How Wedding Officiants in OKC are Working during the Pandemic

Wedding Officiants in OKC are Working During the Pandemic

Planning a wedding is a stressful and exciting affair. It is especially true if you’re looking for a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City. A wedding officiant is an essential member, whether a couple is planning a minimony or a huge fancy wedding. A vendor crew isn’t complete without a certified wedding officiate in Oklahoma City. Gone are the days are when becoming a part of a wedding or accompanying to-be-wedded couples was easy.

The pandemic has affected everything, and wedding receptions aren’t an exception. Today, a wedding officiant works with an alternative plan to conduct nuptials. Having an in-person meeting is a big NO-NO for an officiant practicing in OKC.

However, they still ensure that they make the big day of the couple most memorable, exciting, and ecstatic. That is why the focus is on planning small, intimate ceremonies by following standard precautions.

If your big day is just around the corner and you’re searching for a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, here is all you need to know about how wedding officiants in OKC are working during the pandemic.

How Wedding Officiants in OKC are Working During the Pandemic

Upgraded Wedding Contract with Pandemic Clauses

COVID-19 has drastically changed the ways we conduct business. It is the same for wedding officiants in OKC. Virtual-only contracts are the “new normal” for wedding officiants. You will find many wedding officiants who have added or updated their contracts with a new set of “pandemic clauses.”

These clauses are based on mandatory COVID-19 precautionary measures that couples need to follow while in the contract. In other words, the updated contract draws safety precautions that couples must agree to hire or work with wedding officiants.

Typically, the wedding contract includes policies regarding refund, planning, and rescheduling of the event in case of venue closure. Wedding officiants make sure all couples sign the contract before working together.

Pandemic Safety Plan

This might sound strange, but many wedding officiants prefer to work with couples who have a pandemic safety plan.

Wondering what a pandemic safety plan is? 

In OKC, a pandemic safety plan refers to the thorough planning of preventive measures a to-be-wedded couple takes on their big day. The plan may incorporate a pre-wedding COVID test, social distancing or no physical contact, masks, having a small, intimate event, a short guest list, and arranging an event at a well-ventilated space.

Wedding officiants make sure that they work these things out with the couple. In fact, they work in collaboration to plan a wedding that is not only fun and joyous but also memorable. Most wedding officiants consider planning a safe ceremony their foremost responsibility. They don’t hesitate in inquiring the couple about their vaccination, guest list, and safety plans.

Wedding officiants lead the ceremony and must know how to manage it according to the couple’s plan. You may feel this conversation with a wedding officiant in OKC is a little awkward. However, it demonstrates that the wedding officiant you hire is a professional and cares about your event.

Ensure Preliminary Precautions or Rapid Antigen Test

Even if you and your significant other are vaccinated, your wedding officiant in OKC may ask you to take a rapid antigen test before the ceremony. RAT has become a standard precaution in many countries and is a part of airline rules.

Moreover, your wedding officiant in OKC can ask you to avoid attending crowded and public gatherings before the ceremony. It is especially true if your area has a higher COVID positivity rate. As wedding officiants work with multiple couples simultaneously, they need to make sure that they put maximum effort to reduce various health risks.

Open about Guests’ Vaccination Status

Wedding officiants in Oklahoma City are open and upfront about the vaccination status of every guest. They consider having clear communication about the guests’ COVID vaccination status extremely important. It is because it matters for not only their own safety but also others’ safety that are part of the wedding, be it waiters or decorators.

Also, when you know the COVID vaccination status of the people attending the wedding, it makes it easier to determine whether you should take extra precautions. As most wedding officiants in OKC are vaccinated, they work with vaccinated couples only.

That means you need to be clear and honest when discussing the vaccination status of your guests with your wedding officiants.

Emphasis on Arranging an Outdoor Ceremony

Of course, an outdoor wedding is safer and easier to manage during a pandemic. Wedding officiants in OKC prefer becoming a part of a ceremony that has an outdoor venue. They discuss the idea with the couples as they are concerned about reducing the risk of the virus. There are a few wedding officiants who only take outdoor ceremony bookings.

Work with Digital Solutions to Keep Track

Many wedding officiants in Oklahoma City are now using digital solutions to avoid meetings and keep things streamlined. For example, VOW Digital is a very popular app among wedding officiants to manage large gatherings and ceremonies.

The app allows wedding officiants to plan the event virtually and keep track of the guests, testing, and most importantly, vaccination status of the vendors and decorators. The guests and vendors can easily show their vaccination status without coming into contact.

The app also creates a list of guests, records venues and dates of the wedding ceremony. It works like a spreadsheet to help wedding officiants.

Open Communication with the Clients

A successful wedding event is possible if wedding officiants and couples are on the same page. That is why many wedding officiants in Oklahoma City focus on teamwork and establish an understanding with the couple by keeping them updated about everything via video calls and virtual means.

Summing Up

The virtual work format is the popular trend and the safest way to work with couples. And the given things are important to consider when planning and finding a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City.


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