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It is not every day that you find yourself in the middle of an assassination attempt. Back in May, Oklahoma City citizen Tinsley Keefe responded to a craigslist ad. After emailing the poster, Tinsley set up a meeting in hopes of landing the modeling/acting contract of her dreams. Instead, Tinsley only got a nightmare. Several…

Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in OKC

Wedding officiants in OKC span across a large number of industries. In order to perform wedding services in Oklahoma City, once most first learn about the education and preparatory measures required to become a marriage officiate in Oklahoma City. This guide will help you understand the details about obtaining a wedding minister license in Oklahoma…

Diversity is such a wonderful thing, and Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies is proud to be able to have the opportunity to celebrate a gay wedding in Oklahoma. LGBTQ couples who are of the same gender should have every equal chance to be just as happy – or miserable – as their heterosexual couple counterparts. That is…

Byus Wedding Photography in OKC

If you have ever wondered how to choose the very best wedding photographer for your weddings in Oklahoma, then you need look no further. Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, LLC has put together some simple strategies to help you choose the perfect wedding photographer to make all of your weddings in Oklahoma perfect. When you combine someone…

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