How You Can Perfectly Accessorize a Navy Blue Dress for a wedding Day

Navy Blue Dress for a wedding


Navy blue is a versatile and unique color that compliments everyone well. Whether you choose to wear a long or short navy blue dress on your wedding day, it will look great. You can accessorize a navy blue wedding dress with the right jewelry, shoes, and accessories to get a slimming and flattering body shape.

Navy Blue Dress for a weddingYou can create a stunning winter look by pairing navy blue with classy, beautiful stools, silk scarves, and Pashminas in winters. However, navy blue looks stunning in summers too. It is well known for its timeless, classy yet modern look. It can be paired with jackets or stripy scarves along with pumps to create amazing summer looks.

Which Color Pair with a Navy Blue Dress?

Navy blue is a fairly modern neutral color that pairs well with other colors like white, silver, salmon, gray, back, and even with pale yellow. There are so many color choices available when it comes to pairing with navy blue and other colors.

Navy blue colors provide an ideal base for light colors like neutral, pastel, or lighter shades. Grey, pastel pink, light blue, silver, and white are some examples that create amazing pairs with navy blue. Navy blue bridesmaids’ dress also looks outstanding.

Lighter shades provide a beautiful and decent look with a navy blue contrast. They are a good choice for navy bridesmaid dresses. They look fair and unique without clashing or distracting with the bride’s outfit. Navy blue short bridesmaid dresses are also trending in fashion.

How to Wear a Navy Blue Dress?

Navy blue is an amazingly versatile color that fits according to the needs of almost every occasion. But styling it in the right way is important whether you decide to wear a navy blue formal dress or select a blue wedding dress.

Sometimes you don’t have any need to style long blue dresses, as they speak for themselves. You just need a pair of shoes to complete your wedding look. No doubt, wearing accessories can add extra glam to your look. But some people don’t know how to exactly pair accessories with their dress.

Here we are listing some styling themes that you can use with a navy blue long dress to complete your look.

Howdy Sailor:

Well, it is the most elegant look of all. Navy blue and white wedding dresses give a classic fashion look. You can style your blue and white wedding dress with stark white, along with other ways to bring white color into your look.

You can accessorize white shoes, white pearls, and other accessories with a royal blue wedding dress to create a classy old-times sailor look. Styling a light blue wedding dress with white accessories is a good way to emerge your overall look.

Color Pops:

Sometimes it can be difficult to match women’s navy blue dresses with other colors. On the other hand, brown can be a color that cannot work with navy blue.

You can also accessorize navy blue dresses for weddings with other bright colors. Pairing with bright yellow color or vibrant orange can add life to your dressing. In case you don’t like bright colors, green can work if you style it in the right way.


Two-toning is something that goes beautifully with all dark and bright color shades. You can add different or lighter shades of blue into your dark navy blue wedding dress to get an overall beautiful look. You can wear a navy blue or sky blue pendant or heels with your navy blue dress for a gorgeous look.

Furthermore, you can also play with other hues of blue to style your wedding outfit. For example, you can accessorize your navy blue long dress with a blue hat wrapped around it with a navy blue ribbon to play with colors while creating a simple, elegant look.

What Jewelry to Match with a Navy Blue Dress?

Selecting jewelry is an easy part of styling your dress. But once you select a color or theme, you have to consider it consistently throughout your dress styling.

Here are some hints on how you can style silver or gold jewelry with a navy blue wedding dress.

1. All Silver:

If you want a touch of silver with your royal blue wedding dress, a general rule is to keep it consistent through styling your look. The reason is that both blue and silver bring a cold and icy feel to your look. But you can style diamonds instead with a sexy navy blue wedding dress.

You can pair your dress with a dinging silver bracelet with a silver necklace or pendant to give a bold, confident touch. Styling silver jewelry with white pearls over a navy blue and silver wedding dress is not a good option. It will give a too cold or icy look to your outfit.

2. All Gold:

Pairing gold jewelry with a navy blue and gold dress never goes out of fashion. Gold brings in a classy look that everyone loves. Gold beautifully adds a warm touch to your look and compliments so well with short navy dresses.

You can even pair gold strappy heels with your navy blue dress. There are endless options and ways available to style your dress with gold jewelry with a hot navy blue dress to wear at a wedding.

3. Colored Jewelry:

Styling colored jewelry with a long navy blue dress can be a difficult and high-risk thing. But if it goes right, it will enhance your overall look in an outstanding way. No doubt, colored jewelry can add life to your overall look, but you need to style it strategically.

You can pair vibrant yellow heels with a yellow necklace or pendant over a long blue dress. There is no need to put on so many colors as it will get lost in the dress. It will clash with your dress and distract your overall plus-size navy blue dress look.

What Color of Shoes Goes Best with A Navy Dress?

Never forget, shoes are a statement piece to complete your look. You can pair so many shoe colors with casual dresses for a wedding. Shoe selection depends on what you decided to wear or what is the theme of your complete look.

Gold Shoes:

Both gold and silver shoes follow a general rule while styling with navy blue lace dresses. You will need to limit how much silver or golden color shoes have and keep the shoes open with golden or silver straps. Gold compliments the skin so nicely.

You can wear golden heels, strappy sandals, or even flats with a dark blue dress. But remember, do not pair gold with other colors. The reason is that it is a difficult color to pull off and can distract others.

Silver Shoes:

Silver compliments the cute blue dress so well. If you choose to wear silver shoes, with your navy blue dress, the rule is simple; you have to keep this color consistent. You can wear strappy heels or flat shoes, just like gold ones.

Try to select the open strappy silver shoes to pair with your navy and silver wedding dress. A completely closed shoe with too much silver does not sit well with your overall look.

Crazy Colors:

There are no particular rules to style, bright crazy colors with a navy blue wedding dress. However, it is a good option to style with the same color matching jewelry when it comes to pairing your dress with bright crazy colorful shoes.

Playing with bright colors over a midnight blue dress can be hard. You can make your bright color shoes the center of attention at your wedding with dark blue lace dresses.

Final Verdict:

Navy blue is an outstanding choice to wear at your wedding. It is such a beautiful and versatile color that you do not need to add any other colors to it. The good point is that there are a lot of ways to style it with other colors. The color also looks amazing for midnight bridesmaid dresses.

You can bring in pearl white or gold jewelry with a navy blue color dress. In case you don’t like a timeless look, you can pair your dress with bright colors. But the only thing is to pair either it is a two-tone color theme or a consistent same bright color.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What shoes to wear with a navy blue dress for a wedding?

You can wear several types of shoes at your wedding with a navy blue dress. Either you are a bride or a groom, you have a bundle of options which include, black leather boots, black ankle strap sandals, tinted gold shoes, purple length shows, and many more.

What matches with a navy blue dress for a wedding?

Dark concealed tones are probably going to blur when matched with the dull blue tint. Fortunately, you’ll discover a lot of tones, including mustard yellow, cherry red, radiant pink, and surprisingly metallic gold, that goes wonderfully with a navy blue wedding dress.

How to wear a navy blue dress for a wedding guest?

If you are a wedding guest and want to wear a navy blue dress, then you need to focus on several things. Navy color is an awesome decision for wedding guests. A seaside wedding will have an alternate look and feel than a conventional wedding, and you would prefer not to appear in a proper outfit for a relaxed affair.

How to wear a navy blue dress for a wedding?

Navy blue wedding dress is a great decision for the wedding couple as well. To begin, we should discuss the style of dress that makes a decent wedding outfit.

What color nail polish with a navy blue dress for a wedding?

You can choose blue or green nail color, which perfectly goes with your navy blue wedding dress. Also, transparent shading is extraordinary for a party or a day at the workplace. Red makes certain to get individual attention with a blue dress.

What color do shoes match with a navy blue dress for a summer wedding?

Navy blue wedding dress color has been a hot wedding tone for as long as a couple of years and still will be a popular wedding tone for 2017. It looks especially pleased when joined with burgundy, green, dim, metallic gold, mint color shoes that perfectly fit with your wedding dress.


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