The way to the altar: 5 things you should consider

The path is just as important as the altar, it is the one that leads to it to make the exchange of wedding rings, so it is necessary that you know key details about its distribution and some ideas to decorate it. Weddings in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma can be fun – here is what you need to consider about your walk to the altar.

The altar is the structure in which the celebration takes place, regardless of whether it is a religious or civil one, it marks the north where you must be located. However, the path that leads to the altar also plays a fundamental role. You need to be clear about the wedding decoration ideas you have and, above all, the distribution of this space in outdoor weddings.

1.   Take space into account

The path to the altar of the churches is previously delimited since the distribution of the chairs is strategically located and respecting the structure of the enclosure. In this type of space, they should only deal with the decoration of the church for marriage.

The essential thing so that the way to the altar is not saturated is that the decorations are proportional to the area they have, for example, if it is a small chapel, decorations with floral arrangements for a wedding in vases or other types of medium containers It will be a success.

Remember that it will be the place where they should walk, therefore, if she opted for a wedding dress with sleeves, of great flow and long veil, it is necessary to leave enough space to move calmly, without fear of stumbling or that some decorative element falls on your outfit.

2.   The way to the outdoor wedding altar

Related to the previous point are the paths that are created in country marriages celebrated on haciendas, gardens or outdoors such as on the beach. In these cases, there will be no pre-established delimitation. Therefore, it will be necessary to create it. How? The calculation must be based on mobility, there must be a sufficient area for two people to pass at the same time, counting the decorations. Please note that this organization will be established by your wedding planner or the provider in charge of the celebration details.

3.   Distribution of chairs in proportion to the aisle

Comfort is essential, which is why, if the ceremony is performed outdoors, the distance between the path and the row of chairs should be at least 20 centimeters on each side, both on the left and on the right.

Following the protocol on who sits on the first benches (witnesses, godparents, mothers, fathers, brothers or the court) it is possible to decide which chairs will or will not have decorations. They are usually located intercalated.

4.   The lighting of the way to the altar

It is essential that: first, the objects they locate are not annoying to the guests or that they limit their movements; and two: if they use candles, candles or any other element that requires combustion, they are secured and at the correct distance so that when she passes with the simple wedding dress, there is no risk of them tipping over.

5.   Ideas for decorating the way to the altar

Whether you require inspiration in decoration for civil or religious marriage, the possibilities are multiple. For example, for an industrial-style celebration, they can delimit the path to the altar with metal containers and delicate flowers inside it.

Is your dream to create a romantic atmosphere? How about some small rectangular cushions on the floor with a bouquet pin on them? Or a corsage with eucalyptus will harmonize very well with wooden chairs. Similarly, a composition only of roses will meet that goal.

Before sending the wedding cards to friends and family or defining if they want a vintage wedding decoration, it is necessary that together with your wedding planner or between the two of you think how they will distribute the space and where they will sit them.


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