Things You Should Never Say to Your Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City

Never Say to Your Wedding Officiant

Every wedding ceremony needs a catalyst from a specific set of people that help you ensure it delivers the fun, groove, and pleasant memories. These sets of people are referred to as wedding officiants, marriage officiants, or wedding ministers, as you may deem fit.

Never Say to Your Wedding OfficiantEach city/state has its unique way of officiating wedding ceremonies beyond the conventional means. As such, your experience with a wedding officiant in a particular city can help you grab a better understanding of how wedding officiating is being done in that city.

While there are a lot of wedding officiants in Oklahoma City, Dr. Makayla Saramosing’s Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies holds it down for having one of the most reputable wedding officiants in OKC.

The need for wedding officiants in a wedding ceremony can’t be downplayed. They act as the extra spice to your colorful event, making your event memorable and leaving your guests entertained.

Wedding officiants in Oklahoma or other cities have certain things they can’t do as experienced marriage officiants. These things are like unspoken laws that marriage officiant OKC shouldn’t include in the wedding proceedings.

Some may include not being late, not leaving the venue until the license is signed and issued, not asking the cliche wedding objection question, etc.

However, just like they’re things you don’t expect from a marriage officiant Oklahoma City, there are also things you should never say to your wedding officiant Oklahoma City.

In the paragraph below, we look into some of these things and why we think it’s inappropriate for you to tell/say them to your marriage officiants.

Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Wedding Officiant OKC

Discussing with your marriage officiant before the day of your ceremony is quite vital. However, there are limits to the discussions, and it shouldn’t be beyond the scope of how to make your event successful.

From reports gathered from talking to different wedded couples and wedding officiants OKC, here are some of the things we think are not ideal to tell your wedding officiants:

Your Total Wedding Worth/Expenses

This is one of the information most brides are always eager to share as bragging rights. However, you don’t have to divulge this to your wedding officiant.

This is because the information isn’t in any way relevant to their service as an officiant, and most times, it can cause them to give you a higher budget.

Only a few Wedding officiants Oklahoma City won’t allow such information to affect their billing. But if you’re carefree about costs and budget, and you’ve got the money to spend, you can always brag about whatever you want.

Vulgar or abusive words

Using curse words or vulgar language on individuals is generally wrong. It is more grave when you say it to those you paid to deliver a service to you.

There are more civil ways to register displeasure without demeaning the other party, and these ways should be explored if such a case arises with your wedding officiant.

Ensure you don’t utter vulgar or abusive words to your wedding officiant or any words that can be treated under the law as a threat of danger.

Doing this ensures a healthy working relationship and better service delivery. Relating with your wedding officiant the same way you desire is a potent recipe for satisfactory service.

Demeaning their services

When it comes to negotiating and pricing budgets, one tactic you shouldn’t employ is playing down the service your wedding officiant is offering. Words that are demeaning to their service or make it feel less important shouldn’t be said.

Experience has shown that this isn’t the right way to get the price beat down, and it primarily results in you losing out on working with the best officiants available.

Wedding officiant OKC, like Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, offer you the best price for their services, and they take strong exceptions to trivializing what they do.

How you met your partner

This is one story that you want to be careful of saying to your wedding officiant.

The reason is because they might want to use it as content for entertainment during your wedding ceremony, and if it’s something you don’t want to share with the public, they might not be an opportunity to stop them in time.

Hence, it’s essential to consider the reason mentioned above before saying how you met your partner to your wedding officiant OKC. Most times, it’s information that’s not needed, except you deliberately want it shared with the guests in attendance.

A family story you don’t want your officiant to share

This is quite similar to the previous point (how you met your partner). Most wedding officiant OKC always includes background stories in their lineup of programs for the amusement and entertainment of guests.

Hence, if there’s a particular family story you don’t want out there, you need not say them at your wedding at all. If you don’t want any story at all, you can always ask them not to include that in the order of your event’s program.

It’s always advisable to let your wedding officiants know the kind of discussions that you find sensitive prior to the day of celebration to avoid possible issues.

Wedding officiants OKC have your best interest at heart and continually work to ensure that your wedding is a success and it’s memorable.

However, a breach in communication, lack of proper understanding, and absence of concrete agreement can cause potential misunderstanding.

This is why it’s essential to avoid saying certain things that can bring unforeseen future problems to your wedding officiant.

Some of these things are highlighted above, and it requires your discretion to decide whether or not you want to share them with your wedding officiant.

However, for the parts that do not involve discretion (i.e., demeaning statements and vulgar language), it’s only right to avoid saying them at all, irrespective of the situation. Finding alternative means to settle misunderstandings and register your displeasure can save you a lot of stress and trouble.

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