Why do people still think officiating LGBTQIA+ and regular weddings is somehow different?


Since the 70s, Members of the LGBTQIA+ community have fought for equal marriage rights with a wedding officiant OKC for 40 years. While the fact that it took so long for the US to start giving members of the LGBT++ community their fundamental rights has led to a serious discussion about how people treat these weddings.

Because even though booking a wedding venue OKC and getting preparations for the big day are virtually the same, most people think that officiating a wedding between LGBTQIA+ couples is different. Most wedding planners cringe a little when they hear someone refer to these events as a “Gay Wedding.” So why is that the case? Well, a lot of it can come down to wedding officiants Oklahoma city, and that this is still a new thing for most people.

LGBTQIA+ Marriage is still fairly new

While it can be strange hearing some people talk about gay weddings as some sort of otherworldly event, for many, it still is. One of the most searched terms on the internet is gay wedding gifts, as well as guides on what to do during a gay wedding. This can come down to negligence or the fact that people don’t have a lot of gay people in their lives.

Despite their fight for equality, most members of the LGBTQIA+ community still face a lot of subtle discrimination. It’s one of the major reasons why levels of depressions amongst members of the community remain so high. Therefore, they will usually isolate themselves and rarely tell people around them about their sexuality. So getting married to a marriage officiant OKC is a far-off dream for these people.

Therefore, many people don’t know that a relative or friend might be gay. So it might come as a shock to them when a friend or a relative comes out, which is why they try to find out more about who that person is. So you can usually have people thinking that “these” people have some unique way of conducting a wedding. It is also why wedding venues Oklahoma City can usually trick couples into making the event more exclusive or special.

Not Even a Decade

As of writing, the sweeping decision by the supreme court to legalize LGBTQIA+ weddings is not even a decade old. While it was certainly a big step, most people didn’t even know that gay people would get married in the first place, let alone book proper wedding venues OKC and have wedding officiants Oklahoma present as well. When the initial blowback from the law died down, people had a lot of questions about how “these” weddings work.

Most straight people will have their doubts about the entire wedding and ask questions about what they should wear or what they should bring. When, in reality, it’s just a wedding. All of the things that you would usually do in a straight marriage, you will be doing in a gay wedding. There are no special rituals, and there is nothing so strange about them that you have to learn new etiquette. In the end, it’s just two people who stand in front of a wedding officiant Oklahoma City saying their vows.

Some gay couples even have their weddings in churches with religious OKC wedding officiants. So it is even more similar to straight marriages now that a priest is officiating them. Even when it comes to the wedding photographers OKC, they will take pictures for their LGBTQIA+ clients like those for their straight clients.

So even though the law is not as old, people still think that the difference between the two types of weddings is strange. And even though you could give them the benefit of the doubt a few years ago, the fact that people are trying to figure out if there is something more can be a little frustrating.

The Continuous Labeling

The entire LGBTQIA+ movement is a struggle for equality. When people usually use the terms “gay marriage” or ask if these types of events are different, they typically reinforce the notion that these are unlike weddings that straight people have. Therefore, it also supports that gay people are somehow not equal to heterosexuals.

And while some will usually ask about gay wedding traditions out of a genuine want to better understand the community, it still reinforces these notions. Despite not coming from a bad place, continuously labeling these weddings as anything other than what they are is part of the problem.

A Biased Solution

The best solution to this dilemma is to talk to the people who ask you these questions and help them understand. Issues like these rarely blow over overnight, so only by having that slightly awkward conversation will you be able to make a difference.

And if you’re lucky, the person asking will understand and won’t question it any further. They might even try to make other people understand that holding onto these beliefs can be problematic. Of course, there is also the possibility that you start arguing with the individual over something that they don’t have any say over.

Make Your Wedding Special

Even if you can’t change how people think about your wedding, you can still have a very spectacular one with the help of lifelong wedding ceremonies. Let Dr. Makayla Saramosing and Dr. Tinsley Keefe help you make your wedding spectacular with their wedding officiant Oklahoma services. They even offer wedding photographers Oklahoma city and wedding videographers Oklahoma.

Even if you need to find a wedding venue in Oklahoma City, they can help you find the perfect one. They will wholeheartedly accept LGBTQIA+ weddings and offer their best regardless of the type of couple. So if you want to make your big day even more special, Lifelong Wedding ceremonies can help.

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