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Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies

Ceremonies are the celebration of events and who don’t like to celebrate their important events or festival such as birthday, marriage, farewell, graduation, and retirement. No matter from which region or area a person belongs he or she must have celebrated. Ceremonies help people to connect and socialize with each other. It gives a chance to learn and link with each other in a better way. Whether you want to celebrate your ceremony in a cheap venue or with a big budget the happiness and joy of it matter more than anything else.

Vow renewal:

Vow renewal ceremony is a great chance for all the lovely and beautiful couples out there to renew the vows that have made for each other when they got married the first time. Most of the elope couples who got married in a young and immature age like to renew their vows to enjoy their mature and adult married life. Vow renewal ceremony considers as a personal celebration because it is not a second marriage, it is a way to show love to each other that is why it should be celebrated with only close friends and family members.


Themed ceremonies mean the style of the ceremony. You must have heard Disney theme birthday or Vintage theme wedding. If you look on the internet about themes, you will find so many options. These ceremonies always considered as fun and joyful ceremony. From the host to guest everyone enjoys theme parties or ceremonies. The romantic themes usually have a flower, floral print, delicate lighting, candles, and sweet music. The vintage theme is easy to do, antique look decor is all you need to do. Causal ceremonies usually take place outside like in the garden or in the backyard, perfect choice for summer or spring date.


 Religious ceremonies are those ceremonies that religious meaning or background such as Eid-al-Fitr for Muslim, Christmas, and Easter for Christian, Hanukkah for Jew, Obon for Japanese, and Diwali for Hindus are their religious ceremonies. If you practice your religion and faith then no doubt it is the main aspect of your life and you probably want to get married in a religious ceremony. For example, Muslims do Nikkah to get married because it is their religious ceremony. In some faith Civil ceremony is a requirement after the wedding ceremony to be called legally married.  Religious ceremonies vary from religion to religion.

Secular Ceremony: 

Secular wedding or nondenominational ceremony is not official. The secular ceremony is for those couples who don’t feel the need to marry religiously may be due to issues or problems, the problem can be anything such as the difference of religion, etc. This ceremony mixed the background, form, and religion. The secular ceremony lasts for 20 to 40 minutes and it does not include any religious or spiritual point of view.  Many couples who want to have secular ceremonies work with their officiant for a self-made and creative touch. A secular wedding includes nonreligious vows, reading, script, wording, and ritual. Officiant script can be changed on the demand of couples.


Unitarian Wedding ceremonies are highly flexible because there is no set of liturgy and format. A couple also does not need to be a member of the Unitarian Church in order to get married in Unitarian Ceremony. Ceremonies are Unitarian Wedding is created by the wish of the couple and the Lay Chaplain, only those elements and activities included in the wedding which are meaningful and important for those who are involved in the wedding. Unitarianism emphasis and give importance to the individual freedom and belief because it is completely based on the integrity and on the likeness of the couple.


Many people who are not religious and do not believe in GOD are looking and want something flexible than the register office ceremony. If you are a person who wants something personal then a Humanist wedding gives you an opportunity to do that. In a humanist wedding, a person can marry anywhere, anytime, and in any way. In Scotland, Jersey and Northern Ireland, Humanist Wedding legal but in England and some other countries do not give Humanist Wedding a legal status. This wedding is conducted by Celebrant licensed and trained by Humanist Ceremonies rather than a priest, your friends and relatives can also conduct the wedding.

Inter-faith: Interfaith wedding ceremony blends two cultures, tradition and religion which can be tricky sometimes. Many couples ask advice to Wedding officiant that how can they blend the two completely background perfectly. Interfaith wedding officiant needs to have good knowledge about the difference and similarities between each.  This wedding also known as two religion wedding ceremony. In the starting, it is considered as controversial but in the passage to time people has started accepting it. Now people customizing their own interfaith wedding with the help of professional officiants who are working in this field.

Wedding Photography Reigns Supreme

Wedding photography is several disciplines at once – it involves everything, including the classical portrait, the contemporary portrait, the fashion photo, the photos of children, groups, photojournalism, know how to work in low light, ambient or high light, with flash and without flash, master the backlights, work indoors and outdoors and switch from one to another in one second! We must constantly be responsive and creative. Knowing how to seize those perfect opportunities is key. Your wedding photographer must be responsive at all times.

Choose The Right Wedding Photographer

A wedding is a sacred responsibility and it requires a professional photographer to deal with the most technical complexities. You have to be very good technically and artistically, in addition to knowing how to manage the ceremony. That’s why I react when brides and grooms entrust this important work of art to a relative who just happens to have a more advanced camera. Some people just go for newbie professional photographers who aren’t quite aware off the intricacies of wedding photography.

We Treat Your Special Day With Care

Your wedding day is beautiful and love of love, and that’s exactly how it must be captured in the camera. Your wedding photographer must immortalize such moments of happiness and joy. We take initiatives, sublimate the different moments of the day, and even capture the most discreet emotions. We know how to revive every moment of the day.

We’re Sensitive To Everything

Being a wedding photographer requires knowing religious rituals (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, African, Buddhist etc.), secular and family protocols. We have experienced and anticipated everything, and we know how to manage lightings. We know how to manage the chaos in difficult situations.

Apart from our technical and artistic abilities, our wedding photographers possess interpersonal skills and a great sense of communication. We seize the opportunities to establish relationships. We know how to deal with fog and unpredictable moments. With an immutable sense of service, we are tactful, discreet, courteous and tolerant.

Flawless Pictures

When editing an image, we calibrate the colors, the low/high lights, the contrast, the saturation of each color, the white balance, then 50 sliders further the magic begins. Editing wedding photos requires a great deal of careful artwork. We do everything from retouching to removing pimples, redness, smooth skin texture and erasing disturbing elements.

Taking a lifelong picture is more than just pressing the shutter release button or setting the aperture – it goes far beyond that! Leave this task to an experienced wedding photographer who knows how to make memories – amazing memories!

How It Works?

The typical course of your wedding photoshoot with us is as follows:

  • You have a crush on what you see on this site. You contact me to know the available dates and the services that I offer.
  • The appointment is free! The prices are right for you and live up to the quality of the work provided – perfect! We meet at an informal meeting. If you’re not in Oklahoma, we can even get connected via email, phone or Skype.
  • You’re thrilled to see your dream wedding photoshoot come to life! You love my work as a photographer and assign me your wedding project.
  • We sign a contract together and I book the date of your wedding on my plan.
  • If you have chosen an “engagement session” or “love session” before the wedding, we book the date that suits you in advance.
  • About fifteen days before the big day, we settle the last details of the wedding to better focus on the course of the day.
  • The wedding day has finally arrived! You are getting married!
  • I cover the whole day in photo reportage from the preparations to the dance/play, along with my team working on your event management.
  • The next day, we’re busy retouching your images to pitch perfect.
  • 7 to 10 days after the wedding, you receive a first mix of retouched images.
  • 4 to 5 weeks after the wedding, I give you the DVD, containing all the images of the wedding edited in HD.
  • You watch the pictures together with your better half, and we discuss about how to create your wedding book.
  • We finalize your wedding book and send it to production.
  • 4 to 6 weeks after the production order, you receive your wedding book and can show it to all your loved ones.

Want to make your wedding magical? We’re the wedding planners you need! Just give me a call and tell us about your love story! I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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