A festive menu forms the heart of every wedding celebration in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It offers your guests a soothing break in the daily program and gives them the opportunity to talk to each other. In order for communication to get going quickly, you should place your wedding party carefully.

Advantages of a seating arrangement

Some guests perceive prescribed places as regulations; But they give you security in the wedding frenzy. You know best how many people will come and you can decide how to socialize. This prevents discrepancies and ensures that guests belonging together really sit together and potential arguments remain separate.

It does not matter what the others think of the seating arrangement: It is YOUR party and YOU are who determines who sits next to whom.

Seating plan considerations

Get an accurate picture of each guest. Think of it

  • Age
  • The marital status
  • The relationship
  • The profession and
  • Private interests.

Write down the names on individual pieces of paper that you can mix and move as you like. Once a combination has been determined, you fix this seating arrangement on a previously prepared seating plan with the recorded tables. It is best to choose a flexible fixation option, for example pin needles or strong magnets. So, you can vary the notes with the names as you like to test different seating orders.

Make sure that mixed, but harmonious and evenly structured groups are created. Stick to possible common interests and place people of the same generation side by side. Too homogeneous groups, such as only older people or only professional colleagues, can also quickly become monotonous. You should also avoid (suspected) dome rounds from sheer single people.

Tip: When designing the finished seating plan for the celebration, you can choose a variant with individual name cards that you can postpone if there are short-term changes before the wedding in Oklahoma.


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