Keep A Rainbow Themed Wedding To Make It One Of A Kind

How wonderful it would be to start a new journey of your life with colors. Let your couple shine through the day celebrating who you really are. If you are not sure of any theme that can help you in celebrating your identity in a world where most of the people are still reluctant to accept same-sex marriage, then the rainbow theme it is!

Yes! The rainbow theme, make your pride flag the star of your show. Own who you are and let the rainbow pride flag be the part of your wedding. No one would have thought how creatively the rainbow can be used in making wedding ceremonies spot on!

If you are looking forward to making your wedding colorful then here are some amazing ideas for you.

Rainbow Color Dress For The Wedding Officiant in OKC

A wedding officiant is one of the most important people after the couple. If you both have decided to twin in the same traditional dress then let your officiant be a symbol to represent you. Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies wedding officiant from Oklahoma City will always be ready to try out something thrilling and looks forward to empowering every gender.

How About A Rainbow Cake?

You can keep this as a surprise element for your partner. Secretly order a cake that has a white smooth vanilla frosting with rainbow colored cake sponges. One the big day, when your partner cuts through the cake, they’ll find color splash surprise.

The Pride Flag Backdrop

Exchange your vows standing in front of the pride flag and own your existence. Let it shine through your wedding. What you can do is keep the entire décor decent white and let the backdrop be a pride flag. If you down want it to be so plain, you can use the rainbow colors in the décor of the backdrop. Either fill it up with flowers or use your creative ideas to incorporate the theme colors.

Rainbow flower bouquet or lapel flower

You both can walk down the aisle wearing a beautiful white gown and holding a rainbow flowered bouquet. We also have ideas form the handsome groom couple, you both can match the lapel flower. Pick the most beautiful flowers in town and wear them as a lapel pin. You can even ask your wedding officiant Oklahoma to put flowers as a lapel pin.

You can be creative as possible and personalize your wedding with the pride flag!

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