5 exciting ways to Personalize your wedding ceremony in OKC with a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City

Personalize your wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are usually one of the happiest days, and every couple always looks forward to making the memories a long-lasting one. One of the best ways to make your wedding memorable for you is by personalizing it to your taste and likeness, making it feels like you, with your unique touches.

To achieve this personalized touch at your wedding, you need to work closely with your wedding officiant/minister. Most wedding officiant OKC are always willing to know the couples, meet with them more times, and plan how the wedding should go.

Dr Makayla Saramosing Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies is an example of a wedding officiant agency Oklahoma that provides couples with a listening and professional marriage officiant Oklahoma. With the full cooperation of your marriage officiant, personalizing your wedding will be seamless.

There are lots of ways you can personalize your wedding with your wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, and we look into them below.

5 Unique Ways to Personalize Your Wedding in OKC

When personalizing your wedding with your wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, there are various options to consider. You may find these five ideas appealing depending on you and your future spouse. They include:

You can tweak the traditional instrumentals for processionals and recessionals. Opt for soft, slow songs from your favorite artists that soothes the mood and occasion. You can also line up a playlist for every interlude during the ceremony proceedings.

For this to come out beautifully, you need to keep your wedding officiant in OKC and other involved parties (DJs, live band, etc.) abreast of your plans.

  • Personalize Sitting Arrangement

    This is another unique part of your wedding you can tweak to your taste.

Besides the conventional sitting pattern of choosing sides, you can have your event decorator arrange your seats creatively to form a unique shape and have your wedding officiant in Oklahoma inform the guest that its an open seating setting.

Open seating allows people to mingle with one another, meet new people, and foster the bond between families. It’s a unique invention that’s far more exciting than having the two families sit separately.

  • Share Clips and Photos

    You can inform your wedding minister OKC about your intentions to have a section whereby you share a picture or video story of your love journey with your spouse.

This allows most guests to share in your love stories with your spouse and give them a summary of your history together. Goofy pictures, childhood pictures, first date pictures, unaware videos, etc., can all make the clip.

Ensure you employ the service of a good wedding photographer OKC and wedding videographer OKC to ensure you get desired results when displaying.

  • Include Your Pet

    Pets are an essential part of the family, especially cats and dogs. Including them in your ceremony is unique and will surely make your wedding stand out for you alone.

Having your furry companion dressed gorgeously and making way down the aisle may be the highlight of your event. It may be one of the most loved wedding photography ever if your wedding photographer Oklahoma gets the best shots of such moments from breathtaking angles.

Carrying your wedding minister Oklahoma along on this plan is essential to make it happen. Also, it’s paramount to check in with your venue if it is allowed.

  • Personalize the Programs

    While you must give your wedding Munster in Oklahoma City the liberty to perform her duties, you can also express your desires while planning the programs together.

Beyond the conventional order of programs and guest lists, you can include other things you deem fit. This could be an appreciation address to guests, a tribute to loved ones, a poetry rendition for your spouse, etc.

Personalizing your program makes it feel like you own your event and eliminates the feelings of being a guest at your wedding ceremony.

While there are many wedding personalizing ideas to choose from, certain factors need to be considered before proceeding. These factors are:

  • Spouse’s Agreement

    It’s one thing for a bride/groom to want something; it’s another for both to agree on it.

It’s essential that whatever personalization you want to add to your wedding with your marriage officiant sits well with your other half.

This prevents any possible discrepancies at the wedding ceremony and improves the bond between the couple.

  • Marriage Officiant’s Cooperation

    Level of cooperation should be of utmost concern to you when choosing a marriage officiant Oklahoma to help you officiate your wedding.

This is why most people sometimes opt for close friends or family to be the wedding minister.

Ensure you have a good rapport and working relationship with your wedding officiant in Oklahoma to achieve your desired outcome.

Family Tradition

Certain traditions may not align with your idea of personalization, which might cause you to drop it.

Hence, it’s essential to consider your family’s traditions and spouse’s before implementing an idea during the wedding proceedings.

  • Venue Regulations

    You may find out sometimes that your chosen venue can’t permit you to implement some of your personalized ideas, which can be frustrating when you consider that you paid to get the venue.

Thus, always check with your venue to ascertain whether or not you’re permitted to do certain things.


Creating lasting memories for your wedding ceremony goes beyond wedding videography or photography.

The best way to make your wedding memorable is to personalize it, add your touch, and let your presence be felt in every part of the wedding.

You can implement any of the ideas above to achieve this or come up with the unique plan you’ve been dreaming to bring to reality for long.

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