Awkward Moments for Wedding Officiants in OKC: Marrying Your Ex-Girlfriend to Her New Bride

Marrying Your Ex-Girlfriend to Her New Bride

Being a wedding officiant in OKC comes with different twists and turns. You get to experience and learn new things with every wedding ceremony you officiate in Oklahoma.

Working with a  reputable wedding officiant agency in OKC like Lifelong Wedding Ceremony exposes you to challenging gigs and how best to handle them.

What’s challenging about these special gigs for marriage officiants OKC is that they may share special bonds, previous history, or different traditional/religious dispositions with the couple or the ceremony itself.

Irrespective of the case, a wedding minister OKC must display utmost professionalism while handling any wedding ceremony in Oklahoma City.

One of such case that requires The professionalism of a wedding minister in Oklahoma is marrying their ex-girlfriend to her new bride.

This awkward situation could trigger much emotional complications if not handled well. Hence a marriage officiant in Oklahoma must handle the situation professionally.

Below are certain things to do or consider as a wedding officiant in OKC when officiating this type of wedding:

Liaise with the couple

This is necessary to ensure your ex and her bride are cool with you as their marriage officiant.

Keeping it a secret from either of them until that they could make the whole situation more awkward than it should be.

Ensure you have a clear discussion of the couple’s wants and preferences and give professional advice on how best to go about things.

Except the breakup was messy, it should be fun officiating your ex’s wedding if they’re cool with it.

Be Professional

As a wedding officiant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it’s essential to always work within the conduct of your profession, irrespective of the case.

Hence, you must ensure you set emotions aside as much as possible and handle the wedding professionally.

Professionalism doesn’t mean being rigid and unwelcoming. Instead, it means you shouldn’t exceed the boundaries your service affords you. Even when you’re invited to pass these boundaries, it’s best to politely decline and maintain your role as a wedding minister in Oklahoma.

Do not act like you know all the details about your ex already. Work with the information and options suggested to you and ensured that your inputs are coming from a place of professionalism and not emotions.

Avoid Triggers

It’s wrong to try up and spark old feelings by trying to suggest something memorable to both of you only.

Ensure you avoid suggestions, conversations, and other triggers that may bring the discussion to your days of being together.

This would only add more emotional burden to you and may affect you while rendering your services (officiating).

Hence, besides ensuring your ex and her bride are present for the various physical meetings, you must also ensure that your dialogues don’t trigger history.

Avoid Sensitive Jokes/Speech

It’s common for a wedding officiant in Edmond, Oklahoma, to joke or give a speech about the nature of the wedding while officiating.

However, this may not always go down well. Allowing the public to have knowledge of the wedding condition can put the couple in awkward situations and make the atmosphere more tense.

This may not be true for a wedding officiant in Norman, Oklahoma. The essential thing is to consider the couple’s disposition towards such a scenario and use your discretion.

Don’t Hesitate to Say No

It’s understandable that officiating weddings like this can be emotionally bothering and awkward. Hence, you should be bold enough to decline to be the wedding officiant for such a wedding if you find it hard to sort your feelings.

If you notice that your emotions will get the best of you and topple your professionalism, you can always decline the offer politely.

Sometimes, a wedding officiant in Norman, Oklahoma, finds alternative concrete reasons for rejecting weddings like this, rather than stating it’s the inability to sort out emotions. Irrespective of the approach you choose to follow, always remember it’s okay to say NO.

Ways to Ensure Your Ex’s Wedding goes to plan as the Wedding Officiant OKC

If you’ve chosen to officiate your ex-girlfriend’s marriage to her new bride, you can remain professional while avoiding your emotions getting the best of you.

Nevertheless, certain things may want to sway the tides of the event during the ceremony, which could question your professionalism as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma.

Thus, you must make sure of the following:

Stick to the plan

Every couple (whether one is your ex or not) loves to own their wedding ceremony. They love to be in control and see things go according to their wishes.

Hence, your spontaneous creativity as a marriage officiant may not be needed here if it’s not in line with the prior agreements with the couple.

Since this is a delicate scenario, you have to avoid doing things that can make it seem that you’re calling the shots at the ceremony.

Find an Escape Route in Tense Situations

Let’s face it! No matter how professional you claim to be and how much you try to avoid triggers, some things can still make the atmosphere tense. It may be a slip, emotional surge, etc.

This is why a wedding minister in Oklahoma City always needs to have a detour in cases like this. Non-sensitive light jokes, musical breaks, or creating beautiful scenes for wedding photography and wedding videography are things you can do to ease the tension and awkwardness in the air.

Be in Control of Your Gaze Something as little as a gaze may spark tension at the event. Ensure that you don’t make unnecessary facial contact with your ex and do not look in their direction with desires on your face. This is part of being disciplined and professional for a wedding officiant in OKC.

Apart from not wanting to make your ex feel uncomfortable, you don’t want to put contrasting thoughts and emotions in the bride’s mind. Hence, control your gaze and ensure they’re fixed in the right place, at the right time.


Being disciplined and professional is the recipe for success when marrying your ex to her new bride. Ensure there are no secrets; both parties are cool with the arrangements and stick to the agreed plans. All of these will make the event less awkward and more fun-filled.

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