How To Select Your Perfect Wedding Cake

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Although planning your wedding can be really stressful, there are some enjoyable aspects as well. For instance, hiring a wedding officiant, deciding on the flowers, etc.

One of the most exciting parts of planning for wedding ceremonies is the wedding cake tasting. To help you select your perfect wedding cake, here are some tips. 

1.   Think Seasonal

If you are getting married during the summers, why not have a yummy strawberry shortcake flavor wedding cake. If you are having your wedding in the fall season, go for a pumpkin spice cake with a scrumptious cream cheese frosting.

2.   The Matter Of Size

You need to have a head count of your guests who will be present when the wedding officiant Oklahoma pronounces you husband and wife. Based on your guest list, you will have to decide the size of your wedding cake. After all, there will be no point in having a five-tiered cake when only fifty guests will attend your wedding. The cake may look spectacular but for an intimate wedding, it would be out of place. Find a style and size that is appropriate with the amount of people you expect for your wedding.

3.   Consider Layers

Just as you both will mutually decide on the wedding officiant OKC, the same way you both will have to choose your cake flavor. In case if you both are not able to decide or agree upon the cake flavor, here’s an idea. Why not have a different flavor for each layer of your cake. You could add some details to your cake by having interesting mix-ins, for example fruits, nuts, or liqueurs to enhance the flavor of your cake.

4.   Ensure It Tastes As Good As It Looks

Not only should your wedding cake look phenomenal, it should taste just as good. When you browse through dozens of photos of elegant confections, you need to remember that the flavor is more important than the looks. The cake should taste just as delectable and mouthwatering as it looks.

5.   Choose a Vendor/Bakery

After mutual agreement, the two of you decide on your wedding officiant Oklahoma City. The same way, you must pick your cake vendor or bakery. After many cake tastings, you will find that one cake vendor or bakery who will be able to provide you a wedding cake suited to your desire.

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