Can a Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City Help Train Your Cat for the Big Day?

Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City Help Train Your Cat

When you are planning the happiest day of your life, which is your wedding, you can incorporate your cat and make it a memorable event. However, training your cat for the wedding can be a challenge. Everything falls into the right place but the only thing that you might struggle to manage is preparing the cat in the wedding. In this case, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma can help you.

Why You Should Include Your Cat in the Wedding?

There are many reasons to include your feline in the wedding. Here are some top reasons:

1. They are Family

If you consider your cat as a part of your family, you should incorporate them into the wedding. A wedding officiant in Oklahoma will train them for the wedding. They are your babies and live in your home. You come to them every night and provide love and support. If you won’t have them at your wedding, you might feel down and tense. Thus, you should include them to make one of your special days more unique and entertaining.

2. Reduces the Stress

Although a wedding day is a special day in your entire life, it can be overwhelming. Consistently thinking about the wedding can lead to stress. Keeping your feline next to you all the time will be stress relieving. Whether you are walking down the aisle, getting dressed up, or saying the magical words that tie you with your life partner, you can have your cat along.

A marriage officiant in OKC can help you. They will train your cat to stay with you throughout the wedding. Furthermore, they can train your cats to participate in the wedding. Imagine, your feline walking down the aisle as the ring bearer while everyone is looking at the memorable moments.

3. Entertainment for the Guests

Your cat can be perfect entertainment for the guests. You can stick them around for the cocktail party and greet guests at the ceremony. It would be a fun surprise for your guests. Especially if people didn’t meet your cat, this would be a great chance to introduce them to your family member. Furthermore, they can enjoy themselves with the cat before the reception or ceremony starts.

4. It’s Adorable

No matter what cats are adorable. Whether they are standing by your side during altar or sitting in a basket next to your mom. They are adorable and watching them will keep you active and confident. Since it is your special day, you can’t let them miss this day. If your cat gets a little fussy around the crowd, a marriage officiant in Oklahoma City will train them.

5. Enjoy the Reception

When you include your feline in the wedding, you can enjoy every moment of your wedding day. Furthermore, it would be relieving to have your cat by your side. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the altar and worry about the cat. So, leaving your cat at home is a bad idea. Instead, you should hire a marriage officiant to train your family member for the big day.

How You Can Incorporate Your Cat for the Big Day?

Here are some ways you can incorporate your cat for your wedding:

1. Walk Down the Aisle

When you walk down the aisle, you can have your cat walks next to you. They will be the showstopper of the event.

2. Ring Bearer

You can hire a marriage officiant in Oklahoma City to train your cat as a ring bearer. Your guests will love to enjoy the moment when they see your kitty holding the little basket with the ring in it. You can dress them in a matching dress for the task.

3. Have Them At the Altar

A wedding officiant in OKC can train your cat to stand next to you while you say the magical words, “I do” and tie a knot with your partner. Your feline will accompany you to the altar to make the event more special.

4. Take Photos with Them

Cats will make your wedding pictures more adorable. When your cat is at the wedding, your wedding photographer will get many opportunities to get the perfect photos. A wedding officiant in Oklahoma City will train your cats to pose for the perfect photo moments.

Why You Need a Wedding Officiant?

A marriage officiant in OKC will lead your wedding. The state authorizes them to organize weddings. However, you should check whether your officiant has qualified to organize a religious ceremony. For that, your officiant should follow the guidelines from a specific religious group. For instance, if you want your wedding according to a Catholic Church, the wedding officiant in Oklahoma will organize the ceremony in the church building. Here are some tasks that a marriage officiant in OKC performs:

1. Customize Your Ceremony

A wedding officiant or wedding minister in Oklahoma has the experience to customize a wedding ceremony. They have unique expertise to make your wedding special. If you want to fuse different religious and cultural traditions, wedding officiants in OKC are worthwhile.

2. They’re LGBTQ+ Friendly

Many religious officiants don’t organize LGBTQ+ weddings. Thus, you need a professional marriage officiant in Oklahoma with secular beliefs. They are ever-ready to organize and celebrate all couples.

3. They can Train Your Cat

A wedding officiant in Oklahoma City trains cats so they can participate in the wedding. If you want to incorporate your cat in the wedding ceremony, you should hire a marriage officiant in OKC. They will make your cat ready for the big day and implement creative ideas.


The wedding officiant in OKC has the experience to train the cat for the wedding. They will make your wedding ceremony special and unique. Imagine having your cat along throughout the day. Whether you are walking down the aisle or exchanging rings at the altar, you can keep your feline alongside. Dr. Makayla Saramosing and Dr. Tinsley Keefe are professional wedding officiants in Oklahoma and know how to make a wedding ceremony special and memorable.

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