Guide for Marriage Officiant in OKC to Help her Transgender Wedding Client Handle Transgender Bathroom Bill

Transgender Wedding Client Handle Transgender Bathroom Bill

Wedding officiating in Oklahoma requires experience, professionalism, and expertise. This is why couples must seek out a reputable wedding officiant agency in Oklahoma. There are not many wedding officiant agencies in OKC willing to stand by you even when it seems the laws are against you.

From the few we’ve seen, Dr. Tinsley Saramosing Lifelong Wedding Ceremony stands out amongst them. It is a reputable wedding officiant agency in Oklahoma that helps couples get through any hurdles before, during, and sometimes after their wedding ceremony.

As a professional wedding officiant in Oklahoma, you should respect everyone’s decision on how they want to lead their life and who they choose to do it with. Hence, being open-minded becomes an essential skill to handle some knotty wedding ceremonies.

Officiating transgender weddings has always been a special case for wedding officiants in Oklahoma City. Only a few marriage officiants in Oklahoma are open to the gig, with others stating tradition, doctrine, or personal beliefs as reasons for avoiding these weddings.

However, any wedding officiant in OKC that follows the steps of Dr.Saramosing in being willing to officiate a transgender wedding efficiently should be willing to bear all that comes with such responsibility.

The couple’s fears and struggles become that of the wedding officiant Oklahoma to bear throughout the wedding period, and the wedding officiant must do a great job.

Now that there’s an upcoming total transgender bathroom ban, this would form part of the problems a wedding minister Oklahoma’s transgender client is facing. It’s up to the wedding minister OKC to help her handle the situation with finesse.

We look into how a wedding minister in Oklahoma City can handle this situation and other hurdles the couples may face getting married.

Guide for Marriage Officiant in OKC to Help her Transgender Wedding Client Handle Transgender Bathroom Bill

The upcoming bill is aimed at preventing transgenders from sharing bathrooms with non-transgenders. This, in some way, can feel like marginalization. However, marriage officiant Oklahoma City can help her client get through this with ease.

Irrespective of an individual’s position on the issue, the certain thing is that all transgenders need every moral and mental support they can get if the bill is eventually passed into law.

Here are ways a willing wedding minister in OKC can help a transgender wedding client get through it:

  • Heart talk — The need to liaise with one’s wedding officiant can’t be overemphasized. But in this scenario, the meeting and rapport may extend beyond officiating the wedding.

A marriage officiant in Oklahoma can extend her hands of solidarity by sharing her experience on how the wedding client can handle the situation, the possible challenge it may bring, and how she can avoid being found wanting for disregarding the law.

Most marriage officiants OKC willing to officiate transgender weddings must have had their fair share of struggles, legal harassment, and rejection from their peers. Their experience handling all these will come in handy for a transgender wedding client.

  • Recommend supportive venues — Some venues are very willing to support LGBTQIA weddings. They ensure everything is streamlined to couples satisfaction, and every element of discrimination or rejection is removed.

A wedding officiant OKC would have a long list of some of these venues due to years of experience in officiating weddings. Hence, recommending it to the transgender wedding client might be a way of helping her handle the situation.

Ideally, these venues are always clear on their stands of promoting and standing with the LGBTQIA community, and the bill may not hold there. Hence, transgender couples do not have to worry about a bathroom ban if there’s a need to use one during the ceremony.

  • Streamline wedding plan — The transgender wedding client should be clear on her objections and be willing to share her love story and expectations with the wedding minister OKC.

This helps the marriage officiant Oklahoma streamline their wedding plan so that it would fit their needs and they won’t be affected by any upcoming transgender bill.

This takes days of planning, adding, and removing, but with the experience of the marriage officiant, the final result should be satisfactory. The couples can then go over it again and conclude whether to follow the marriage officiant’s plans.

  • Sensitization — Wedding officiant OKC can urge the transgender wedding client to acquire in-depth knowledge about the bill to know its limitations and excesses. Getting sensitized on the bill’s provision prevents them from unknowingly disregarding the law.

The wedding minister in Oklahoma is in the best position to give this advice and can also recommend a source to consult to get the hang of the bill. Proper sensitization by the wedding minister Oklahoma City can strengthen the couple’s resolve and allow them to pull through whatever that’s associated with the bill.

  • Solidarity campaign — The wedding minister Oklahoma can launch an online or offline solidarity campaign to show support for the transgender client and others that can’t boldly claim what they are.

This won’t be overreaching. We’ve seen a top wedding officiant in Oklahoma, Dr. Makayla Saramosing, sue members of the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH)  and Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (OPS)  due to their anti-transgender charade.

Wedding officiating sometimes goes beyond the service. It can sometimes be an act of humanity, fighting for rights and justice, etc. All these can only be so if you have an experienced and highly professional marriage officiant OKC.

  • Incentives — As a way of supporting and helping a transgender wedding client handle her situation better, a marriage officiant in Oklahoma can decide to give discounts on service prices and other incentives. The littlest gesture gives strength and hope and excellently helps individuals get through difficult situations.


The upcoming total transgender bathroom ban is quite sad and might be viewed as marginalization by the affected party. Hence, a wedding minister Oklahoma must go high and beyond to help transgender couples cope with the situation.

Inculcating wedding photography and wedding videography can be a way of making the event memorable. Wedding photography Oklahoma and wedding videography Oklahoma City are essential parts of conventional weddings, and it shouldn’t be different for transgender wedding ceremony.

Transgender wedding clients need all the supports they can get during this time, and it takes a compassionate and experienced wedding officiant in Oklahoma City to provide this.

This fact makes the issue of choosing a wedding officiant an essential part of the wedding process, especially if your wedding isn’t a generally accepted one by society.

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