Strategies to grow as a wedding officiant

Advertising a business is a crucial step in starting up a business. Being a wedding officiant, it is really important as it will help you in expanding your business. To grow and become a renowned wedding officiant, it is essential to hold some strong strategies. These strategies will lead you on the path to success. We have discussed these strategies for you to grow as a wedding officiant.

  • Make communications:

The most important way is to develop communication skills. Having a big name in the wedding industry can be a great option for you to extend your business. This can be done by interacting with trained people, at least they should know a little about you. Once you convince the vendors, they will provide opportunities by recommending you to their clients. Try to speak with everyone from DJs, cooks, to photographers and venue managers. They can be your best marketers in finding you new jobs.


  • Create online profiles as a wedding officiant:

There are many online platforms where you can sell your services to couples and wedding planners by making an advertising profile. It will help the audience to know about your services and background. We have picked some websites based on their high traffic which they have received from their audience. You can register on these websites by adding your contact details, some points about yourself, and what services will you provide to the audience as a wedding officiant.


Facebook is one of those forums where the amount of audience is huge. You can create your page and link that to your profile. A Facebook page gives you the chance to actively promote your services. You’ll be able to speak to the target audience and share stories and photographs of the weddings you have done previously.


Wedding Bee is another platform where you can promote your business. You can advertise yourself by commenting on blogs that couples posted about their weddings.


  • Make a website:

Creating your website will represent you as a professional wedding officiant. You can directly share your portfolio with a client that will display all about yourself and your services. You can either hire a web developer who can help you in creating your website or you can invest some money in buying a domain. This investment can be worthwhile as it will help you to advertise your business.

  • Advertise via newspaper:

As the wedding season begins, publish your ad in the newspaper. Usually, at the beginning of the spring season when couples are planning their wedding ceremonies that will be the ideal time to put out your ad. There are high chances that a couple might look for your services.


  • Give Out Business Card

A business card is a must-have if you are interested in promoting your business. Keep a wedding officiant card with yourself every time you attend a wedding and get a chance to converse with guests or vendors. A business card leaves an over lasting impression on the client and represents you as a professional wedding officiant.

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