At the beginning of every wedding planning in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, there is the question: How big should you celebrate? Who is invited Where do you start and where do you end? With the size of the wedding, the costs, the planning effort and thus also the stress clearly increase. But it is not only that. There are many reasons to celebrate the big day only with the closest of hearts. Here are our thoughts:

Small but powerful

The most important argument for a small wedding is quite simply the wedding planning itself. While some of them are fully involved in their role as wedding planners and think they have missed their dream job, for others the time of wedding preparation is pure stress. Fewer guests mean less planning effort. However, there are more reasons for a small but fine wedding celebration:

Lower cost and planning effort

Well, it doesn’t need to be explained in a big way. Logically, a smaller number of guests reduces the effort involved in preparing the wedding – from food and decoration to the guest gifts. And the costs first: If you expect the catering of the guests to cost around $100 per person – which is common – you save a lot at a celebration with 20 or 30 people. This leaves more honeymoon money.

More choice at the locations

Of course, larger wedding locations require a certain number of guests to book them exclusively for a whole day. However, it is mostly a question of space and at many locations it is already over with around 75 people. An open-air wedding in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is also easier to implement because the bad weather alternative can be organized more quickly. A festive party tent for 30 people is easier to obtain than one where 120 guests should fit in.

More time for details

If the preparation effort is less, you can also spend more time and, if necessary, money for details per guest – for example, for DIY place cards, lovingly selected party favors, unusual table decorations or even home-baked goods for the sweet table

More intimacy

Whoever celebrates only with the closest confidants not only saves money, but also gains a certain intimacy. Anyone who has ever been to a big wedding knows that the bride and groom with 100 guests do not have the time to have a long conversation with everyone. One even struggles to greet each guest properly. Now there is no such problem at a small wedding. You have time for extensive, familiar conversations and you can let your feelings (or tears) run free. Any fear of emotionality can be removed, since only people with whom you have a close relationship are present anyway.

More time for yourself

With a large number of guests, the wedding day is often already “stuffed” with congratulations, wedding games and other wedding customs. By the time you have finished the whole program and all the guests, it is suddenly 2 in the morning. At an intimate celebration you can take your time, sit back and enjoy the day better.

No forced invitations

At many weddings there are guests who have very little contact with the bride and groom and who are “forced” to be invited – because that’s the way it should be. But if you make it clear from the start that it should be a small wedding, you are not under so much pressure when creating your guest list. You only invite the closest family and best friends. Nobody is offended and you don’t need to have a guilty conscience.

It’s easier to get married abroad

If you’ve always dreamed of a beach wedding, it’s easier to do with a small wedding party. In addition, it is more likely to be expected of the narrowest circle, to travel to another country especially for your wedding, and to bear the costs for the journey and the hotel.

We hope that our considerations will help you decide on a small or big wedding planning in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

No matter what you choose, always consider what is really important for YOU – your love should be the focus!


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