10 Signs Your Marriage Is in Trouble & How Counseling Helps

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Hello, and  Welcome back to our YouTube channel today. We know your love weddings and the concept of marriage. We will be talking about that today. I’m Makayla, a wedding officiant. Today, we will be talking about 10 signs you should watch out for to know if your marriage is in trouble and how premarital counseling in Oklahoma with a premarital counselor can help.  So, don’t touch the dial, sit tight and enjoy. Don’t forget that, to get the services of a professional wedding officiant you can reach out to us at (405) 696-6450

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Introduction to the video

Everyone gets into marriage expecting it to be beautiful. But since marriage involves two people from different families, backgrounds and experiences, there are bound to be issues and challenges. Some couples let these disagreements and issues fester into something big without addressing or resolving them. To prevent you and your partner from getting to a point of no return, it is important to know the signs that your marriage may be in trouble”

1 Lack of communication

The first sign a marriage may be in trouble is lack of communication by both parties. They have reached the point where they believe that they will not be heard or understood by their partner so they feel it is better not to communicate. This is bad because even when one party is offended or has issues bothering them, they cannot share which may lead to built-up resentment”

2 No Intimacy

Intimacy is important in every relationship, especially marriage. There should be emotional and physical connection with your partner. When there is a disconnection, one of you may decide to go outside to seek the intimacy and connection you crave because human beings were not meant to be alone”

3 Financial Disagreements

Financial disagreements is another sign that a marriage may be in jeopardy. You and your partner may have decided that both parties work or one should work while the other is the homemaker. When financial issues or decisions start causing tension in your marriage, you need to seek help before it escalates. Talk to your partner about it or hire someone”

4 Conflicting Values

I know that every human being is distinct and have different values. But, after a while, you and your partners will start to align. Even when it doesn’t align, you both should be able to find the middle ground on issues. When this is lacking, it spells trouble”

5 Infidelity

Not everyone can recover from infidelity. The reason is that it makes it difficult for them to trust you, have good self-esteem because they will believe something was wrong with them and that is why you cheated, they may also believe that you will cheat again. When infidelity causes distrust and strain in  your marriage you need the help of a counselor to work through it”

6 Disrespect and Contempt

when you start feeling disrespectful or contemptuous towards your partner then there is an issue. You notice that you are struggling to show empathy and understanding. The love you had for your partner is no longer there”

7 Avoidance

when avoidance and stonewalling is now the order of the day in your relationship, it mabe a sign of deeper issues. Communication should flow easily in a relationship for it to work. Avoid conflicts and not addressing issues is a bad sign”

8 Power Struggles

Sometimes issues come up in relationships because of power struggles. Both parties are trying to assert control and power. They are both trying to be heard. No one wants to sub,but to the other when it comes to making decisions for their marriage”

9 Lack of Trust

The bedrock of any relationship or marriage is trust. When trust is lacking, there is a big issue. If you have been struggling to trust your partner, you resent them or there are unaddressed tensions and issues, you marriage may be in jeopardy”

10 Feeling Trapped

The moment you start feeling stuck, trapped and wondering what is out there that is not in your marriage is a wake-up call. If you do not know how your marriage is supposed to progress or what you want in your marriage, then you need to reach out to a marriage counselor”

How Premarital Counseling in Oklahoma Can Help

A premarital counselor can help a couple with premarital counseling by encouraging them to have open and honest communication where issues in the marriage can be identified and addressed. With their experience in helping couples, the counselor will share how conflicts can be handled, the power dynamics in relationships and how to handle them. The counselor will also share proven secrets on ways challenging times can be handled so that the marriage will come out strong. The couple will know how to align their values in their marriage, how to work through infidelity if that is the cause of issue in their marriage and how they can be vetter partners to eachother”


Things do not automatically go smoothly when you get married. Work has to be put in for the marriage to work. So, if you have noticed any of these signs discussed today, do well to reach out to a marriage counselor in Oklahoma city to help you. Do not wait till you are at the verge of a divorce. At Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, we are interested in your big day turning out great and memorable. So, to get the services of a professional wedding officiant with a proven track record, reach out to us at https://www.lifelongweddingceremonies.com and LifelongWeddingCeremonies@Gmail.com, you can also call or text us at (405) 696-6450. Do not forget to like, share, and subscribe for more informative content.”


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