Cats as Wedding Guests at a LLWC in Edmond, Oklahoma

Cats as Wedding Guests at a LLWC

Cats as Wedding Guests at a Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in Edmond, Oklahoma Officiated by a Wedding Officiant in Edmond, Ok

Someone once said, “All you need is love and a cat.” And this is inarguably true as nothing adds more spice to a Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies than those cute unrehearsed moments that come popping in through the course of the event. Now, this gets even more intriguing when some flurry little felines help leave their paw prints in those moments. It sure would be delightful to have Cats as Wedding Guests in a Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, and even more awfully great if it’s in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Cats are fast becoming the human favorite, and a visit to the web will surely have enough tales to cook up for you. Now, let’s talk about having them as wedding guests. Just how colorful can that picture get? Below, we’ll discuss this, and I look forward to us being enlightened.

Is Having Cats Over Even A Good Option To Begin With?

If you are a lover of cats, then the answer to that will be a big “yes”. They can be a handful if not properly managed, sure. Still, if you are a lover of these little creatures, the flurry beings can only be a sweet addition to your already lovely Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Weddings are quite exciting concepts. Even with the stress of planning it out and sending out invites, being finally alone with your partner on the altar always makes it worthwhile. So, are you also on the journey of planning a Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in Edmond, Oklahoma, which will be officiated by a wedding officiant from Edmond, Ok., but you are not sure if having cats over as guests is a wise option? Then you should know that there is no harm to it as much as you have some rules in place.

Any Rules To Adopt If I Opt For It?

Of course! Even when cats can be one adorable animal, they can sometimes make quite a mess. Thus, it helps to put some rules in place.

This can be written on the invite card as a “PS.” or placed at certain obvious positions in the Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies hall or field. You need those flurry beings completed and in their best behaviors, even when their unpredictability can be such humor sometimes.

The major rule to be passed across should generally revolve around the cat’s personality. If your potential cat guest is one with a not too stable personality, such a rule would better inform the cat’s owners that your Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies would best go on without such a cat; cue a smile tossed their way. And if otherwise, then they are very much welcome. You might want to consider setting up a plan to regulate their number too.

Another Reason You Might Want To Keep Your Guests Informed

Wedding ceremonies are ones that often involve a lot of planning and consideration. While wondering if cats will fit into your dream Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies is one thing, examining if your wedding officiant in OKC are comfortable with having cats around can be another thing.

We’ve heard of cases where some individuals are allergic to felines like cats. And even when such people might seem fascinating when played on our TV screens, realities can be quite disturbing. Allergies are pretty serious cases. Hence, you need your wedding officiant informed in advance so they don’t go blowing their nose out.

Apart from allergies, others may have reasons for their dislike for cats as well. We all don’t share the fun of having those flurry animals around, even when it’s almost hard to believe. But, well, we got to be practical and save our wedding guests— hence, ourselves—unnecessary stress. No one would want a guest shouting right in their faces during their Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies.

Any Rules Against Cats Being Wedding Guests At Wedding Ceremonies In Edmond, Oklahoma?

You can be assured that there is no real legal rule against having cats as wedding guests. However, it would be best to check with the Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies venue you will be using. Some wedding centers in Edmond, Oklahoma, just like many other cities, have rules against having pets present in the center, so you might want to check this up with them first.

Can One Have A Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies Where All The Guests Are Cats?

Intriguingly yes!

I can assure you this has been done before; hence, you shouldn’t be in fear of ruining any status quo. Just how interesting can that get anyway? Quite very interesting, I will say.

If you are an ardent cat lover, having cats as guests in your Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in Edmond, Ok, can only be icing on the cake. Imagine not having to think about drunk uncles or unexpected dramas at your Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, save for cute, flurry, adorable wedding guests purring at the mic as they stare at you with their doe eyes. What an experience that will be.

A Canadian couple once pulled this off by holding their Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in front of over a thousand cat guests, which they found so much joy in as the cats received them warmly. Now, if you don’t consider having a thousand pairs of cat eyes on you during your Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies weird, then it’s one option you might want to try out.

Final Thoughts

The purring felines have been around for centuries, and they keep stealing a lot of people’s hearts day after day, their most powerful endearing weapon being their childlike savageness.

Even Christopher Hitchens once admitted that while treating dogs well will have them consider you God, treating cats well will rather have them consider themselves God. So, yes, they are one set of creatures.

They can be good friends, good pets, and of course, even good guests. Hence, you should know that having these little animals over as guests in your Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, which will be officiated by a wedding officiant also from Edmond, Ok, is quite very feasible with the right planning and information.

We sure hope you are enlightened!

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