Why Would a Wedding Officiant in OKC Like Making Cannabis Part of a Wedding theme?

Wedding Officiant in OKC Making Cannabis

Majority of the people have realized the extent of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Add to that the efforts of nineteen states to legalize the use of it, it is no wonder why cannabis has now become a favorite of many adults.

As the beneficial uses are becoming more popular, more people are coming to accept and incorporate the use of cannabis in their daily lives. In fact, so widespread is its popularity that a vast number of people are adopting cannabis as a popular wedding theme.

But do you ever wonder why a wedding officiant in Oklahoma would like making cannabis a part of a wedding they have to officiate? Well, there’s more than one reason but most importantly, cannabis creates relaxing, calming and anxiety-alleviating effects.

You could ask any wedding officiant in OKC and they’d tell you all about their struggles of officiating weddings where there are hysteric brides, extremely hyper mothers of the brides and overly stressed out grooms to deal with.

Dealing with a pack of nerves in just one person is challenging; but when it comes to an overly hysteric wedding party? It’s downright impossible!

Hence, we’re all in support of a wedding officiant in OKC who would like to make cannabis a part of a wedding theme. It will ensure all the adults, including the bridegroom and the bridal party, the hysteric moms of the couple and the over excited relatives and friends to be calm, composed and stress-free.

If you’re a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, here are some of the best ways you could suggest your clients for hosting a cannabis-themed wedding.

1. Cannabis Wedding Favors

As a wedding officiant in OKC who wishes for everyone to experience the blissful effects of cannabis, the best way to do so is to recommend cannabis wedding favors. Your clients could incorporate it in their cannabis themed wedding as a favor.

Perhaps something like pre-rolled joints or a small flower pot container holding a joint is a good idea to incorporate this.

2. Budtender for a Cannabis Wedding

A wedding officiant in OKC would do a splendid job of recommending a budtender for a cannabis themed wedding. Hiring a budtender is a great option in this regard, just as couples would hire a normal bartender to serve alcoholic beverages at their reception.

A budtender will serve cannabis infused drinks but also keep a watchful eye to help everyone consume just the right amount in the right timeframe. What better what to relax everyone collectively and put them in a celebratory mood? That’s one way to be an instantly popular and successful wedding officiant in OKC.

3. Cannabis-Flavored Wedding Cake

Imagine being the wedding officiant in OKC who will also get to eat a fabulously delicious cannabis flavored wedding cake. Wouldn’t it be great to offer this suggestion to your soon-to-wed clients as well? This is especially a great idea for intimate weddings but even if your clients can afford enough servings of cannabis cake at their reception, then it’d be an instant success with the crowd.

Surely the bride whose wedding you’ll officiate will swoon with delight at the thought of an exquisite, multi-tiered and chic white wedding cake. Tell her to take the beauty of the cake several notches higher by requesting for edible buds and leaves on the tiers.

This would be a splendid feature at their cannabis themed wedding, along with being a lip-smacking delicious treat.

4. Registry

If you are a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, you can coordinate with a popular dispensary to ask for some edibles or strains to go with your client’s wedding registry. Due to the widespread growing popularity of cannabis themed weddings, a lot of companies now specialize in making cannabis registry tools for people.

If you recommend this superb idea to your clients, they’ll probably pay you extra for your brilliant suggestions as a wedding officiant in OKC.

5. Cannabis Cocktails

You may be a wedding officiant in Oklahoma but since you have the best interests of your weed-loving clients at heart, you could brainstorm for them. And one fine suggestion is cannabis cocktails, which would not only please your newly married couple but their entire guest list too.

Cannabis cocktails are all the rage these days, which are mainly beverages containing some amount of THC or CBD. In fact, your client’s vendors could even create a mix of garnishes or juices with CBD infusion and serve it as a signature drink for the wedding reception.

In fact, this is a highly appealing alternative to serving alcohol yet giving you an open-bar option. We know many people will probably thank you for suggesting this because of the CBD cocktail experience they will all get to enjoy.

If your clients have a great taste, you could also suggest them to work with their vendors to concoct a variety of CBD-infused cocktails to serve.

6. Gifts

If your clients plan to host a wedding party and intend to invite you as their wedding officiant in OKC, then you could suggest cannabis-themed gifts to them. It would be a great way of launching a successful wedding party, with things like pre-rolled joints, cannabis merchandise, edibles and similar things.

7. Cannabis-Themed Accessories

A great way to incorporate cannabis at a weed-themed wedding where you will be the wedding officiant in Oklahoma is through themed accessories. In fact, why not suggest weed wedding bands to your clients? They could opt for a leaf emblazoned pair of rings, headband or even add cannabis resin décor at the place of ceremony.

Final Thoughts

If you are to be the wedding officiant in OKC at a weed themed wedding, then you could play a great role in suggesting different ways to incorporate it into the big day. From cannabis décor for the ceremony place to serving cannabis-infused edibles and cocktails, there are plentiful ways to make a wedding relaxing, stress-free and weedy.

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