Can A Wedding Officiant in OKC Refuse to Work with Cats for a Couple?

Wedding Officiant in OKC Refuse to Work with Cats

For a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, the chief guests at a wedding may be more than they bargained for!

We are living in the age where pets have as much place in a family as human members do. Ask a passionate cat owner to get married in the absence of their beloved pet and you’d see them bring the house down at the mere suggestion.

For centuries, it has been the custom for couples to invite their near and dear ones to their nuptials but now pets also occupy a significant portion of the guest list. However, while pet lovers may feel as if there is no greater joy in this world than their darling furry members, not everyone may share the sentiments.

For instance, a wedding minister in Oklahoma may not feel too thrilled to officiate the wedding of a couple whose cats will be attending too. But what do the laws say about it? Can a wedding officiant in OKC refuse to work with cats for a couple? Let’s find out below!

Cats and a Wedding Officiant in OKC

A wedding officiant has the right to work with a couple if in case they’re not comfortable with cats for any reason. It could be an allergy to pets, since many are sensitive to pet hair or dander that a furry animal can shed. It is common knowledge that most allergies are associated with dogs and cats, hence a marriage officiant in Oklahoma City can refuse to work with pets.

Officiants suffering with pet allergies who face exposure to animals at weddings may experience a triggering situation. The consequences may lead to a need for medicines of even emergency treatment to relieve symptoms. Those who get asthma attacks are particularly vulnerable in this case.

As a couple intending to have pet cats at your wedding, here are the symptoms you should be aware of in association with pet allergies:

  • An itchy feeling in the nose
  • The skin under the eye develops a blue color while swelling appears too
  • Facial pain and pressure
  • Cough
  • Postnasal dripping
  • Itchiness in the throat or roof of the mouth
  • Nasal congestion
  • Watery, red or itchy eyes
  • Running nose
  • Sudden bout of sneezing
  • Chest tightness of pain
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Red skin patches
  • Itchy skin

However, if the case is not associated with an allergy but simply out of an aversion for pets, then too an officiant may refuse to work with a couple’s pets in tow.

Should You Bring Your Pet to the Wedding if Your Wedding Officiant OKC has a Cat-Aversion?

Let’s start with the basics. When a couple plans to get married, there’s a ton of stress they have to tackle, which comes as a byproduct of planning a wedding. These include anxieties about the weather, missing rings, late caterers, wardrobe malfunctions and whatnot.

Add to that an officiant with a pet aversion and you know it’s a recipe for disaster. Not only would your pet be a constant source of worry but also an uncomfortable officiant, who might not conduct your nuptials as gracefully as you want.

If you add the stress of a misbehaving pet cat and a pet-disliking officiant to the mountain of stresses, you will have a nerve-wracking wedding day. You’d constantly be worried whether the pet is behaving well or not or jumping over tables and chairs, disturbing the guests.

You’d also have to keep a watchful eye on the naughty furry member, regardless of the fact that it is your own wedding you’re attending. There’s also your pet’s own personality to worry about. Does your cat feel comfortable in crowds or does it tend to get anxious and uncomfortable with human company?

If your pet is not exactly crowd-friendly, or if you have a cramped venue, you won’t make a wise decision by bringing your cat along to your nuptials.

Here’s How to Plan to Have Your Pet at Your Wedding

In case you do feel you cannot imagine getting married without your pet by your side, here are a few tips to manage the situation. A little smart handling will ensure your wedding minister in Oklahoma does not have to worry about the cat while officiating your wedding while your furry baby also gets to attend your big day.

1. Look for a Pet-Friendly Wedding Venue

We suggest having a little friendly talk with the wedding officiant of your choice before you go searching for a venue. If you discover your officiant-to-be is not too fond of cats, you could search for a pet-friendly venue then.

This way, there’d be someone from your family or friends to keep the pet around for the ceremony and a few photos with you and then keep it at the facility for the rest. Keeping an assistant to help you navigate the situation will take much of the stress away for you.

They will also keep the cat away from the bridegroom and the officiant while the vows are in progress so that the officiant is completely at ease.

2. Stock Up on Treats

Another way to keep your cat happy, calm and well-behaved so as not to get in the way of the guests and the wedding minister is with plenty of cat-treats. Arrange for a safe corner with supervision at the wedding venue in advance and stock up your cat’s treats there. It will keep the pet busy, calm and content while the festivities are in progress.

Final Thoughts

Weddings are particularly stressful for couples but it can get even trickier for them if they’re passionate pet parents with a cat-allergic wedding officiant in Oklahoma. It is quite challenging for the couples to arrange a situation in which neither the wedding minister in Oklahoma feels uncomfortable at the event nor does the cat miss out the event.

However, with a little help from family and friends and good arrangements in advance, you will neither have to leave your pet out or look for another officiant for your vows at the wedding.

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