If you are a beginner wedding officiant OKC and just started officiating weddings then you definitely need some guidance that will take you on the road to success. Officiating a wedding is a huge responsibility. In Oklahoma, choosing a wedding officiant OKC is completely on the couple’s choice. So, to get hired you require some professional qualities that a couple look for in a wedding officiant. We have provided a complete guide on how to prepare a script that will help you lead a wedding in a very professional way.

First of all, discuss with the couple what they want from you. Then, jump to start writing a basic wedding ceremony script. Prepare script keeping in mind what the couple discussed with you. In general, you should probably follow this order.

  1. Write down a few opening remarks

Starting by writing some ceremony opening remarks is what professional wedding officiant OKC does. Welcome and thank everyone for celebrating and becoming a part of the couple’s special day. This is usually the part on which your whole script is based. If a couple asks for a romantic or serious wedding, you can even add puns here to make the environment delightful.


  1. Generally, talk a little about love and commitment

In Oklahoma, as a wedding officiant OKC, you have to remind everybody out there about the purpose of attending a wedding ceremony. Talk about how love and commitment plays an important role in everyone’s life. Make them realize that attending a wedding is not about food, it’s about love.


  1. Write about the couple’s story

This is the most personal and important part of your script. Add some elements of jokes and make it personal. Ask those questions that only involves the couple. Such as about their relationship, how well do they know each other, what are their future plans, any of their funny experiences, etc? The responses to these questions will engage the guests and they will keep their attention only on the couple.

  1. ????????????????????????????

    Write the wedding reading

Whoever is chosen by the couple will present the wedding reading. It could be you, the couple, or any other special person. Make sure to discuss this with the couple in advance.


  1. Thank everyone and give closing remarks

Make the announcement of the couple as a married couple. Thank everyone again for contributing to this special moment and let them all enjoy the reception.

That’s it, you are done with the wedding script, practice the script as much as possible and present yourself as a professional wedding officiant OKC.

Things that you should not forget to do as a wedding officiant OKC

  • If a couple decides to make their vows, cross-refer your remarks with them. Talk to them in advance and make sure their vows are not the same as what you are planning to say. Hearing the same thing makes it bore and embarrassing.
  • A good script required excellent speaking skills. Practice beforehand and let your script reflect through your speaking skill.

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