OK Weddings for Cat Goddess Worshipers

Ceremonies for Worshipers of Cat Goddesses

Ideally, couples that worship cat goddesses looking to get married should seek a wedding minister in Oklahoma City that shares the same doctrine and knows the DOs and DON’Ts involved. In the absence of this, an open-minded and professional wedding officiant in OKC like Dr. Makayla Saramosing of Lifelong Wedding Ceremony is a great option.

Couples must search for reputable wedding officiant agencies in Oklahoma City with professional wedding ministers in Oklahoma known to officiate special weddings without discrimination or hiking service charges. This can help the couple get the best officiating service to make their wedding memorable.

The concept of worshiping cat goddesses can be traced back to ancient Egyptians, who worshiped the feline companion for fertility, protection, and other things. More than one cat goddesses exist, but the most popular till now remains the “Bastet or Bast.”

The practice of worshipping cat goddesses has since spread across most continents. It shouldn’t be surprising that there’s an existing community of cat goddesses’ worshippers in various areas of Oklahoma City.

Cat goddess worshipers have their doctrines and beliefs like every other religion or faith. Thus, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City intending to officiate a wedding ceremony in Oklahoma for cat goddess worshippers must know how to go about it to ensure optimum satisfaction and avoid anything that can bring the practice into disrepute. Check out useful tips you can leverage as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, to officiate this type of special wedding ceremony successfully.

Tips For Wedding Officiants in OKC to Officiate Wedding Ceremonies in Oklahoma for Cat Goddesses Worshipers

Every wedding minister in Oklahoma City is most concerned about the couple’s happiness which is directly linked to how the wedding ceremony turns out. Hence, wedding ministers in OKC tend to put necessary things in place to mitigate the risk of dissatisfaction.

For wedding ceremonies involving worshippers of cat goddess, here are things marriage officiants in Oklahoma must do:

Familiarize yourself with the practice

You rarely go wrong when you constantly seek knowledge. A marriage officiant in OKC intending to officiate cat goddess worshippers’ wedding ceremony must learn about all that worshiping the cat goddess entails. This includes some of their most significant practices, what they find offensive, their symbol or signs of identification, etc.

This information helps you prepare appropriately and plan effectively to officiate the wedding in the best manner. It allows you to infuse activities, songs, words, etc., that can bring joy and satisfaction to the couple and other guests that are cat goddess’ worshippers.

It also helps you strike a balance between pleasing the non-worshipper guests and the worshippers. Naturally, one would expect all the guests at such a ceremony to be unified in doctrine, but it’s not always so. A good marriage minister in Oklahoma City knows this and must try to appeal to the minute number of guests that do not relate to the worshippers’ content.

Pre-wedding discussion is always important.

Liaising with the couple before the ceremony is one common tip you’ll always come across. This is because of its importance and how much it affects the performance of a wedding officiant or marriage minister.

As a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, constant discussion with the couple before the ceremony brings you up to speed on their intentions. It helps you see the wedding in their way and ensures you both are on the same page.

It is equally your first source of learning about their DOs and DON’Ts, which will enable you to shape the order of the ceremony to their taste. Every wedding minister in Oklahoma needs to understand that it’s the couple’s wedding, not theirs.

Inquire about everything and seek approval before going ahead with the plans. Some doctrines are against wedding photography or wedding videography, which is common in Oklahoma wedding ceremonies. Hence, a professional wedding officiant only suggests or advises. Approval for execution always lies with the couples.

Don’t forget the cats!

What’s a cat goddess’ worshipper’s wedding ceremony without beautifully adorned cats complimenting the couple? Wedding ministers in OKC must avoid committing this oversight at all costs. If non-cat worshippers can have their pets dressed up for occasions, cat goddess worshippers having cats at their wedding ceremonies should be a no-brainer. It can be viewed as part of the distinctive features and activities the wedding officiant in Oklahoma City needs to add to the wedding proceedings.

Location matters a lot.

Cat goddess worshippers will prepare to have their wedding ceremony in a place that’s sacred to them. At the very least, the location must be neutral and not sacred to other doctrines or religions. It must be free of elements contradicting their belief or insulting it in any manner.

Wedding ministers in Oklahoma City must consider these factors if the responsibility of picking a venue lies on them. The location must have everything needed to carry out the plants the wedding officiant must have highlighted in the wedding activities, and it must suit the couple’s preferred type of wedding — discreet or elaborate.

Integrate distinctive features or activities

The beauty of holding a particularly themed or doctrine wedding ceremony lies in the ability of the populace to know which tribe, theme, or doctrine it is without being told. Every element and feature peculiar to cat goddess’ worshippers must be integrated seamlessly and subtly into the ceremony to exact the desired effect without appearing to be intentional. This way, the wedding minister in Oklahoma can help showcase the beautiful part of the practice hidden from the public and even create more awareness for the cat goddess’ worshippers community.


Every marriage officiant in Oklahoma City must be prepared sometimes to officiate out-of-the-regular wedding ceremonies. As a wedding officiant in OKC, you must maintain optimum professionalism and put effective things in place to ensure the ceremony’s success. The tips above should help a wedding minister in Oklahoma City officiate a wedding ceremony for cat goddess worshippers seamlessly, without encountering many challenges.

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