Wedding Photography: How To Propose To Your Best Friend

Oh, love is such a beautiful thing. It gets even better when you fall head over heels in love with your favorite person in the whole world. Not everyone gets the chance to walk their best friend down the aisle. Special moments like this are what we love to capture with terrific wedding photography. Before we get into the picture-perfect moments, there is one step you have to take. It is time to propose, and yes, it is certainly not the easiest step.

Propose To Your Best FriendThere’s one thing many people do not get when it comes to proposals. The more you love the person, the harder it is to find the perfect way to propose. Yeah, that’s right! You want everything so perfect that you run out of options before you even begin. Well, proposing to your best friend does not have to be all that hard. It certainly is easier than planning the wedding or getting a perfect wedding minister like Dr. Makayla Saramosing.

However, several wrong steps could turn things around, and not in a good way.

We are all about love here at lifelong wedding ceremonies. That is why we are here to help you take that beautiful step. Before getting caught up with the butterflies in your tummy or what happens after the proposal, first live the moment. We are here to help you with excellent wedding photography alongside proposal ideas.

Here’s A List Of Things To Keep In Mind Before Proposing To Your Best Friend

Don’t Jump the Gun

Many people are worried about proposing, especially to someone they care about and value their relationship. So many things can go wrong with a best friend proposal. So, there’s a lot to think about before getting a wedding minister comes to mind. If you want to have a successful proposal, more than anything, you mustn’t jump the gun.

Best friend weddings make perfect wedding photography images and that is what we love to capture. First, it should be established that you both are already in a relationship with each other. You are on the same page where the relationship is concerned. Now, your best friend might hint at you about their plans at different times. Before proposing, you should know what stance your best friend has on the step you are about to take.

If they have at one point or the other hinted to you about not being ready for that level of commitment, it is best to get that off the table first before going ahead to propose. If not, you stand the chance of not just an epic failure but losing a wonderful relationship on two ends. At Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, we hope to prevent that from happening.

Be Yourself

One sure way anyone can ruin any relationship, no matter how long or how strong it is, would be by trying to be someone else for the person you love. Many people get carried away with saying the right things and doing the right things that they become someone else entirely without even realizing it. Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies is here to help with that.

When trying to propose to your best friend, remember first that they have spent most of their time with you and love you for who you are. When you want to take that giant step to finally propose, it is only natural to get a bit of cold feet even though you have known this person all your life. A proposal can shake your nerves just as much as standing in front of a wedding officiant to take that huge beautiful step. You get carried away with doing things right and end up forgetting why you are proposing in the first place.

To get the most out of the remaining five tips, you will need a lovely best friend proposal; you will first need to have the first one all figured out! Now that Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies has got you back to yourself let’s get right into the next thing.

Favorite Things

If you are looking for lovely proposal ideas for your best friend, I actively do not recommend browsing on google. While it is sweet, not everyone can boast of actually walking their best friend down the aisle before a wedding minister OKC to read your vows! This is someone you have done so many things with and been to so many places together. You know what they love and what they hate. You know what excites and intrigues them.

Instead of searching on the net and taking cues from celebrities, Here’s an advice from Dr Makayla Saramosing, a wedding officiant OKC. Why not take a page from your best friend’s memory book. While there are lovely proposal ideas you can get from the internet, it is a well-known fact that proposals that come with memories hit the most!

Your proposal should be just as memorable as your wedding, and maybe even more. You’re your partner something to remember when reading the vows as the wedding minister officiates your wedding. Don’t let the jitters of a perfect idea get to you. Look down to your most memorable moment together and you can either go a notch higher or recreate it.

Capture the Moment

Getting wedding photography and wedding videography services are cool, but what is even more incredible is capturing the moment that leads up to the wedding. Yeah, that’s right. You can spice up that proposal like the special moment by capturing the moment with good wedding photography. Let’s look at it this way; if you are taking the advice in tip number 2, the chances are that you plan to recreate a memorable moment you shared.

Now, if you have got that plan going and are ready to pop the big question, do not leave out the chances of capturing the moment right with wedding photography OKC when it happens. You and your best friends can never have too many happy moments, and you must make the most out of it in the best of these moments!

Final Thoughts

It happens pretty often that we get caught up in the euphoria of our feelings and desire to take things to the next level. We end up missing some steps and making some mistakes that we would never have on a regular day. Especially when you are very much head over heels in love with the person, that’s why Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies is here to ensure that you and your best friend get to that next level together with no hitches and ditches in the way.

With these helpful tips, you know just what to look out for when planning that proposal for your best friend. Looking for a wedding officiant Oklahoma City? Dr. Makayla Saramosing has you covered with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies.

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