Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City: Cats Serving as Wedding Officiants in Oklahoma

Do you want to make your cat the wedding officiant in Oklahoma on your special day? It’s not even a question! With the right wedding officiant in OKC, it’s possible!

Discussing all the major events and functions on your special day with your significant other where you tie the knot feels special. While every couple loves to have a different approach to their special day with the help of the best wedding officiant, some couples have been sharing a popular idea. What’s that idea? Well, you should know that the OKC wedding officiants have also given a “green light” to the said idea. It is making your pet cat the wedding officiant or at least the ring bearer at your wedding.

Some people share the same love for their lovely pet as they do for their close family members. For that reason, discussing the possibility of making their cat a wedding officiant in OKC at their own wedding ceremony becomes important. Since it’s possible, you should know several things about making your cat the wedding minister/officiant in Oklahoma.

Create a Purr-fect Wedding Theme

Inviting guests with handmade or even printed invitation cards gives you the opportunity to get creative. You can show off your writing skills and ideas and even plan the theme for your wedding ceremony. Since you are planning to have your cat as the wedding officiant in Oklahoma on your special day, you’re already convinced about a cat-worthy wedding theme.

You can fine-tune the theme of your wedding ceremony in an even better fashion by allowing all guests or at least those close to you to bring their pet cats as well. It could be a “purr-fect” wedding theme to make sure that your beloved feline is a part of your life’s most memorable event.

You can include all the details, instructions, and guidelines about bringing cats to your wedding venue. It’s possible to even ask the guests about certain food recommendations for their pets if you’re willing to accommodate that. After all, seeing you and your significant another stand next to each other with your beloved cat being the wedding officiant in OKC, others will want to have their pet with them as well.

Keep Your Cat Under Care

Making the decision to include your cat in your wedding ceremony is a great one. It might appear troublesome and tiring at first, but it can be easier than you think, as per the advice of one of the best wedding ministers in OKC. You should never let go of your four-legged family member because they can get sick, injured, or worse, lost on their own.

Whether you plan to include them as the wedding officiant in OKC at your wedding or not, you should keep your beloved cat under protection and right care at all times. Being a cat mother or cat father isn’t easy. But, taking some time off your watch and enjoying your special occasion is also necessary. Therefore, you should appoint someone like a professional and qualified wedding officiant in OKC to take care of your cat in the meanwhile.

You will have to take extra precautions if the wedding is set in an outdoor environment, especially during summertime. Cats can easily get sick, and the “purr-fect” wedding officiant plan won’t be as viable then. A professional caretaker for your cat or advice from an experienced wedding minister in Oklahoma will pertain to:

  • Ensuring the availability of clean drinking water for your cat
  • Ensuring the provision of shade and comfy attire for your cat
  • Keeping your cat in an air-conditioned environment if it’s too hot outside or if it’s at risk of getting sick
  • Take a look at your cat every now and then by taking a few minutes off your watch

Picking Non-Poisonous Wedding Flowers

Whether your pick the wedding flowers yourself or leave them to the interior decorator at your wedding venue, there must be some flora present at a wedding ceremony. Since flowers highlight the sense of delight, happiness, and joy, they’re necessary at nearly all types of weddings. However, you should know that just like humans, animals such as cats also have countless allergies.

You may not learn about it until the last minute on your wedding day that your cat has a serious allergy to the type of flowers chosen for your wedding venue. Therefore, you have to be preemptive in such tasks and make sure everything falls in order for the big day.

You and your significant other can decide on different types of flowers for your wedding. On the other hand, it’s possible to keep the cat present as a wedding officiant in OKC at your event for only a short time. During that time, you can keep it away from flowers or vice versa for as long as possible.

Protecting Your Cat from Decorations

Some types of decorations, supplies, and wedding amenities could mean a serious danger involving your cat. For instance, leaving your cat in the same room as your wedding dress is a huge no-no, as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City argues. Furthermore, some professional wedding officiants also share the opinion of keeping cats away from decorations and supplies that could injure them.

Find the Best Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma

Are you ready to take a nice trip to the costume store to find the perfect attire for your cat? Is your cat ready and all groomed up to act as your wedding officiant in OKC? You can take tips and directions from a professional wedding officiant in Oklahoma City or any other region where you reside. A professional wedding officiant or minister will have more information on that matter. Since your pet cat won’t be saying the vows, you must have a real wedding officiant take the stage when it’s time.

It will be a memorable and wonderful time of your life when everything goes as planned. You should ensure proper training and care of your cat prior to the occasion and consult the right professionals for the wedding ceremony. At Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, Dr. Makayla Saramosing and Dr. Tinsley Keefe offer said services.

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