Women Wedding Dresses Styles and Trends For 2021

Wedding Dresses

Weddings are one of the most traditionally rich events in the world. The traditions vary from region to region. The dress of the bride has a great significance in the whole event of the wedding. There is so much effort that goes into designing a perfect wedding dress for the bride. With every passing year, the trends of wedding dresses are also changing. There are factors that are playing a role in the evolution of wedding dresses. They are more practical too now while serving the purpose of the most aesthetically pleasing dress in any wedding event.

If you are getting married and need help to design your wedding dress, then you are at the right place.

Here is a list of styles that will be trending this year.



Minimalism is the biggest shift in bridal fashion in the past few years. There is no doubt the OTT dress will still make a bride look amazing, but now there is a huge market for minimalist styles. If you do not like too much bling, then this year is best for you. You can easily carry a minimalist dress and be completely in trend.

We are in the middle of a global pandemic, and micro weddings are a norm now. Minimal dresses look very tasteful in these small wedding ceremonies. They do not look out of place for the size of the event.


Puffy Shoulders

A few years ago, it was impossible to even think of puffy sleeves in a wedding dress but guess what, puffy sleeves have made a comeback with a bang. They look elegant and stylish. If you pair them with a broad neckline, they give a very sleek look. Puffy shoulders make the arms look nice too. They can be added to most kinds of dresses.


Multi-Purpose and Transformative

We are living in an age where repurposing any item is considered one of the best things you can do for the environment. It is a new trend with wedding dresses too. Designers are making dresses that can be worn in different ways. These dresses come with tails and ruffles that can be detached to make them look more like a party dress.  So after wearing it at your wedding, you can transform the dress and wear it to other events too. You do not have to look at your wedding dress after your wedding in hopelessness because you can flaunt it again. Let’s say this is the best trend 2021 has brought for women.

This trick applies to all traditional dresses all over the world.


Off Shoulder Dresses

Off-shoulder dresses were not on the scene for the past few years, but they are back now. They are the epitome of elegance and look super stylish. We are so happy that the brides in 2021 can exhibit this style.

Off-shoulder can be made on all kinds of fabrics too. You can use silk, net, or any fabric you like to attain the look.


Reviving Heirlooms

Reviving family heirlooms have never gone out of the trend, but 2021 is the year this would flourish the most. If you want to wear your grandma’s wedding dress, brace yourself and start working on it. The intricate vintage styles have their own charm and sentimental value too. Use them to create the best wedding look of all time. It is an ideal time for the brides who like to keep these family heirlooms close to them. This is the perfect tribute you can give to your mother or grandmother.


Pantsuits and Jumpsuits

2021 is the best year to channel your inner independent woman too. There are pent of jumpsuits and pantsuits available for the brides. They are comfortable and practical to wear. You will be having a hell of fun at your wedding without worrying about the dress going here and there. The fabrics used on the jumpsuits and pantsuits create the look of a formal bridal dress with a very delicate and fine finish.


Big Veils

2021 is the year of long veils. We have seen so many brides flaunting huge veils, and they look so good. We saw Priyanka Chopra back in 2018 with a really long veil on her wedding, and who can forget Lady Diana’s 153 yards long veil. Veil has always remained a key part of a wedding dress, whether east or west and 2021 has proved that the longer veil is the better veil.

Long veils are adopted by Asia, too, especially India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Bride veils are the tradition in this region, but now they are working with long tulle veils too.


Ankle Length Dresses

They are also called tea-length dresses. We have heard that long dresses are the grace of a bride, but lately, we have seen such well-designed short-length wedding dresses that this statement is debunked.

These short dresses look cute and elegant. The final responsibility is how they are designed and carried. If you are a bride and do not want to wear a dress with a long train, then go for a short-length dress. It would be comfortable and in trend.


Backless Dresses

Backless dresses were not to be seen in the past few years, but now you can see in bridal catalogs and even brides wearing them. They look immensely beautiful and graceful. The backless dresses are also made with sheer fabrics too to add a little oomph factor to them. Nonetheless, they look gorgeous and this style never fails in looking fantastic.


Square Necklines

Broad square neckline lines are trending in 2021. They seemed to be obsolete, but they are revived with a little modern touch to them. Broad necklines make the bride look very stylish and sophisticated. The square neckline enhances that impact even more. We wonder why they were not followed in the past few years, but finally, they are here again, and you can have them on your wedding dress. You can choose a dress with a square neckline and show off those collar bones.


Vibrant Colors

The colors of wedding dresses vary from culture to culture. Some cultures wear very bright dresses, and some have adopted subtle colors. 2021 has expanded the color palette for everyone. There are so many colors that can be used in bridal dresses. It is never done before that whatever color you want can be made in a bridal dress.

If you are a bride that was never looking to wear a white or any traditional color dress, then step on the train of colors. The color pallets include pastels and dark shades, so all choices are open for the brides.


Traditional dresses

We are living in a global village, and tolerance is being propagated everywhere. This also comes to twitch refreshing acceptance of traditions. People from different cultures can plan a completely traditional wedding. These traditional dresses are timeless beauties and never go out of style. You can wear them and look absolutely stunning. Channeling your culture through a wedding dress is the best way to represent it too.

Traditional wedding dresses are famous to make you stand out and this is all a bride wants at her wedding.



Ruffles look so high-spirited and a perfect choice for a fun wedding dress. They can be added on the sleeves and in the overall dress too. They are a great match for the brides who like to go for a perkier look on their wedding day. 2021 is facilitating them very well with the option of ruffles in their dresses.

Ruffles on the sleeves are more popular. They are added on short and long dresses. To begin with, they give any dress a very fresh look. You need to be careful with using ruffles as unnecessary ruffles can turn your dress into a disaster too.


Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics that are stiff are making their way for the last two years, but now they have fully arrived. Organza is the hottest fabric for bridal wear in 2021. It looks gorgeous when made in different trending styles. It is the perfect fabric for ruffles and big dresses.

Chiffon and net dresses are also available and looking beautiful as ever in 2021 too. Dresses made with sheer fabrics look simple, smart, and graceful.


The 90s are back

For all the people who were missing the good old 90s, this is the best year to get married. Fashion trends of 90 are here, and you can wear a dress inspired by Rachel in Friends. It is a dream come true to so many people. Millennials are obsessed with the 90s, and if you are one of them, then get married because this is when you can channel your style.

The fabric, the cuts, everything was exquisite in the 90 and looking at it again brings so many memories back. There is the obvious touch of modernism in the recreated dress, but that makes these dresses look modern yet classic.



We have talked a lot about fabric and cuts, but the brides who like a little sparkle and bling, do not be worried. Embellishments are also trending in wedding styles. You can get your dresses with as much embellished as you want. This is the best thing about the year 2021 that it is very flexible with fashion. It is giving everyone a chance to pick the style they want to use in their wedding dresses.

The embellishments can be contemporary or traditional, anything you want. Whatever you like can be made into your dress.


Final Words

Fashion-wise, 2021 is the year of freedom. You have so much choice to choose from. Wedding fashion has never been this flexible before. It might be the effect of the difficult time we are going through, but this is so good for the progress of fashion. This is the perfect guide for the wedding season 2021. You can use it to create the perfect wedding dress, regardless of where you are in the world.



What will be the best outfit to wear in summer wedding 2021?

In summers, it will be preferable to choose the soft and silk fabric to wear. Like the silk, chiffon, and soft fabric options are lighter to carry and give a comfortable ambiance. Moreover, the dress choice will depend on the month of the wedding and couple preferences.

Is it completely comfortable to choose a black color in a wedding dress?

Yes, it is easy and comfortable to choose black color for the wedding dress. Some will prefer to have black velvet fitted dress with some embroidery for the wedding day as it looks amazing.

Which color is forbid to wear while attending a wedding?

If you are going to attend the wedding as a guest, then wearing red color is forbid or considered a disrespect to the couple.


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