10 Essential Questions to Ask from A Wedding Officiant

There are some questions that you can ask your officiant before on-boarding him or her. Here are those 10 essential questions to ask from a wedding officiant.

Your wedding is a very special day for you. It is a once-in-a-lifetime moment where you want to be at your best. Once you have chosen your partner, it is time for some special arrangements. In this regard, one essential factor is to choose a professional wedding officiant.

Therefore, you have to be careful while booking a wedding officiant Oklahoma City for your wedding day. A wedding minister or officiant is a professional who helps couples get married legally and eases down the whole marriage process.

Just like other aspects of your wedding, you should also have that good connection with your wedding officiant. As he or she will be leading your marriage ceremony in multiple ways. So, how to build that connection?

Well, there are some questions that you can ask your officiant before onboarding him or her. Here are those 10 essential questions to ask from a wedding officiant. Let us get started!

Interesting Fact: It’s a big plus that the majority of wedding officiants also perform wedding ceremonies of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community. So, for these professionals, such marriage ceremonies are not a big deal.

Top 10 Essential Questions

1: How Many Wedding Ceremonies Have You Performed?

Probably the most important aspect to look for before finalizing your wedding officiant OKC is to know whether he is experienced or not.

Ask your marriage officiant, since when is he performing wedding ceremonies? As you do not want any not-so-experienced officiant to lead your wedding ceremonies.

If a wedding minister or officiant is performing wedding ceremonies for some good years, it means he is competent enough to handle your marriage paperwork and other such formalities.

Most of the experienced officiants prepare such documents in advance so that the couple can focus on other important aspects of their special day. An experienced wedding officiant will coordinate with you for all the legal paperwork required for your wedding.

In this regard, it is better to avoid less experienced marriage officiants. They may not be the right pick for your wedding ceremony.

2: Can You Show Us Some Photos and Videos of The Wedding You Have Performed?

The picture is the medium that tells the actual story of any wedding ceremony. Therefore, before choosing your marriage officiant, it is recommended to request some photos and videos (if possible) of the weddings your chosen officiant has covered.

Now, through photos, you will get an idea of the type of wedding ceremony. Further, you can judge how that particular officiant helped the couple get married legally. So, it is best to have a look at some of the photos of the ceremonies a specific marriage minister Oklahoma City has performed.

3: Do You Have an Online Presence?

Nowadays, almost every second business has a solid online presence. So, while booking a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City. You should also search him on the web. But, first, find out whether he has an online presence.

If he has, get to know about his services, availability, and client’s feedback. With this approach, you will get answers of most of your questions related to wedding minister Oklahoma City services.

Here you should pay attention to the feedback given by his clients. Then, you can safely choose him as your wedding officiant if it is mostly good.

4: Are You Comfortable with the Customized Wedding Ceremonies?

Customized wedding ceremonies have become a new norm now. So, you want your wedding ceremony officiant to be okay with your customized wedding ceremony. But, unfortunately, most of the officiants follow strict religious traits.

So, some may not be comfortable with what you have arranged for your special day. Therefore, you should ask your wedding ceremony officiant whether he is comfortable with your wedding theme to avoid any inconvenience.

If he is, that’s a big deal. As you will be enjoying every bit and piece of your special day.

5: Can You Assist Us in Getting Our Marriage License?

It will be a huge plus if your wedding minister assists you in obtaining your marriage license. In reality, not all officiants would be comfortable for assistance in this regard. However, if you ask them beforehand, you may get their help.

Anyhow, it totally depends on your how well you deal with your chosen officiant. But it is an essential question to ask for sure.

6: What About Your Availability on Our Wedding Date?

In the race of booking a professional wedding officiant, many people forget to ask the most basic question. Are you available on our wedding date? This is important as officiants are professionals. So, they have already taken bookings of several wedding ceremonies.

Therefore, if you want them to be at your wedding, it is best to ask them for their availability. For instance, if any officiant is not available on your wedding date, you can get in touch with another one. So, it saves your time.

7: If the Ceremony Gets Late, Are You Okay with That?

If you have planned a customized wedding ceremony, you cannot overlook the importance of this question. This is because some things can get delayed on your wedding day.

So, to avoid that, you should ensure that your chosen wedding officiant is fine even when the ceremony starts or ends late.

So, confirming such information beforehand would make things easier for you to manage.

8: If You Get Late, Do You Have a Backup?

As wedding officiants are also human. So, they can also get sick or get late because of some traffic problem. Therefore, it is perfectly fine for an officiant to get late for such reasons.

However, he has to ensure that someone else from his side reaches on time for the same job if he does not reach.

So, you should ask your wedding minister Oklahoma City, whether he has some backup. In case, he does not have any backup for such situations, it is better to consider another professional wedding officiant.

9: Are Any Rehearsals Offered?

Professional Wedding ministers are least bothered with wedding rehearsals. So, you would have to ask an officiant to be part of your wedding rehearsals. If he is willing, that’s good news for you. Your wedding rehearsal is going to be a super fun activity.

On the other hand, some officiants may not agree to any rehearsal or such activity. So, again, you will have to look for another professional officiant.

10: What About the Fee?

It is quite obvious; you will have to pay some fee to a professional wedding officiant for performing your wedding ceremony. Now, how much will he charge depends on several factors? For instance, his experience and your ceremony venue can be the negotiating factors in this regard.

Anyhow, you can negotiate a good deal with a professional wedding officiant given that he is experienced and meets your expectations.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know which questions to ask a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City before hiring. See, a few aspects in this regard can make or break your day. You just have to be focus on those areas. That’s pretty much it!

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