahoma gay wedding planning services, traditional wedding planning, and everything in between. Take a look at some of the ceremony ideas that our wedding officiants in OKC have performed.

Sands of Unity – This is a gorgeous ceremony for any couple to partake in and gives guests a passionate visual of their undying love and commitment for one another. During the ceremony, you and your partner will each be given a container of sand. A larger container is provided to pour your individual jars of sand into as to symbolize two becoming one. Just as the grains of sand can never again be separated, neither can your love for each other. This particular ceremony can be done not only with the bride and groom but also with family members as to symbolize the joining of families. This ceremony works well for all types of unions including Oklahoma gay weddings.

Two Flames Become One – You will find this ceremony to be similar to the sand ceremony as it joins two candle flames in order to create one. The wedding minister in OKC will instruct each party to light their individual taper candle and together light a larger candle to represent the unity of marriage. Although the larger candle has been lit, the two taper candles remain aflame in order to represent the couple’s individuality. The idea is to show your friends and family that you are committed to each other but are still retaining your own personalities.

Wine Celebration – This is a fun ceremony that carries over into the first year of marriage. Our wedding minister in Oklahoma will facilitate your desired service while sending you and your new spouse off with a bottle of wine, a beautiful box, and handwritten love letters composed by the two of you. On your first anniversary, you will open the box, enjoy the wine, and read each other’s love notes. Make it a tradition by doing this ritual each year on your anniversary.

Celtic Handfasting – A timeless classic that has ancient Irish beginnings makes the perfect ceremony for couples from all lifestyles. In fact, this type of ceremony is commonly used during Oklahoma LGBT weddings. As the ceremony progresses, the marriage officiant in Oklahoma City will read special scripture while wrapping a cord above you and your partner’s hands and tying it into a knot. During this ritual, your bridal party and guests are invited to pass the cord from one person to another, offering blessings and good tidings as they do. This ceremony is unique because it’s an interactive experience for your guests.

A Family Affair – A very special ceremony that allows children to be part of their parent’s union. In addition to making vows to each other as a couple, your children can make vows to one another and to you as their parents. Wedding ministers in Oklahoma City enjoy this particular ceremony as it expresses the unity of the family. As parents, you can opt to give gifts to your children during the service or incorporate the sand ceremony.

Bloom and Blossom Wedding Day – The rose ceremony is very intimate and involves the couple exchanging two red blooms. This act represents the first gift of love that you will bestow upon one another as a married couple. Each one of your guests will receive a rose (not red) to place in a large basket or vase. The officiant will then discuss with you and your guests the meaning behind the different colors of the roses and how they portray the many different facets of your commitment.
Broom Leap – A wooden broom is placed on the floor in front of you and your spouse. You will be asked to join hands and as you do, jump over the broom in unison. This represents your first trial as a married pair. Whether a traditional wedding or an Oklahoma City gay marriage, jumping the broom enhances any wedding.

Out with the Old In with the New – Just like the broom leap, this ritual is performed at the end of the wedding service. The groom will shatter a piece of glass wrapped in a cloth napkin with his foot. This represents the shattering of the old life and embracing the new chapter as a married man.

Ketuvah Signing – Largely a Jewish tradition, wedding officiants in Oklahoma City enjoy performing this ceremony for any faith. The Marriage Promise is a contract drawn up by the couple that also debuts as a decorative piece of art that can be displayed within the marital home. The Wedding minister in OKC will talk about the Ketuvah to you and your partner during the ceremony and then you will both sign it in front of your guests.

Gifts for the Happy Couple – This is a neat service to be part of and we at Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies enjoy facilitating it. You and your partner will select different guests to join you in placing an item of importance into a basket placed on a nearby table or altar. The items should symbolize something meaningful for you and your fiancée.

Band Blessing – Before the ceremony officially starts, the best man, maid of honor, marriage officiant in OKC, and any immediate family members convene to pass your rings around a circle while blessing them with a prayer or holding them close to warm them before the ceremony.

Elemental Unity Ceremony – This ceremony is a lot like a sand ceremony, except the couple gets to mix sodium hydroxide and water together. When these two elements are combined, they form a gorgeous new magenta colour that nothing can ever separate. The couple gets to keep it in a special bottle forever.

Special Branding – The couple can choose from a variety of hot branding seals and can mutually brand a tree, a piece of leather, or even each other with a waiver of all liability form signed, of course. These brands are lasting and permanent, and couples can use them to symbolise their dedication and commitment to one another in matrimony.

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