Oklahoma Wedding Resources Guide For Grooms

You want to be the best groom ever, sure. But those Expos, the endless guides, calls . . . wedding planning is insanely time consuming. Even more so if you’re not near a big city or have an insane budget.

So now you’re doing some searches online.  Most people start with the venue, so you probably have something along those lines. But your list may be BIG, and getting BIGGER, so it’s a good idea to check out what’s available for your Okie wedding on the big, wide web!

The following are a few available resources that might be helpful in saving time and money as you do your planning–especially looking at that stuff that falls through the cracks!

Everything Wedding in Oklahoma

TheBridesofOklahoma.com is a really complete, thorough, and easy-to-use site.  Don’t be intimidated, it’s not just for brides. This site actually has listings for vendors, caterers, entertainment, bachelorette parties. . . even photo booths! 

There is definitely a focus on OKC as a location (so if you’re on the other side of the state, that could be an issue), but otherwise, it’s an amazing place to get started. Every icon links to the vendor. 

It’s like going to a virtual Oklahoma Wedding Show, and you can do it in your underwear, or while watching a game. Boom.

Another one you may like is OKBride.com.  This is another Oklahoma-focused site, run locally, that features all sorts of shows, events, bridal stuff, groom stuff, and generally, it’s a one-stop shop online for everything Oklahoma Wedding

Again, it may be geared toward brides, but that’s just in name. Honestly, it has all sorts of practical, helpful resources. In particular, the section on finding an OKC Officiant or wedding counselor is pretty thorough.

The Suit

There are a few great tailors who specialize and are local to OKC. TheWardrobeOKC.com has some sleek, modern looks and it’s great to have a local tailor (supporting your local businesses is a plus.  It’s located in North OKC. 

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