Write your own wedding script

Why should others be stealing the spotlight on your wedding? Why shouldn’t the couple collect all the praises of the guests? The couple spends day and night in planning a spectacular event, starting from selecting the date, creating a budget, finalizing venue and getting it decorated according to the theme, putting up a menu that everyone can enjoy, drinks in the open bar and what not. Meanwhile, you also have to look for a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City.

With this amount of work writing your own wedding script can be overwhelming, but I sure you the effort you put in today will last forever with yours. if you are still not sure how, to begin with, this amazing idea of writing your own wedding script then here are some tips that will help you throughout!

Brainstorming together is essential

Sit with your partner and start making some pointers of how you want your wedding to be like. Either you want to be a bit traditional, religious, humorous or emotional. If you finalize this then drafting a script will become easier. You will be obviously looking for a wedding officiant in Oklahoma but it isn’t necessary that you have to stick to their traditional speech, create your own unique experience.

Wedding ceremonies can be divided into different stages, let’s discuss how this division will help in forming a memorable script.

Starting the ceremony

You have to write down some opening remarks that would be used to officially begin the wedding proceedings. If you have a small wedding with close friends then you may not keep the welcome speech so formal. Pour your love on paper while writing a welcome note for your guests.

The officiant’s speech

Once you have walked down the aisle and the guests have settled, it is the time for the wedding officiant’s speech. When drafting the speech you can write down your own poem, lyrics from your favorite love song, a verse from the holy book. The best of all would be writing your brief love story to be read by the wedding officiant.

Write your vows from your heart

Nothing could be more magical then standing in front of your partner on the aisle and exchanging wow, the picture gets more mesmerizing when you have written them. The moment you exchange your vows the words seems to come straight through your heart. Write down anything you haven’t said to your partner before, so you can make these moments best of your life.

Write your script one week before and send it to your wedding officiant OKC so he can go through it before your big day.

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