The honeymoon is the well-deserved rest after long wedding preparations and the second exciting part right after the wedding in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There you can enjoy the exciting journey for two, review the wedding celebration in a romantic atmosphere and focus on the new level of relationship. As if you were “again in love”. To make your vacation a complete success, you also need a little preparation. You can simply download our cool honeymoon checklist with the most important to-dos and tips for planning your trip.

6 to 3 months before the honeymoon

  • Set holiday budget
  • Tip: In the wedding invitation you can charmingly ask for money for the honeymoon cash desk.
  • Agree on the type of trip (beach vacation, safari / adventure vacation, city trip, road trip, cruise etc.)
  • Destinations: Select favorites and get offers

Santorini, Greece

  • Inquire about honeymoon specials
  • For many honeymoon offers, the hotel price already includes a honeymoon special, such as a romantic dinner on the beach, a couple’s massage or something similar.
  • Car rental necessary?
  • Organize the trip to the airport (book a parking space, train tickets)
  • Apply for leave at the employer (even up to 3 days of special leave when married)
  • Travel booking

Book under a New Name

When changing the name after the wedding, make sure to book the trip with the new name. A new passport must be applied for immediately after the name change. If the name in the travel documents (e.g. flight ticket) does not match the passport, your trip may have ended before it even started.

3 months before the Honeymoon

  • Planning activities
  • If there are other activities besides sunbathing, then plan ahead a little to get the most out of the little time (write down sights and places, research insider tips, book excursions and tours in advance if necessary). Is there any friend or acquaintance who has been there before?
  • Research the entry regulations of the holiday country:
  • Carry out recommended vaccinations for the travel destination (e.g. hepatitis A requires several vaccination cycles) and prescribe any necessary medication (e.g. malaria prophylaxis for exotic countries).
  • Research and take out suitable travel insurance (travel health insurance abroad is particularly important when traveling overseas).
  • 1-2 weeks before departure

    • Have your passport created after your wedding in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
    • If you change your name, it is important to have your passport changed before you leave. However, this often takes about 5 working days. It is best to inquire in advance whether a wedding pass or an express pass is possible at the responsible passport authority or registry office.
    • Determine apartment or house sitter Instructs
    • a person you trust to feed pets, water plants and clear away the mail. A crowded mailbox is almost like a personal invitation to burglars.
    • Pass on important contact information
    • On the one hand, a close confidante should know the holiday address or planned activities of your honeymoon, on the other hand, should something happen to you, you should also carry an emergency contact with email, address and telephone number (preferably in a wallet).
    • Download the navigation app
    • Maybe increase credit card limit
    • Obtain travel documents and check them again (flight tickets, booking confirmations, visa, international driver’s license if necessary, etc.) Make a copy of travel documents or save them digitally
    • Check in online, reserve seats

    Packing list

    In addition to the clothing suitable for the respective country and the required hygiene articles, there are many other things that should be in the suitcase, but are often forgotten.

    • Travel documents, documents
    • Cash / foreign currency
    • Sunscreen, after-sun
    • Bikini, swimming trunks (possibly air mattress, snorkel, fins, beach mat etc.)
    • Sunglasses, hat or cap
    • First aid kit (hand disinfection, painkillers, aspirin, wound ointment, charcoal tablets, (blister) plasters, sore throat tablets, insect repellent)
    • Smartphone, charging cable, adapter
    • headphone
    • Games, book, Kindle etc.
    • pocket knife
    • travel Guide
    • Provisions (chewing gum, dextrose, granola bars etc.)
    • Good camera, travel journal

    Tip: Everyone knows how quickly you forget the individual days of a vacation. Honeymoons should happen there. We really want to give you the advice to document every day with appropriate photos with a really good camera and best describe in a travel diary with a few lines. You can also add polaroid photos to the diary. You can also create a honeymoon video in which you briefly film one or two experiences every day and cut them together with a video program at home. These memories are so precious and you will be glad to have done this “work” afterwards when you’re back to Oklahoma.

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