The Best LGBTQ Wedding Ideas To Make Your Ceremony Stand Out!

LGBTQ couples across the US wants to make their wedding ceremonies memorable for themselves and their friends and families who support and love them. You might have plenty of ideas in your head for the ultimate dream wedding, but bringing your dream wedding to life takes hard work and effort. There will be times when you will feel like you’re out of ideas and a simple decision like picking a wedding officiant in Oklahoma might seem like an impossible decision. If you are out of ideas, don’t fret because in this post we are sharing the best wedding ideas to make your big day truly special.

LGBTQ Weddings

Choose Rainbow Centerpieces

Let’s begin with the most obvious choice and pick rainbow centerpieces for your LGBTQ wedding. Use colorful fresh flowers arranged in tiny dishes will bring your wedding décor to life with vibrant colors. Once you are done with finalizing the centerpieces, call up a respectable wedding officiant OKC for your wedding.

There is No Such Thing as Too Much Glitter!

It might sound a bit cliché but glitter is one thing that will never cease to be a trendy wedding idea. Ask your friends and family members to make glitter vases for your big day! Do-it-Yourself glitter vases are a perfect idea for a wedding on a budget. A quick YouTube search will help you find interesting and easy to follow glitter vase ideas for your big day.


Non-Traditional Seating

Most regular wedding seating arrange is based on ‘sides’. The groom and the bride’s family and friends are seating according to the plan. But on your big day, bend the traditions by allowing a mixed seating with no ‘sides’. Your wedding officiant in Oklahoma City will appreciate the gesture as well. You can put a sign at the entrance letting your wedding guests know that there are no sides here. Everyone is a part of this one big family who has come together to bless the couple on the biggest day of their lives.

Unique Cake Toppers

In the rush to get everything done, including finding a wedding officiant to solemnize your wedding, there’s a chance that you might overlook the nitty gritty details like cake toppers. Your wedding is unlike any other so it’s only fair to choose a unique cake topper that’s LGBTQ friendly! There are plenty of options to choose from, ask your cake designer to add gender neutral cake toppers like cute animals, flowers or even robots.


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