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Hello, and  Welcome back to our YouTube channel today.  Being here, we know that you love love and weddings, which we try to keep you informed about. I’m Makayla, a wedding officiant. Today, gay and lesbian marriage officiants share the ten funniest same-sex wedding ceremonies at the Will Rogers Gardens. So, don’t touch the dial; sit tight and enjoy. Don’t forget that to get the services of a professional wedding officiant, you can reach out to us at (405) 696-6450.

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Introduction to the video 

We love weddings because it is a celebration of love between couples, and it is beautiful to see two people pledging forever to each other. The Will Rogers Gardens, located in Oklahoma City, has been a popular venue for such wedding ceremonies due to its beautiful surroundings and serene atmosphere. Over the years, there have been several memorable and funny same-sex wedding ceremonies held at the gardens that have brought laughter and happiness to all in attendance. So, here are some of them.”

1 The Surprise Flash Mob Wedding: 

At Same-sex weddings, we have seen some funny moments that are worthy of being recounted. 

One couple surprised their guests by starting their ceremony as a traditional wedding before breaking into a choreographed flash mob dance with their wedding train.”

2 The Pet Ring Bearer

One of the funniest wedding moments we have seen is the couple’s pet being the ring bearer. In this scenario at the Wills Rogers Garden, a couple opted to have their cherished pet dog act as the ring bearer, furnishing him with a miniature tuxedo and a ring pillow fastened to his collar. It was just so beautiful to see.”

3 The Comedy Roast Vows

Gays and lesbian wedding officiants have officiated several Will Rogers Gardens weddings, and one that stands out is the comedy roast vows.

Throughout the ceremony, guests were amused by the couple’s series of comedic and inside joke-filled vows. It was one of the best joyful wedding memories that we have seen repeated over time.”

4 The Drag Queen Officiant

At humorous wedding ceremonies, it is not just the couples or guests that contribute to the wedding laughter; sometimes, the marriage officiant contributes.  Adding flair and flamboyance to the proceedings, a drag queen officiated at the wedding of one couple. The officiant was flamboyantly dressed and, during officiating, contributed some same-sex marriage jokes that still make us chuckle to this day.”

5 The Dance-Off Reception

Besides attending a wedding ceremony at Wills Rogers Gardens, you have probably seen wedding comedy being displayed at the Wedding reception, where people engage in a dance-off. Gay and lesbian wedding officiants shared that to the merriment of all those in attendance, one couple began their reception with a dance-off between the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

6 The Movie Parody entry

One of the most beautiful things about LGBTQ+ ceremonies is how you can see the love and uniqueness displayed during the LGBTQ+ celebration of the couple’s love. As a couple made their big entry, they imitated a well-known movie sequence, which had the attendees laughing out loud.

7 The DIY Photo Booth

Gay and lesbian marriage officiants share that one thing they have seen couples incorporate into their wedding ceremonies is a DIY photo booth. At one wedding,  during the reception, guests could take amusing pictures in a homemade photo booth complete with costumes and props.”

8 Surprise artistic display

A couple was surprised by friends who performed musical serenades in place of customary toasts, showing their talents and making many people giggle uncontrollably.

9 The Cake Smash Finale

One of the unexpected things we have seen is when a couple decided to have a fun cake smash moment that had everyone laughing and cheering instead of carefully cutting their wedding cake. This was a total deviation from the norm

10 The Silly First Dance

One couple’s choreographed first dance began slowly and romantically before veering into a humorous one. It was unexpected and beautiful to watch. You can Infuse this into your wedding ceremony.


These funny moments at these same-sex wedding ceremonies and transgender wedding ceremonies as highlighted by gay and lesbian wedding ministers in Oklahoma City show that your big day should be fun and a complete celebration of the love and bond shared by couples. So, if you are considering a wedding ceremony at an ideal location in Oklahoma City you should choose Myriad Botanical Gardens and create unforgettable memories. At Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, we are interested in your big day turning out great and memorable. So, to get the services of a professional wedding officiant with a proven track record, reach out to us at and; you can also call or text us at (405) 696-6450. 

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