Wedding Officiants in OKC Don’t Just Fight for LGBTQIA+ Rights, but the Environment

The fight for the environment and a better, more sustainable future is something that everyone needs to keep moving towards. With every passing year, the earth moves closer and closer to the ultimate cut-off point where permanent and irreversible damage will happen. And one of the groups that are the most vocal about it is the wedding officiants in Oklahoma City.

The perception surrounding wedding officiants in OKC has changed significantly from their original title as those who do upon god’s will. As marriage became less about religious practice and a fundamental human right, wedding officiants’ definitions also changed. Instead of serving both a religious and legal purpose to the marriage, they could now hold officiate a wedding solely in a legal capacity.

This was great for many atheists who did not want specifically religious weddings, but it was also good for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Since wedding officiants in Oklahoma City did not need any religious affiliation, even community members could become officiants. These types of officiants have been monumental to normalizing LGBTQIA+ weddings for what they are, just normal weddings.

But other than helping minorities exercise their constitutional rights, wedding officiants in Oklahoma also stand for environmental change. As they have always stood for the inequality that the LGBTQIA+ community continues to face, they also stand for climate struggling as more of the same.

The Stand for the Climate

Standing up for the climate has become a baseline for activists everywhere, as many continue to stand against the many injustices that climate inequality brings. Ordinary people suffer all of the consequences of the climate crisis despite contributing to less than 30% of it. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that wedding officiants in Oklahoma City are also standing up to this type of injustice, as it is something that transcends race, gender, or ethnicity.

While many people have been trying their best to improve the climate by taking personal responsibility, it is not enough. Now, it is important to understand that personal steps taken to reduce the damage of climate change are a good sentiment. Even many wedding officiants in OKC use public transportation to get around the city or make little to no use of plastic. And when they can, they will avoid eating meat and will try to limit their electricity usage.

All in all, wedding officiants in OKC, similar to most other activists, are more than capable of holding their own when it comes to personal responsibility in the climate change movement. However, personal responsibility can only do so much for the planet when people only contribute less than 30% to global carbon emissions. The rest comes from mega-rich oil and fracking companies that are not slowing down their production by the slightest. Without adding pressure, the global temperature will continue to rise, and people will still pay the price for their inability to change.

Through protests and demonstrations, activists have tried to pressure these companies and bring down their production cycle. Without these companies slowing down their production, the fight for safer earth can be more sustainable. And some of the activists on the front lines are wedding officiants in Oklahoma City.

They understand that they play a much larger role in the fight for a more sustainable climate. And while they are also making a personal effort to improve the climate, they also understand that there is a bigger reason why the climate is getting worse. Therefore, they stand to correct it.

How They Contribute To the Movement

Most wedding officiants in Oklahoma City who stand for LGBTQIA+ rights also stand for better environmental change. For the most part, their contribution to the movement is participation and organization. Not only do they organize some of the protests and the meetings, but they are also regularly participating in protests.

This active participation helps keep the movement alive, allowing people to contribute to something much greater than themselves. Similar to other activists, wedding officiants in Oklahoma become a voice for the movement by speaking on small shows and talking about how people can help the movement.

Active participation is what defines any movement, which is why the fight for environmentally better earth is so interesting. Not only is there participation from different types of people, like wedding officiants in OKC, but it also comes in the form of international support from a massive community. People from different countries and ethnicities are all standing for the same issue, which gives it a very powerful presence on the international stage.

Their contributions also come from spreading the word and awareness about the issue at hand. They will usually use their social media influence to tell people about an upcoming protest, or they will inform their followers about issues surrounding the environment. Using their influence, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City will make a difference for the movement, even if they have a small following. Participation can be as small as telling people about the cause, which is usually what they do.

Find the Right Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City

Wedding officiants in Oklahoma City stand for much more than just equal marriage rights. They also believe in the environment and a more sustainable future. So if you want to find a wedding officiant who better aligns with your socio-political beliefs, you can easily find one here at Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies.

We make sure that your wedding goes by flawlessly, with Dr. Makayla Saramosing and Dr. Tinsley Keefe taking the reins of the operation. With their years of experience, they can help organize everything for the wedding, like the venue and even the wedding photography in OKC. They can even offer premarital counseling if you have second thoughts about the arrangement. Make your marriage even more special when doing it with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies.

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