The Contributions Of A Wedding Officiant To An LGBTQIA+ Wedding

Contributions Of A Wedding Officiant To An LGBTQIA

LGBTQIA+ weddings are becoming more normal to see, as more and more wedding officiants in OKC accept requests from same-sex couples. However, some still believe that these weddings are somehow different from “regular weddings,” including heterosexual couples. Of course, this misconception of different wedding rituals does not stop at the couple and the ceremony itself. Instead, it also extends to the wedding officiants in Oklahoma, as people believe that their responsibilities change since they are no longer officiating a heterosexual wedding.

While many carry this misconception, this is simply not true. LGBTQIA+ weddings are almost identical to most other wedding ceremonies, even down to if the bride or groom will be walked down the aisle. And as for the wedding officiant in Oklahoma City who will be officiating the wedding, they will also have the same responsibilities.

The Responsibilities of a Wedding Officiant in LGBTQIA+ Weddings

As we mentioned earlier, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma will have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders when officiating a wedding. Some of these responsibilities include:

Helping the Couple Personalize their Ceremony

One of the responsibilities that a wedding officiant in Oklahoma will undertake is helping the couple personalize the event. Couples will usually be very enthusiastic about reading personalized vows or changing different aspects of the ceremony to suit the aesthetic that they want to achieve.

Sometimes couples will also want their wedding ceremony to be different but do not have much to offer on their own in terms of ideas. In these situations, the wedding officiant in OKC will suggest a few changes and additions that will look good in a specific setting.

Stay in Touch with Wedding Trends

Possibly the things that a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City will be contributing to a wedding is their knowledge and experience. More specifically, they will be contributing their experience with wedding trends, which can help couples make better decisions about what type of wedding they want.

Furthermore, wedding officiants from OKC will always keep up with the industry’s latest trends, allowing them to suggest better additions to the ceremony. Keeping up with the trends is very much part of the job, as they have to know what different couples are suggesting. The couple might even ask the wedding officiant about something that they recently saw, which is why the officiant needs to be aware of these trends.

Handle Legalities of the Marriage

One of the most important things that a wedding officiant does during a wedding is handling all of the legalities surrounding state marriage licenses. They understand their respective state’s requirements for marriage licenses and how they can legally marry the couple.

In most weddings that do not follow specific traditions or religious ceremonies, the wedding officiant will usually want the couple’s verbal consent to the union, which both individuals will give. The individual can respond with I do, but as long as the answer is a decisive one, the couple can choose how to respond.

Completing the Couple’s Marriage License

The primary responsibility of a wedding officiant in Oklahoma is to complete the couple’s wedding license. This responsibility gives them the title of an officiant, as they legalize the union between two people. To legalize a marriage, a wedding officiant will provide the couple with a filled marriage license, accepting their union in the eyes of the law.

It is also worth noting that only a select few people can fill out a marriage license, such as a judge or an ordained minister. Wedding officiants in Oklahoma City will have to fill out the marriage license, where you are accepting to enter into a legal contract.

Performing the Ceremony

Filling out the legalities of a wedding are things that you would associate with most wedding officiants. But another essential contribution that wedding officiants in Oklahoma make is performing the ceremony. Some will even write you a new ceremony from scratch that only takes a few hints from other ceremonies.

They will even read the couple’s vows to them on the wedding day. These vows can be the ones the couple decided on, or the officiant usually recites. Wedding officiants in OKC can even help with wedding rehearsals, ensuring that your wedding goes exactly as planned.

No Real Difference

Despite what many might think, and LGBTQIA+ wedding is still that: a wedding. There are no unique rituals or specific parts of the ceremony that they will have to change during the wedding. The only real difference is that the couples might differ from the traditional man and woman.

Find the Right Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma

Finding the right wedding officiant in OKC for your big day does not need to be very hard. But when a wedding officiant handles so many of the responsibilities of a wedding, it only makes sense for you to want to choose the best one.

And at lifelong wedding ceremonies, we offer the best of the best wedding officiants in Oklahoma City. Our officiants have the knowledge and the skills necessary to officiate a wedding without any issues. They will customize everything about the wedding to your personal preference and will handle all of the legalities that come with ensuring you have a proper marriage license.

Our OKC wedding officiants will also help with the rehearsal weddings and plan all of the necessary parties and side events. They will ensure that everything is perfect for your big day.

We even offer various other services such as wedding photography, videography, and premarital counseling. Premarital counseling is especially important for people who think they are making a mistake with their particular wedding.


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