How You Can Pear Cut Engagement Rings? – Brief Guide

Want To Ditch The Rings Alternatives to Consider

Do you look for a perfect wedding ring for your partner? But it can be hard to select the best ring for her because nowadays, various types of engagement ring cuts are available in the market.

As the name indicates, a pear-cut diamond or pear-shaped ring has a diamond stone cut into a distinctive pear shape. Pear cut diamond is also known as “teardrop” diamond because of its resemblance with a teardrop. A pear-shaped ring is a beautiful blend of both round-cut diamond and marquise diamond shapes. Beautifully featuring one pointed end and a round end on the other side gives a unique look to your diamond ring. Its beautiful shape effortlessly captures the attention of admirers.

Size of The Pear Diamond Cut:

There are some variations in pear cut shape that you must consider while selecting the ring for your partner. For example, if you don’t pay attention to different variations, there are chances that you end up selecting the wrong shape diamond for your proposal.

1. Wide Pear Cut Diamond:

In the pear cut diamond shape, the pear appeared too curvy due to the off-balance of the ratio with the pear cut. In this shape, the sides that come towards the pointed end may become an unattractive wide shape rather than a sleek, crisper slope.

2. Flat Back Cut Diamond:

In a pear cut, the stone is a round semicircle, but in a flat back cut, the diamond has a Flat-back. It can lead to uneven shapes and incorrect curves. A Flat-back cut gives an overall triangular look rather than a pear shape.

3. Bow Tie Cut Diamond:

In this variation, the pear shape has a bow tie pattern, running across the darkest part of the diamond (wide area). It is named bow tie cut because its pattern resembles the shape of a bow tie.

Another important component in the sculpting of pear cut diamond shape is its length to width ratio. If there is a slight imbalance in the ratio, it can make the stone look stretched out, giving it a round shape, and if the length outweighs the weight, the diamond may appear too long.

You should always buy your pear-shaped diamond from an established professional jeweler to avoid any such problem.

What Are the Benefits of Pear Shaped Diamond Ring?

  • Deceptive Look: The round semicircle shape combined with a pointed look gives it a unique look. It makes it appear larger than its usual length. Pear shape means increased sparkle and larger magnitude.
  • Unique Design: Pear-shaped diamond is a perfect choice for those people that are looking for something different and unique. Sometimes, it suits the hands of the wearer in a great way. Pear-shaped diamond also gives an elongated look to hands and fingers.
  • Economical Rates: The deceptive look of the pear-shaped diamond also helps with its cost. A pear-shaped diamond gives a maximized visual look while having low weight. You can get a large-shaped diamond in fewer carats, which means it costs less.

The Best Way to Wear a Pear Shaped Diamond:

Technically, there is no specific way to wear a pear-shaped diamond ring. You can wear it the way that you like most. The most common way to wear a pear-shaped ring is with the tip of the spear pointed towards the tips of the fingers and the pear sitting right side up. In this way, it also looks like a falling teardrop when you look down at your hand. The best thing about wearing a pear-shaped diamond in this way is it also helps to elongate your fingers that make your hands and fingers look longer.

The Thing to Consider While Buying a Pear Shape Ring:

Quality of Pear Cut Diamond:

Just like oval-shaped diamonds, a pear-shaped diamond can also have “bow-tie” or a darker loss of light in the center of the diamond, “Ashely Zhang, an expert jewelry designer, says. “In a well-cut pear-shaped diamond, the bow-tie should be minimal, and the stone should have similar and even symmetry. It means not too wide and stubby and not too long and skinny”.

The Setting of Pear Cut Diamond:

Grace Lee, a famous jewelry designer, says that “Traditionally, a pear-cut diamond has been set in a north-south or east-west direction.” She personally prefers to put pear-shaped diamonds at an off-angle in both prongs and bezel settings.

Best Metal for Pear Cut Shape:

Pear-shaped diamonds tend to show more colors than other diamond shapes. Ashely Zhang says, “All metals go well with a pear-shaped diamond.” Yellow or rose gold is best if you want your diamond to appear to be very bright. You can also select an H color (nearly colorless).

Tips for the Care of Pear-Shaped Diamond Rings:

Many people are worried about how to take care of and clean their diamonds. People want to know a safe and effective way to clean their diamonds at home. Jewelry experts recommend the use of a soft baby toothbrush and a natural mixture of apple cider vinegar and baking soda to clean your diamond in a safe and gentle manner.

Pear cut diamonds are more susceptible to chipping and breaking, so it is very important to handle your diamond ring with great care. Zimmerman recommends removing your pear-shaped diamond ring while exercising or being active. She says, “the pointed end of a pear-shaped cut that makes it beautiful can also be the first thing that affects when some force hits the diamond.”

The care of diamonds also includes regularly checking the stone security to ensure it fits well. Overtime prongs become loose with wearing. Regular security checks ensure that they are safe and fitted well at their place.

Is It Worth Buying Pear Shaped Diamond Rings?

Do you want to buy a pear-cut diamond ring for your partner? Always select an experienced and professional jeweler to buy your pear-cut diamond. They can provide a wide range of pear-cut diamonds, and you can select the perfect ring for your special day.

A wide variety of metals, including gold, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, are also available. Moreover, you can also find different styles of ring designs, including halo, side-style, or vintage rings which makes it easy to find the perfect wedding ring.

Many other diamond cuts like round shape or princess cut are also available. But the pear cut is a perfect choice for those people who are looking for something different and unique. Its beautiful, unique design gives an elegant and wide look.

You can wear a pear-shaped ring, either way, depending upon your comfort and preference. Most people prefer to wear it with a pointed side facing towards the fingertips. Wearing the ring in this way gives an elongated look, which makes your hands look longer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is the right pointed end of a pear-shaped diamond?

The right pointed end of a pear-shaped stone should be facing your hand or body. The pointed tip of the pear-cut diamond always points down towards the fingertips. Not only is it the best way to wear a pear-cut diamond, but also it is an ideal look.

2. Why don’t people prefer pear-cut diamond engagement rings?

They include too wide diamond, stubby and wide, bow-tie, flat back, and stretched out a pear shape. That’s why people usually don’t prefer pear-cut diamond rings.

3. What does a pear-shaped wedding ring reflect about you?

The pear-shaped rings are elegant and unique. Their unique style symbolizes freedom, empowerment, strong willpower, and the unique taste of its wearer. This shape also indicates tears of joy and freedom. That makes it an appropriate choice for a perfect wedding ring.

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