Can A Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma Say the Vows with a Cat?

Say the Vows with a Cat

Are you wondering if a wedding officiant in Oklahoma might not want to say your vows with a cat? Let’s shed light on the probability of a marriage officiant in OKC not wanting to officiate your nuptials in the presence of a cat.

You may be a cat owner who cannot even bear the thought of getting married without your beloved furry member in tow. After all, isn’t one’s wedding the most important event in life? It sure is and every person loves to have all their nearest and dearest ones in attendance.

So what happens if one or two of your near and dear ones has lots of fur, is four-legged and cuter than any other guest at the wedding? While many adore animals more than humans in this world, there are also some who don’t get along too well with pet, especially a cat.

Those some could also include your wedding minister in Oklahoma, who could have a variety of reasons for not wanting to say your vows in the presence of your cat. But then there can also be officiants who might squeal with delight at the prospect of adorable feline members gracing the ceremony.

Let’s talk about this more in details in below.

Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City and a Cat in Attendance

Do you love your cats endlessly and want it to be a part of your special celebration? Surely the majority reading this article will share your sentiments, for there is hardly a cuter sight than a cat playing maid of honor or best man at a wedding.

But these days, another primary concern in addition to all the other stressful details of planning a wedding is whether a wedding minister in Oklahoma is comfortable with cats. Would he/she mind presiding over your vows with your cats standing close by too?

Most officiants around the world, including the ones in Oklahoma would have absolutely no problem with your pet cats. But if you’re still concerned with misbehavior from your furry member, causing discomfort for the guests and the officiant and tons of other pet-troubles, then here’s what you can do.

1. Choose a Pet-Friendly Venue

For starters, you could make life easy by choosing a cat-friendly wedding venue. You see such facilities have arrangements to keep your pet happy and safe and also appear conveniently during the important parts of the wedding.

This is especially more convenient if you have a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City who does not wish to say your vows with your cat sitting close by. You could have your pet come with a volunteer family member or friend for a couple of pictures with you or while you’re cutting the cake. But when the officiant is doing his/her part, you could keep the cat away where the venue employees arrange for it.

More importantly, if your municipal codes do not allow the presence of pets while you serve food, you can ensure you face no restriction by choosing a pet-friendly venue.

2. Arrange for a Pet-Sitter

To make sure your cat doesn’t run haywire while the wedding officiant in OKC is presiding over your ceremony, arrange for a pet-sitter. It will keep your furry baby behaves well, stays calm and happy and also well-fed throughout the long event.

This way your wedding minister will also not have any trouble saying your vows if your pet behaves really well. Even the most passionate cat-loving officiant will not be too happy if an unruly cat spoils the sanctity of the moments with its theatrics.

3. Be Flexible and Make Your Wedding Minister in OKC Spontaneous too!

Cats are unpredictable creatures, just like most pets are but isn’t that the beauty of the beings? Part of the reason why we adore cats so much is because of their unpredictable theatrics and cuteness that brighten up our days.

Perhaps this is the aspect that you need to most cling to and be ready for when making your cat a part of your wedding. In fact, it is a better idea to tell your wedding officiant in Oklahoma City too to prepare for the chaos because your cat will be there no matter what.

Let the officiant, regardless of whether they’re just pet friends or season pet pros themselves, have time to prepare a cat-inclusive ceremony.

4. Make a Special Note of Your Cat’s Behavior

Fact is if your cat does not respond to your calls obediently at home, it will not do so at your wedding party either. Hence, you either be realistic about the expected behavior of your cat member at your wedding and be open minded about it or simply keep it at home safely.

If you know very well that your kitty is comfortable with crowds, is the least sociable being and generally frantic, then better to let it stay home. But if you know your cat adores people and will charm the socks off all your guests and the officiant, then make it a part of your big day.

Final Thoughts

A wedding is the most important in a person’s life and no one can perceive leaving their beloved ones out of it. If the beloved one happens to be a cat, as is quite common these days, it deserves to be a part of your big day.

You can make special arrangements beforehand to ensure your wedding officiant in Oklahoma City is comfortable presiding over your ceremony with your cat close by. This way neither the wedding minister in OKC will get a shock when they see your furry maid of honor or best man nor will anyone feel uncomfortable with a little chaos.

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