Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies: Creative Proposal Ideas for LGBTQ+ Couples

Creative Proposal Ideas for LGBTQ

Yes, you have been together, and yes, you are very much in love, now, to take that step of forever, it’s time to propose with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies by your side! Often, we view wedding planning and honeymoon vacations in the light of high importance that we downplay just how fun and exciting a proposal can be! We want the wedding to be the bomb! The outfits are perfect! The need for perfect wedding photography and wedding videography. Finding the best gay wedding officiant and wedding minister for your wedding with fabulous scenery and the groundbreaking theme is also part of finding the wedding. You can’t wait to be well on your way to the dream wedding. We don’t know that a proposal can mean just as much and maybe even more than the wedding.

Creative Proposal Ideas for LGBTQOne of the best memories couples have of one another, together, is certainly not how good the marriage officiant was at the wedding. It is that moment they decided that “Yes!” A proposal is more than just one word; it is a real moment of your life where it is all about you and the one you love. It sets it print in memory lane, and it is time to make it count!

Leave the wedding and the honeymoon vacations to their time and make the most of your proposal to your special partner with these creative LGBTQIA+ proposal ideas from Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies.

What to Consider Before Proposing?

We all want to get right into the fun, lovey-dovey part, but there are some things we need to note and get out of the way first!


The first thing to consider when proposing to your partner is the location for two excellent reasons. The first one is that you usually propose in a good location with a good vibe and atmosphere. It adds extra flair to the special question.

You can also take into account your partner’s favorite place. It could be in a bar, movie theatre, art gallery, the park, or even a long drive. All of these places can help you streamline your options to pick the best location to make the magic happen.

Side tip: When choosing your location, a place where you shared a happy moment or a lovely memory is a great place to start. If you are still blank on ideas in terms of location, why not try where you went on your first date. It might sound cliché, but it does the trick to get those emotions flying.

Consider your safe zone

Another vital thing to consider where location is concerned is a “safe zone.”

Even with much awareness and enlightenment, there are still places in the world yet to accept gay couples and same-sex marriages. Proposing in such a location doesn’t stop your proposal directly, but it can dampen up the happy moment, and we certainly don’t want that. We have had couples move to different cities just for a proposal.

While the rest of the world might still be coming to terms with the fact that we can be who we want to be and love who we want to love, it doesn’t stop us from expressing our lovey dove side with a heartwarming proposal; especially if you stay reside in Oklahoma City. Rather than just wedding photography, OKC. Try bringing in some proposal photography to capture the moment.

Favorite things

While we will be bringing you creative, fun, and thoughtful proposal ideas to help you pop that question in grand style, you still need a bit of customization here and there. Including your partner’s favorite things or even favorite people is a thoughtful way to go!

Now that we have gotten these two factors that top our list let’s get right into the creative proposal part with all the “awws.”

Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies: Top 3 Creative Wedding Proposals

Some of these creative proposals are inspired by celebrity gay couples we all know and love.

Birthday Proposals

This proposal; idea is underrated and should top any wish list! What is better than spending your special day with your favorite person? Giving them a present that says “forever, with you.” That’s what a birthday proposal is, and partners usually never see this coming, making it even more fun and effective. What makes birthday proposals so exciting is not just how unpredictable it is but how creative you can get with them.

You can throw in a few fun activities you both do together and then really drop in the clues with the presents and memory throwbacks to show them how much they mean to you and how happy you are that they are with you. Here is where you throw in the extras with their favorite things, places, and people

If you still need a little bit of help, take a page out of Linda and her Wife, Aoife. Now that’s playing it well with the favorite things!

Play with the Band

Now here’s a good one that has just not been used enough! Plan it out with the band. If your partner is an absolute rockstar or lover of music, then to pop that question, you might need to bring their favorite thing to them. Either at the bar, club, or wherever they love to listen to music, you can make use of either very well. The best part is bands and artists love to help out with a good proposal.

The first tip: Make it a dinner- so all of their attention isn’t on the rest of the day but the current moment. Another reason to make it a dinner date is that dinner dates are romantic. Now imagine a wonderful time, with music playing in the background, and then their favorite song comes up. You get the” that’s my jam” look. The second tip is to play it cool and act surprised… works every time.

Don’t pop the question just yet; hold on a little more, lovebird. Here’s where you let your partner know that the night is all about them by having the band usher in the proposal for you. In the midst of all, the beautiful moment is where you pop it, and depending on how well you know your partner and customize this proposal idea to suit them, the better the pop!

Christmas Spirit

Here is a proposal idea inspired by Whitney and Immy, bringing in the Christmas spirit! Let your special one know they are topping Santa’s list of what you want for Christmas with a lovely, jolly Christmas proposal. Bringing the season of gifts and love sounds a lot more like a perfect proposal than ever before. There are so many places and so many moments to pop the question. Having a ring in their gift box or a note saying “will you marry me” as the first thing they see Christmas morning is fascinating and romantic at the same time

Go Big or Go Home with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies

There you have it! Top three favorite wedding proposals you can borrow and customize for your proposal. These here are all template proposal ideas. What sets yours apart is how much thought you put into it and how well you know your soon-to-be. Think less about having perfect pictures at the wedding and more about making perfect memories and moments with the proposal. It’s either you go big, or you go home!

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