Best Classy and Elegant Wedding Venues in OKC 2021

Wedding Venues in OKC


Wedding Venues in OKCDo you look for a unique and elegant wedding venue for your wedding in OKC? But did not find the dream wedding venue for you. Don’t worry; here is the list of top-class dreamy wedding venues in Oklahoma City affordable for big or small events and celebrations.

Oklahoma City has lots of things to explore; from small street restaurants to the city’s architecture, everything is full of life. It offers lots of things to those people who want to have small city adventures. 

Best Elopement wedding venues in OKC City:

If you’re running out of time and still have not decided on your wedding venue, check the list below to know about the top best elopement wedding venues in Oklahoma City.

OKCMOA (Oklahoma City Museum of Art):

Oklahoma City Museum of art is situated in the middle location of downtown Oklahoma City. At present, the Oklahoma City Museum of art is unavailable for private ceremonies through July 2021. You can experience an amazing skyline view, top-class art, and a great experience of dining from the museum cafeteria.

The Parlor OKC:

The parlor OKC located in midtown Oklahoma. It provides some of the most affordable and most unique packages for any kind of event and celebration. It offers you a chance to choose a place of your choice, from a shaded rooftop to cozy by the fireplace downstairs or a private upstairs bar with lots of rooms for a large event. The parlor also offers a variety of food, such as custom drinks and food with multiple rooms to give your city vibes and make your urban wedding more special.

PLENTY Mercantile:

It is located in the downtown automobile alley and is a great option for an elopement urban wedding ceremony. PLENTY Mercantile offers a venue with a large rooftop and skyline view, which is perfect for your wedding ceremony. It also offers a chic-warehouse area with lights that give you an urban feel. PLENTY Mercantile offers in-rent houses to meet the needs of the day you’re planning your wedding event.

21C Museum and Hotel:

21C Museum and Hotel are located downtown in the Fred Jones building. Here you can enjoy art, modern architecture and modern facilities. It also offers a rooftop suite for the couple for their special day. 21C Museum and Hotel has an urban vibe with an industrial-chic and offers a lot of choices and services for an event of two people to a hundred. If you’re planning a wedding on the rooftop with a view of the city, then it would be a great option.

Angry Scotsman Brewing:

Angry Scotsman Brewing is located in downtown Oklahoma in the west of Scissortail Park. Scissortail Park offers you a beautiful skyline view, a large beer garden, unique custom brews, and an airy taproom. It offers the couple a choice to have their custom beer brewed for their wedding event. Here you can enjoy 24 taps, wine options for you or your non-beer drinking guests, and a cool homely atmosphere.

The Study:

It is a peaceful and modern small wine pub that can be a perfect place for a small elopement wedding or reception ceremony. Here you can enjoy the wine and a wine bar that makes you feel like the modern library of your dream wines.

The Reinhart:

The Reinhart is a small wedding venue located in the heart of midtown Oklahoma City. It is a small, unique, and classy historic garden and home that is reinstating to host small elopement wedding events and intimate receptions. If you’re searching for a vintage look of a classic historic place with a garden in the urban location, then it will be a perfect wedding venue for you.

Oklahoma Contemporary:

Oklahoma Contemporary is located in the heart of downtown automobile alley. It has a flexible capacity of more than 55,000 square feet with creative, unique exhibitions in its prime location in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Contemporary also offers a folding light view which is a unique and modern spot for you if you’re planning a big wedding ceremony in OKC.

Top unique, intimate dinner and reception venues in OKC City:

Suppose you want to celebrate your intimate dinner and reception at pizza locations, bar-stops, best restaurants, and rooftops in Oklahoma City.  You can find lots of restaurants for intimate dinner arrangements in OKC.  Some of the top-rated unique, intimate dinner venues are listed below:

The Halls Pizza Kitchen:

Do you want a lighted rooftop patio with a beautiful skyline view, or are you looking for a cool wedding dinner venue? The Halls Pizza Kitchen offers you both a private space for a small elopement dinner gathering or a rooftop skyline view of Oklahoma City. It provides one of the best pizzas in Oklahoma City.


Packards are offering rooftop dining, a full-service bar, and a beautiful skyline view of OKC city for your intimate wedding reception or dinner.

The Waterford:

The Waterford is a full-service hotel in midtown Oklahoma City. It is offering plated dinner, bar options, and a uniquely elegant environment for your intimate dinner or reception.


If you’re looking for an intimate reception or dinner at a private, walled patio, then Barrios can be a good option for you. Barrio is providing services for intimate dinners and receptions.

Beautiful lactations in OKC for getting ready in 2021:

Colcord Hotel:

Colcord Hotel is located in the heart of downtown OKC. It is near to so many exciting things like Myriad and vast Garden, and great foods if you have been dreaming of getting ready in Colcord’s contemporary space for your special day and having your first look with your partner in views of beautiful myriads gardens or the amazing beautiful rotunda of Devon tower at the next doorstep.

21C hotel:

If you’re looking for modern getting ready spots, then 21C hotel is one of them. 21C hotel has stylish rooms with huge beautiful windows that are perfect for getting ready portraits. You can also have a stunning first look downstairs in the beautiful gallery with your partner.

Classen Inn:

Classen Inn is located at a short drive to downtown Oklahoma, in the midtown right on Classen Blvd.  It is a place with funky and old-school theme rooms, and it is one of the unique and fun places for getting ready with your partner for your big special day. You’ll love to take getting-ready photos here in the rooms of Classen Inn.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking to book the best wedding venue in Oklahoma, then you are at the right place. Positioning straight up there with wedding bands and marriage outfits, browsing the wedding venues are quite possibly the most desirable pieces of the wedding arrangement step. 

However, with immense choices and endless places in Oklahoma, sometimes it very well may be a tough thing to handle. It is especially hard for any couple to choose the best place if you don’t know where on the unique place you need to marry. Also, for the most visionary lady, motivation and direction are important. From the attractive chateaux to tropical seashores of Oklahoma beach, we have listed out the top picks for the lovely wedding venues that are worth considering. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What do you need to arrange in Oklahoma for a small intimate wedding?

At the time when you find out the perfect place to arrange your wedding ceremony in Oklahoma, then there are several other things that you need to notice. You first need to choose the right venue and replace the caterer with a delicious food truck if you have a small wedding occasion. If you are arranging a small wedding, then you can even go for a backyard wedding. 

Is 40 to 50 guests appropriate for a small wedding?

These numbers may fluctuate a little, which is totally based upon the close connection of you with your relative or family. However, a little wedding normally includes around 50 guests or under, a medium wedding has a list of people to attend or somewhere in the range of 50-150 guests, and a huge wedding has more than 200 guests. 

What is the least expensive month to get married? 

The less expensive months for weddings are January, April, March, and November. These months can be undeniably more affordable months for a wedding. The wedding venue costs might be lower, and the organizer’s costs are probably going to be essentially lower. 


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