How Many People, Should You Need to Invite on Your Wedding Day


If you are planning a wedding, you can understand creating a wedding guest list can be one of the stressful parts of the wedding preparations. It is more complex than just making a list of people with whom you want to celebrate your special day.

Your guest list may contain people that you want to invite, other people that you want to skip, and those people that may or may not be invited. The number of people on the guest list also depends on the wedding venue capacity and the wedding event size.

How Long or Small Should Your Wedding Guest List Be?

Getting married is one of the important moments of a person’s life. A wedding event comes with lots of joys, happiness, and celebration. The most important decision is who should I invite to my wedding ceremony.

If you are also facing difficulty finalizing the guest list and are still confused about the number of guests that you should invite to your special event, then don’t worry. Here is a complete wedding guide on how many people you should need to invite on your big day.

It is a common concern “who do you invite to your wedding?” while planning a wedding. But the size of a wedding venue and wedding size are also important factors to consider while determining the guest list.

No matter what your wedding guest list contains, whether it is a 20 or 200 person wedding, the most important thing is that you are happy and enjoy your special day. Decide your guest list, small or large, but make sure you are happy with it.

What is the Average Guest Number Invited to a Wedding Event?

The average wedding guest size is around about 140 in the US, but this number is decreasing each year. There is no need to follow this average wedding guest number for the wedding ceremony.

You should do whatever you are comfortable with, and there is no shame in a small or large number of people on the wedding guest list.

Small vs Large Wedding Guest Lists:

How many people should be on your wedding guest list is purely a personal matter between the couple. It is necessary to surround yourself with people with whom you want to celebrate your wedding, instead of what others say to invite or with whom you are not comfortable.

If you have a small wedding budget, then it is a good idea to keep the wedding guest list size limited. Additionally, a small number of people invited to your wedding also reduce the cost of the wedding venue, which results in an overall cost-effective wedding.

Small Wedding Events Are Best for Intimacy:

If you love, intimacy and want to have an intimate wedding ceremony, then you should consider a small wedding event. A small wedding guest list will allow both you and your spouse to be able to meet, engage and attend to every guest at your wedding event.

A small wedding event helps them to know and understand each other. It helps both sides of families to develop understanding and become a family.

Small wedding events are also cost-effective and can be suitable for you if you have a small budget. You can book a small wedding venue; less money will be spent on reception food and other wedding event accommodations.

How to Decide If I Am Inviting Many People to My Wedding?

There are many valid concerns about inviting a small number of guests to your wedding event. Large wedding guest lists can make you feel uncomfortable between people that you don’t know, and it also needs a big wedding budget to make arrangements for them.

You do not need to stress other people’s expectations and perceptions about your wedding event and guest list size. It is your special day, and you can invite as many people as you want that makes you feel comfortable and happy.

However, you should also keep in mind all invited people will not attend your wedding, event, and there may be many reasons for it. Usually, the average number of guests at a wedding is 75-85% of people among all people that you invite.

You can consider this point while preparing for your wedding to avoid an overcapacity wedding by keeping it in your mind that a maximum of 85% of people will attend your wedding event from all invites that you sent.

Common Wedding Guest List Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

Here is a guide of common mistakes that people made while making a guest list and how you can avoid common wedding guest list mistakes:

1. Too Many People On Guest List:

If you have too many people on your guest list and are now stressing about how to manage them in such a way, no one is left out. Make two guest lists. Put the most important people that you want to invite in list A and other less important people in your other list B. Invite list B people only if some people from a list are not coming.

2. Invite Coworkers or Not:

Coworkers can bug you about inviting them to your wedding. It can be hard to decide that should I invite coworkers to my wedding event or not. Try to only invite those people with your work, friends outside of your office, and your seniors or supervisors.

3. Set Guidelines for Guests with Kids:

Usually, some wedding guests with kids also plan to bring their kids with them to adult-only weddings. No doubt, everyone loves kids to be at events or celebrations, but some events are not suitable for kids. Set some guidelines for wedding guests with kids and ask them to follow guidelines strictly.

4. Inviting Parents, Relatives and Friends:

Your parents may force you to invite such people that you don’t know or have met only 2-3 times a year before when you were a kid. To avoid this situation, give each parent a set guest number to invite their close friends and relatives to the wedding event.

Always make your wedding guest list by including those people that you want by your side on your special day, no matter what the number is. Try to select those people that do not make you feel obligated, and their presence makes you happy.

Moreover, select the wedding venue according to the wedding guest list size so that you can easily make reception food and other necessary wedding accommodation according to the number of guests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How can you let people know that you don’t longer invite them to their wedding?

The circumstance when a wedding is deferred or changes its configuration isn’t uncommon. It’s smarter to let people know about the guests. So that if you need to exclude huge segments of your list of people to attend, for instance, because of COVID.

2. How would I talk about the wedding venue with the planned visit number?

Alright, you discovered a spot you imagined to having for your enormous day. You can start planning the wedding through several steps, including Request the costs for your base and get arranged numbers from wedding guests. The wedding venue will give you the costs, be certain that you actually can bear the cost of your greatest number.

3. How can you secretly invite the guests to your ceremony?

Although, a few wedding guests won’t feel eager to go to the function without the reception. The act is getting increasingly normal. In certain societies, it’s absolutely OK. As per Mexican wedding custom, for instance, guests from all the town might impart the enormous day to the couple during the congregation service and in the road parade. They won’t anticipate going to the wedding reception since it’s typically a greeting, as it were.

4. Would it be good for me to welcome a bigger number of guests than on my list of attendees, as some might be flake-outs?

There are better approaches to manage a flake-outs than to welcome a greater number of guests than you can bear. Below, we will discuss it. You cannot foresee the number of guests who will join in, yet you need to keep on spending plans. Any wedding invitation out of your tight budget plan can cause you a critical burden if not a disaster in terms of the budget plan.

5. If the parents pay for the wedding, then how can you deal with the invitation list?

It might be not the whole more distant family, but rather some dear companions or colleagues which the guardians may not know. For your guests, it will be an incredible snapshot of pride to have their kid wed, and they need to appreciate it.

6. What is the simplest method to cut the wedding budget plan?

There are some approaches to monitor your budget plan. It allows you to track down a reasonable seller or cut free drinks, for instance. However, as seen from the model, a wedding party represents a major portion of a wedding spending plan.

7. What amount does each wedding visitor commonly cost?

You can discover many reports with around equivalent costs for the normal expense of a wedding in the USA. For instance, it is about $31,437 for California in 2020, according to this information.

8. How to give a level of need to every guest on the wedding guest list?

There are guests without whom you cannot envision your big day. Remember that your wedding visitors likewise may plan to welcome a few people from their nearest circle. It comprises guests that you will, in any case, be happy to see at your wedding.

9. Is it best to invite the family of my loved ones to my wedding?

If you chose not to carry children to your wedding, go ahead and settle on this choice. Many couples settle on this decision that small kids invest the vast majority of their energy, holding them back from diverting different visitors. The vibe of the festival switches when there are no children up.

10. How would I answer somebody who isn’t invited to your wedding?

The ideal way here is to become selfish here. One of the potential answers can be, “I’m unfortunately not aware of the invitation list because we have a short wedding guest list and low budget”. Explaining that the wedding will be little and personal is simply good as compared to other fake answers.

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