A Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma’s Expert Advice: Make Your Cat a Ring Bearer

cat as a ring bearer in your wedding

Everyone has different dreams and realizations for their wedding. Some imagine little flower girls pouring flowers over the guest while walking down the aisle to deliver the wedding rings. Besides, you can’t deny that it’s a crowd-pleaser to send little flower girls as ring bearers. But, a great wedding officiant in Oklahoma City says that you can make your cat a ring bearer as well. How cool is that?

Most people imagine their pets being by their side, playing and moving around the dance floor during the wedding. But, some people love to have their dog be the ring bearer. The same goes with people with cats! Pet owners want their pets to be a part of their big day. That’s one of the most satisfying motivations that encourage pet owners to make their pets ring bearers for the wedding ceremony.

If you already have your wedding planner, consider this a chance to make your pet cat a part of your big event! Here’s what you should know about making your cat a ring bearer at your wedding, as per a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City.

Things to Know When Making Your Cat the Ring Bearer in Your Wedding

Of course, you can’t expect your pet cat to know everything about a wedding. Most people who opt for their pets to be the ring bearers have to invest a hefty proportion of their time in training. It’s the best possible approach to ensure that everything goes as planned and the crowd is more pleased than expected.

While little flower girls will make the crowds “aww,” seeing your pet cat bring you your wedding rings can be equally adorable. But, before you’re ready to put your cat on the cue, a reliable wedding officiant from OKC suggests learning a few things beforehand.

You can train your cats to enter the aisle and walk it down on your cue or as the music begins. Plus, you can train your cat to bear the ring in different styles, like wearing it on the collar or holding it on a comfortable pouch on their back. Let’s look at the most useful considerations to make your cat look adorable at your wedding.

Make Sure Your Cat Isn’t Afraid of Crowd

It’s a common misconception that all cats are mean (though some are). Most cats are affectionate and caring for their owners like any other pet, such as a dog or a bird. But, before you make up plans and launch your furry friend in the wedding crowd, make sure that a humungous crowd doesn’t freak it out. Yes, it’s completely possible, as a professional wedding officiant from Oklahoma suggests. If your cat is only good at posing with you when you’re shooting a portrait for the family album, you may have to rethink the ring-bearing tasks.

Sometimes, pets can also get jealous when the owner is paying more attention to other subjects such as the crowd rather than them. That’s most often one of the most critical considerations to take into account when aspiring couples are willing to make their pets ring bearers. Try to get your cat into a crowd someplace. If you’re a guest at someone’s wedding before yours, take your cat with you to see how it reacts among. The crowd says the wedding officiant from Oklahoma City.

Attach Fake Rings on the Ring Pillow around the Cat’s Neck

It’s a no-brainer that you will either be hanging the rings at the back of your cat or its collar. Since cats don’t walk around on two legs, always ready to make a ring pillow in their hand, you will have to find alternatives that match the theme and contour of your wedding ceremony. Besides, most pet owners know how their pet could react if things go mayhem for them. If the crowd gets too loud instantly, or if another pet interferes with your cat, it might run for the hills!

Would you risk losing your precious wedding rings knowing that the cat can get scared off and run away from the wedding trying to find solitude, says the wedding officiant in Oklahoma City. Most certainly not, right? You can let the cat be adorable and walk down the aisle with fake rings hanging from the collar or back on a ring pillow. Even if the cat makes a dash to escape, you will still have your precious wedding rings.

Drive Your Cat Home Once It Delivers the Rings

You don’t necessarily have to keep your cat around when the party begins as soon as you and your soul mate have taken the vows. After all, serving such a responsibility makes your cat worthy of some cat-treats and well-needed shut-eye. So, have a friend, family member, or someone your cat’s comfortable with driving it home to get a nap or pour out some treats.

The wedding officiant from Oklahoma City says that you don’t necessarily have to keep your cat in between the crowd, especially during the wedding videography, dance, and loud music. On the other hand, pets aren’t very good at formal receptions because their animal instincts can kick in just about any moment, even if you train them well.

Don’t Forget a Formal Attire and Early Prep

You don’t want your adorable pet cat walking around the wedding place like a stray cat, right? You can choose one of the most attractive outfits for your cat. For example, dogs look dapper when they wear a jacket, bow tie, and a black top hat. Isn’t it inspiring to dress your pet so excellently once you see someone else’s at another wedding?

When you’re ready to take your cat to the wedding ceremony and hand it your precious wedding rings, dress it up for the occasion as well. Make sure that the cat isn’t allergic to the clothing material and it’s comfortable enough to walk lightly towards you and your soul mate at the altar.

As the wedding minister from Oklahoma City suggests, you should practice your cat walking in the crowd before it’s ready to be at the real event. Take your cat to another wedding ceremony. Train the cat with a professional trainer/vet if possible to make sure it’s comfortable at all times. Dressing nicely isn’t enough. You must train your cat to cue during the rings-bearing task.


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