How to Choose the Right Wedding Cake? Get Best Dessert for Your Big Day

We are sharing all of our best advice on how to order a wedding cake that’s the right size for guests. Also, determining the proper size of a wedding cake can be challenging! Let’s just get this party started!

One piece of bride’s cake and a half slice of groom’s cake for each guest is a popular wedding cake calculation. You’ll like to make sure you order sufficient cake to feed all of your attendees without overpaying for an excess cake that will go to rubbish or leave you with a lot of leftovers. If you do have 100 guests, you’ll need 100 bride’s cake servings and 50 groom’s cakes portions.

Tier-by-tier Cake Serving Size:

Okay, before you start constructing the most beautiful cake with delicate marzipan flowers, you’ll need to figure out how many visitors you’ll have and also how many serving pieces you’ll need. Due to the high expense of labor, a cake with complex sugar paste, fondant flowers, hand-made designs, and marzipan elements is generally more expensive.

This is an important stage in determining the number of tiers and the actual size of the cake. This is when your budgeting comes into play, as you must also consider workers’ wages. Once you are determined the number of servings, cake designers may depend on the size of cake that will give us greater visitors.

When ordering a wedding cake, keep the following questions in mind:

Is there going to be one cake or many cakes? Consider that the 80 percent rules apply to ALL of your cakes, not only the major bride’s cake, and involve extra cake for all of your guests.

Are there any other sweets on the menu besides cake? You’ll need a lot less cake since you’re having a complete desserts table or providing a separate dessert with dinners. In this situation, you may buy around half of the cake and leave the rest to the extra sweets.

Do you want to keep your wedding cake’s top-level? Some couples may choose to take the top level of wedding cake home with them, freeze it, and save it for later.

If you do not want to save an entire layer, you can achieve this with just a handful of pieces!

What method are you using to serve your cake? Since you’re hosting a self-serve cake counter, they can order more cake. However, if you’re serving cake for dinner and will need at least one piece for every place setting.

Tips for Getting an Inexpensive Wedding Cake:

Cakes are frequently divided into large slices which may not be completely eaten. Smaller slices — Check with your wedding bakery owner to see whether smaller pieces are available. Guests can’t complain if the item is a little smaller. However, it will help you extend your money even further.

Make a compelling impression with “fake cake” – Many couples choose to have a slice or two of “fake cake” (made with foam); however, they can have a multi-layer cake for show and photographs without having way too much cake.

Think about having simple sheet cakes stored away in your festival’s food kitchen to account for additional serves required. However, then make a less costly cake on show, possibly a smaller cake or something with a couple of false levels if you have a large number of guests and just want to extend your spending!

1. Don’t pick a cake unless you’ve decided on your overall wedding style:

One of those parts in your cake, and you want it to go in with the rest of the event. Your ceremony is made up of many different pieces that have been carefully selected to make history. We recommend that our couples plan their custom cake 3 to 6 months ahead of time.”

Additional pieces such as flowers, location, and stylish, usually form the basis of the stories. However, it helps to have a judgment on those specifics such as flowers, styling, and element make before selecting a cake design.

2. Don’t pick a flavor based on what other people like:

Your ceremony is about you and your partner, the love you share and share with your guests. Flavors, colors, and smells produce lasting impressions, bringing back memories and generating fresh ones. From buttercream to coconut, classic vanilla, strawberry jam, and lemon, however, there’s something for everyone.

3. Adjust the height of the cake to the available space:

As a result, when decorating your room, however, it’s critical to keep the size in mind. Your cake is more than simply food; it’s a work of art. If you’re having a party in a huge orangery or marquee, for example, a higher cake may be required to make an impact. However, you don’t always need more cake to do just that: your cake decorator can add powdered dummy layers to your cake to enhance height without affecting its beauty.

4. Make a financial plan:

Our suggestion is to have open and honest discussions with your cake decorator, However who will be able to guide you on what will work well for you. The design of your cake takes a great deal of expertise and effort, and some pieces can take 12-15 days (or even months) to complete.

5. Take a look at the cake’s coating:

It’s important to discuss how much you’d like the cake to be displayed in addition to the cake itself. What other items, however, such as cake stands, linens, flowers, etc. Would you want to see it included on the screen? Inquire with your cake decorator about arranging with your decorator, planner, and designer to see how everything will come together around the big day.

6. Make your cake the center of attention:

It’s crucial to think about the placement of your cake—you want it to be in the greatest spot for a consistent appearance on the big day, as well as the greatest natural light and backdrops for photographs. However, finding an accurate balance can be hard at times; discuss this with your team as you plan your event space.

7. Consider the Right Taste:

And the best thing is that you may taste a taste test to your heart’s content during this step; wonderful! The alternatives are unlimited, whether you want chocolate cake, mud cake, vanilla cake, poppy seed, orange cake, buttercream, white chocolate, and sticky date.

However, If you’re unsure what you like, set up a tasting with local bakers to determine how much you and your partner prefer. What’s more amazing is that cake flavors have progressed even further from the classic fruit cake that couples can now be as unique as they want with their flavors.

Final Verdict:

Choosing to have a wedding cake would be for most couples; however, the options for what style of cake to have canned are confusing! Although the wedding cake is a time-honored tradition, we have seen many distinct designs of cakes develop throughout the years.

There was a lot to consider when it came to the style, tiers, flavors, colors, and tops. As a result, we’ve selected some of our best advice to assist you in selecting the ideal wedding cake!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is an acceptable wedding cake price?

Couples often spend roughly $125 on their wedding cake on the lower end of the spectrum and upwards of $700—often above $1,000!—on the upper quality. According to Thumbtack, an online cake-making company that connects customers with local experts, the typical wedding cake in the United States costs roughly $350.

What is the most common flavor of a wedding cake?

Chocolate. Chocolate cake is a sweeter variation of vanilla cake that is popular at weddings. Buttercream, caramel, or raspberry are frequently used to complement the delicious dessert. Toce claims that chocolate cake with raspberry cream is one of their most popular desserts.

What is the most valuable way for me to determine the size of the wedding cake I should purchase?

When choosing the amount of cake to choose, consider the number of people who will be attending. Three layers will usually serve 50 to 100 people; for 200 people or more, you’ll possibly need five layers. If the celebration is in a large place with good ceilings, recommend introducing columns between both the tiers to elevate the cake’s height.

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