How Can You Find Out the Right Ring Size? Brief Guide

Even if you’re looking for your diamond ring or arranging a marriage proposal, obtaining the ring size correct is critical to ensuring long-term happiness. It’s advisable to schedule a meeting with a professional to get your fingers examined to ensure you get as many precise ring sizes.

But, unless you’re arranging anything unique for your companion, that is not always doable or desirable. These professionals have compiled their finest advice and responses towards the most frequently asked concerns to assist you in choosing the optimum method for determining the correct ring size for your companion or yourselves!

We’ll go over the common ring sizes for male and female workers of diamond rings and wedding bands and also the highly accurate approach our advisors use to approximate the ring sizes of individuals they can’t possibly know. Depending on the nation, the standard ring length for diamond jewelry and engagement rings varies. The ring sizing of a person is usually determined by her clothing size, height, and, naturally, how they will be constructed.

Typical ring sizes in the United Kingdom

What is the normal size of a woman’s ring? In the United Kingdom, the median wedding ring size is M. The median wedding ring size for girls is M as well since they are placed along with the same fingers. What is the normal size of a man’s ring? The typical traditional male ring size in the UK is T, which is seven sizes greater than the normal women having wedding bands.

The typical traditional male ring size in the United Kingdom varies from the typical women’s ring size, owing to the evidence that women vary in age and height. However, people are also all different body types, and our ring size distributions are no exception. There is no foolproof way to forecast a ring size, but knowing the median ring size in the UK can assist you in figuring out how you (or your prospective spouse) fit in.

Rings are worn on which finger?

Marriage and engagement rings are carried on the right hand’s ‘ring finger,’ which is the finger beside the thumb. Outside of any of this practice for engagements and marriage bands, diamonds can be maintained on any fingers, and maybe some couples choose to just change your diamond ring to their pointer finger after their married day, retaining their single diamond ring on the leave.


What if I do not even use most of my spouse’s wedding ring?


Some people are incapable of knowing their ring size, much less even their spouse’s. Whenever it comes to marketing a surprising diamond ring for her beloved one, it’s important to get advice from professionals in the field. Our advisors at Queen Smith have a flair for determining the ring sizes of persons they’ve never touched – but it’s not all guesswork.

But do not be surprised when one of your specialists asks about your spouse’s stature and clothing size; the association between length and clothing size is generally a good predictor of their wedding ring size! If you’ve had a picture of your spouse with their hands in open sight, it can also help our advisers in getting right ring size.


While these tried-and-true procedures usually yield accurate answers, it’s not unknown for a proposal to require their diamond ring repaired after the big day. It’s doubtful that the ring would need to be altered significantly.

What if I miscalculate the ring size?

When your Queen Smith ring isn’t just perfect for you or your companion, we’ll repair it for free. We’ll bring yourself and your future spouse inside the store after the special moment because proposing is frequently a shocker. And we’ll take accurate ring measurements plus modify the plan to achieve a flawless fit.

How can I tell if my ring is the proper size?

When passing over the knuckles, our rings could perhaps easily go onto your fingers with some pressure. It didn’t fall off from this method. Make sure it’s snug enough because the band will not turn by itself.

Is it possible to ruin a ring by resizing it?

No, but then you should only adjust your ring a certain number of times. If at all practicable, limit the number of resizes to three over the lifespan of the band. When a ring is sized any further, it is becoming thinner and much less robust to endure everyday wear and tear. Seek professional advice before resizing an ancient ring to verify that the ring is big enough to overcome the changes.

What should I do if my ring’s size is correct yet it bends around?

In some cases, adjusting your ring is not the greatest solution, and in other cases, installing something we call “lane dividers” may suffice. All those little adjustments (from the inside of the ring bands) can assist produce a somewhat more perfect experience and prevent his ring from twisting.

Quick hints for determining your ring size

  • Having your band size evaluated by a respectable goldsmith if at all feasible; they’ll most likely have you try on a few numbers of respondents to determine what is best suited, that will use a professional measurement stick. This support is delivered completely for free; please schedule an arrangement to view our showrooms.
  • Once you’re hot, your fingers expand because when you’re cold, they shrink.
  • Determine whether the dimension is ‘forerunner’ or ‘central’ – at Queen Smith, we like to use the ‘guiding edge’ size and design our rings appropriately, even if you are very warm or cold.
  • Try not to stress very much over the ring size; we’ll be happy to give anyone the finest advice on your or your spouse’s ring size. We make diamond ring size predictions together at all times!
  • And then, if we just do not get it right the first time, we’ll readjust any ring for nothing.

4 Ingenious Techniques to Determine Ring Size before Informing Your Partner

Among the most effective methods for determining your spouse’s ring size is to inquire of another one of their friends. If the companion is unsure, he or she could be the one to inquire (nonchalantly).

Take this a step further and ask your family to take your girlfriend’s ring buying “for enjoyment.” In a certain approach, your spouse will be carefully measured and might give him an indication about their preferred patterns!

1. Geta Ring

Some other option is to take per day and take one of his spouse’s rings. This strategy should be used with caution since it has the potential to explode. Ensure you borrowed a ring that seems to be close in size with yours, and therefore they probably won’t even notice it is lacking.

2. Leave Your Mark

Instead of being afraid about missing one of his spouse’s rings, try this approach. One among their rings should be placed on a sheet of paper. From the inside and outside the ring, start drawing. Make sure that ring tracing is continuous and therefore can represent the appropriate ring size by doing this process more than once. Using your drawing, a Brilliant Earth Jewelry

Professionals can start figuring out the internal diameter measurements! Utilize our ring length comparison guide for further precision while sketching!

3. Enlist the Help of an Engaged Friend

If both you and your spouse are enjoying hours with a married person, request that a married member would just let your spouse try on their diamond ring in secrecy. This one will place you in a general size category to begin with.

Users can also take something as an occasion to inform their spouse (in private) whatever they considered of their mate’s diamond ring to try and figure out what sort of ring their spouse might prefer.

4. Fingers are compared

This technique is somewhat less precise, but if you’re urgent, give it a shot! Check to determine if your spouse’s ring finger is the same size as yours when you’re grasping their finger. Their left ring finger, for instance, could be the same size as their thumb.

This technique would not be as precise as the last one; however, the more measurements knowledge an expert jeweler has on their spouse’s wedding band, the greater!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much would resize a ring cost?

Because a part of our lifelong package of care, all customers that purchased their diamond in concern with Queen Smith enjoy free ring adjustment.

Is it possible to change the size of a ring?

Rings can usually be sized forwards or backward by three sizes. Or anything and entire rings would have had to be reconstructed from the ground up.

How can I know whether I’m getting the proper ring size?

Take a little piece of rope and wind this around the top of her fingers softly. Measure the lengths of the thread with a thin strip or a highlighter as they take it back. When you want to go to choose another ring, bring it with you to the jeweler. Then, you’ll be close to the desired size.

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