Common Mistakes Wedding Officiants Make

Choosing an officiant is a delicate decision but no wedding officiant can be perfect. Mistakes made by them might be just a simple slip of a tongue but it can lead to bigger embarrassment. It cannot just affect your persona but also had a huge impact on your professionalism. In this article we have discussed some major mistakes a wedding officiant makes and hoe to possibly prevent them.

  1. Calling out wrong name of bride and groom

Most of the times, a wedding officiant keeps on calling bride and groom with wrong names without even realizing. This might be unintentional but a big embarrassing moment for wedding officiant.

  1. Forgetting to settle the audience

When the bride walk down the aisle, everyone is busy gazing at the most beautiful moment. Without taking care of the guests the wedding officiant starts speaking and all the guests are still waiting for him to tell them to be seated.

  1. Cutting on state ordination rules

Some states, those who get ordained online often differ in how they honor ordinations. A wedding officiant must be officially ordained before officiating a wedding. Some wedding officiant especially when a fried or close family member is officiating a wedding forget to get ordained.

  1. Not taking care of post announcements

Often times, wedding officiants after getting a couple married forget about post announcements for the guests. It involves a small speech that will inform the guests what to do next.

Preventions for a wedding officiant

  • When writing a script make sure to highlight the name with prominent colors so that you won’t take wrong names unintentionally. This will help you in memorizing their names when you highlight multiple time wherever the name is in the script. Hence, there will no chance of making this major mistake.
  • Another important way to call out the correct name is to mention the bride and groom’s name on every page in the wedding script. Even if you mispronounced their name, you can just quickly look at the bottom or top of the page and correct it.
  • Not guiding the audience to settle down is a major mistake. It directly affects your professional profile. Someone who is used to of officiating weddings will never do this mistake. To avoid such mistakes, make sure to write down all the parts of speech. When writing script, add every aspect in detail. Some wedding officiants are not confident enough to speak in front of several people and are not used to leading big events.
  • Lastly, practice as much as possible. Names can be written over and over again but whole event cannot be written several times. With highlighting and writing names, practicing is also required to avoid any mistake.

When you start practicing, memorizing names and events will not be a problem anymore. You will observe a change in flow of words after practicing for multiple times.

These preventive measures will surely help a wedding officiant transform into a professional one.

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